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$Id: README,v 1.7 2008/06/09 01:26:31 lukem Exp $


`tnftpd' is a `port' of The NetBSD FTP Daemon to other systems.
See for more details about NetBSD.

tnftpd was formerly known as `lukemftpd'.
It was renamed to `tnftpd' by Luke Mewburn in October 2002.

The enhancements over the standard ftp server in 4.4BSD
(and derivatives) include:

	* command line options:
		+ allow override of directory used by anonymous ftp (-a)
		+ optional change of directory for configuration files (-c)
		+ check whether a user would be granted access (-C)
		+ specify email address for display messages (-e)
		+ change hostname advertised as (-h, -H)
		+ don't attempt to translate IP addresses to hostnames (-n)
		+ specify data port to listen on (-P)
		+ keep track of the number of users logged in (-q, -Q)
		+ permanently drop privileges (-r)
		+ specify version advertised (-V)
		+ log wu-ftpd style `xferlog' entries to syslog (-X),
		  or to a file (-L xferlogfile)

	* % escape sequences in files displayed to users (/etc/motd,
	  /etc/ftpwelcome, ...)

	* IPv6 support (from the KAME project).

	* ftpusers(5) control of who may log in, and optional
	  specification of a "class" to be associated with the
	  specified user or group.

	* ftpd.conf(5) to control various configuration options on
	  a per-class basis.  The following options are supported:
		+ address to advertise in PASV and LPSV responses
		+ check the PORT command for validity
		+ specify the directory to chroot(2) to
		+ automatic in-line conversions (e.g, `.tar.gz'
		  retrieval of directories)
		+ deny logins after the username is provided (rather
		  than after the password)
		+ display a file the first time a directory is entered
		+ specify the home directory of the session (for "cd ~")
		+ limit the maximum number of concurrent sessions
		+ limit the maximum size of an uploaded file
		+ set the default timeout and restrict the maximum
		  timeout that a user may request
		+ deny user from running the CHMOD, DELE, MKD, RMD, RNFR
		  and UMASK commands
		+ specify the motd(5) file to display upon login
		+ specify a glob(3) pattern of files to notify a user
		  of the existance of once a directory is entered
		+ enable/disable the use of PASV and EPSV connections
		+ limit the ports that PORT and LPRT may bind to
		+ limit the transfer rate of transfers
		+ limit the characters that may be used in an uploaded
		+ set the umask
		+ deny user from running APPE, STOR and STOU as well
		  as CHMOD, ...

	* In-built copy of ls(1) to implement LIST (unless disabled
	  out with --disable-builtinls), so that /bin/ls does not need
	  to exist inside the ftp tree.

	* Virtual servers can be supported with a combination of
	  ftpd(8) flags and support in the invoking inetd(8) program
	  (such as that in NetBSD).

	* Optional PAM authentication (if configured with --with-pam).

	* Optional S/Key authentication (if configured with --with-skey).

Features present in NetBSD's ftpd but not yet available in tnftpd:

	* logging active sessions to utmp(5) (-u, -U)

	* logging completed sessions to wtmp(5) (-w, -W)


Refer to `INSTALL' for more information on how to compile and install tnftpd.


Please email feedback back to the maintainer: <>.


tnftpd is covered by a BSD-style copyright notice. Please refer to
the file `COPYING' for more information.


The primary ftp site for tnftpd is:
(the same location as tnftp)
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