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This directory contains ttf2tfm and ttf2pk, two utilities based on

    afm2tfm    (dvipsk distribution),
    gsftopkk   (dvipsk distribution),
    and the FreeType rasterizer for TrueType fonts.

Compile the FreeType library first! It is recommended to use the kpathsea
library if you want to use the programs with web2c resp. teTeX. Source files
for emTeX-like search routines are included; similarly, support for MiKTeX
file searching routines is available if `MIKTEX' is defined during
compilation. Nevertheless, as a last resort, you can compile both programs
without a search library too.

The kpathsea library is *not* part of the ttf2pk package (see notes below).

Under UNIX-like systems say

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/TeX 
                --with-kpathsea-lib=<LIBDIR> \
    make install

for a normal compilation and installation. Replace `/usr/local/TeX' with a
path to your TeX distribution.

[Note 1:
  Try to find `libkpathsea.*' on your system. Use this directory as the
  argument for --with-kpathsea-lib. Then try to find `kpathsea/tex-file.h'
  and use the parent directory of kpathsea as the argument for
  --with-kpathsea-include. This should work in most cases. If you can't find
  the library, you probably have a web2c package with statically linked
  binaries. This means that you have to get the web2c sources from CTAN,
  configure it with something like

    ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/TeX --datadir=/usr/local/TeX \
                --enable-shared --disable-static

  according to your setup; then change to the kpathsea directory and say
  `make' and `make install' (Do the latter with caution not to overwrite
  binaries like kpsewhich).

  It even works with the source tree from the TeX Live CD! You just have
  to add a proper --srcdir option to the configure script.

  Unfortunately, teTeX-0.4 uses a very old kpathsea library version without
  automatical shared-library support, thus you have to install the static

    .) unpack the sources (basically you need only the contents of kpse-2.6
       and the two subdirs `kpathsea' and `make'.

    .) say

         ./configure --prefix=...

       in the kpse-2.6 directory

    .) say

         make install-library

       in the kpathsea subdirectory. See Note 2 also.

  kpathsea versions are not compatible with version 2.6.

 Note 2:
  It seems that c-auto.h created during the kpathsea library compiling
  process won't be installed for some older web2c versions. You should add
  it manually, i.e., copy <web2c source tree>/kpathsea/c-auto.h to the
  location where the other kpathsea header files have been installed.

 Note 3:
  If you want to use the --srcdir option of the configure script, you must
  compile FreeType with --srcdir too. You have to use the same directory
  structure to make it work (i.e., if you have said for FreeType
  `./configure --srcdir=foo', and you are in the `bar' directory, FreeType's
  configure script will generate all the needed subdirs for compiling
  FreeType. You've then manually to add the directory `bar/contrib/ttf2pk';
  there you should start to say ./configure --srcdir=foo/contrib/ttf2pk').]

Use for emx + dmake and say

    dmake -r -f

[Note: It should work with djgpp too, but I haven't tested this.]

ttf2pk and ttf2tfm are already part of MiKTeX.

Primary author of afm2tfm: T. Rokicki,
Primary author of gsftopk: P.Vojta
Primary author of the kpathsea library,
                  afm2tfm/gsftopk adaptation: K. Berry.

Frederic Loyer <>
Werner Lemberg <>
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