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Ezra SIL font family

This file provides detailed information on the Ezra SIL fonts.
This information should be distributed along with the Ezra SIL font and
any derivative works.

Basic Font Information

Ezra SIL is the same typeface as SIL Ezra and is fashioned after the 
square letter forms of the typography of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia 
(BHS), a beautiful Old Testament volume familiar to biblical Hebrew scholars. 
The Ezra SIL font is an OpenType 'smart' font.  

Two fonts from this typeface family are included in this release:

     * Ezra SIL version 2.5 (Containing the basic set of Unicode 
        characters needed for Biblical Hebrew texts following the 
        typeface and traditions of the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia.)
     * Ezra SIL SR version 2.5 (Containing the same set of Unicode 
        characters as above but with a different style of cantillation.) 

SIL International is the creator of the Ezra SIL fonts, and is the owner
of all proprietary rights therein.

(This should list both major and minor changes, most recent first.)

4 October 2007 Windows OpenType Unicode Version 2.51.
- Modified OpenType behavior for U+05AE, U+0592, U+05A9 and U+05A0
- There have been a few minor positional adjustments.

15 June 2007 Windows OpenType Unicode Version 2.5.
- First version released under the SIL Open Font License 
and under the MIT/X11 License
- Upgraded to Unicode Version 4.1 and 5.0

8 January 2004  Windows OpenType Unicode Version 2.0.
- Improved diacritic placement and to no longer use PUA characters.
- A conversion mapping with instructions is included for converting from
Michigan-Claremont or Ezra SIL encodings to Unicode.
- Three new keyboards are included. There is a stricter order of data input
required for cantillation marks with these fonts.

11 April 2003 Version 1.2 (Not released to public)
- added draft TECKit mapping table for conversion of SE/DE data to Unicode
- minor changes to documentation 

30 September 2002 Version 1.1 released.  
  - minor changes to documentation ONLY regarding PUA and conversion to Unicode.
11 September 2002  Windows OpenType Unicode Version 1.0.

Information for Contributors

The release of Ezra SIL version 2.5 (and any subsequent versions) under the 
OFL license provides a means for people to improve the fonts as needed.  
Anyone can make their own modified version of Ezra SIL (using a different name), 
but SIL International will continue to maintain and develop the
canonical version of the Ezra SIL fonts. For information on what you're 
allowed to change or modify, consult the OFL and OFL-FAQ.

At this point we are not actively soliciting contributions to the project.
Although we will remain the package maintainer, we do not currently
plan major upgrades, but will gratefully accept bug reports.

The sources files FontLab and VOLT are available in the separate 
developers download.

Linux packages: Please contact the upstream maintainer of the various 
packages - - if you want to help package or 
maintain a package.

(Here is where contributors can be acknowledged. If you make modifications
be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (W) and description
(D). This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical order.)

N: Ralph Hancock
D: co-author of Hebrew layout intelligence

N: John Hudson 
D: co-author of Hebrew layout intelligence 

N: Peter Martin, Joan Wardell, Christopher Samuel 
D: SIL designer, font engineer, and project managers

The Ezra SIL project is maintained by SIL International.

For more information please visit the Ezra SIL page on SIL International's
Computers and Writing systems website:

Or send an email to <fonts AT sil DOT org>
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