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Tpetra uses the Doxygen tool for providing three documentation
- man pages
- Latex User Guide
- HTML Online User Guide.

Man Pages

Man pages are available for all files and functions in the directory
TRILINOS_HOME/doc/petra/man, where TRILINOS_HOME is the location of your
copy of Trilinos.  To use these pages with the Unix man utility, add
the directory to your man path as follows:

setenv MANPATH `echo $MANPATH`:TRILINOS_HOME/doc/petra/man

LaTeX User Guide

A postscript version of this guide is in
TRILINOS_HOME/doc/petra/latex/  The LaTeX source is in the
directory TRILINOS_HOME/doc/petra/latex.

HTML Online User Guide

The online guide is initiated by pointing your browser to

Any question, comments or suggestions are welcome.  Please send to
Mike Heroux at 

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