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Version 4.03
Make former -w4 html style of font size changes the default. 
Now -w4 turns it off. 
Replace <font> with (mostly) <span> and appropriate styles.
Fix bug with big /.
Fix bug with \index entries in footnotes.
Change <a name=...> to <a id=...> to satisfy xhtml 1.1.

Version 4.02
Fix order of <a><h1> in chapter/section headers to work around kindlegen bug.
Fix index links not to include a new line, which breaks spacing.
Fix xhtml DTD reference.
Various fixes to improve XHTML conformity.
Remove unallowed characters from automatically generated name attributes.
Prevent \item[] from causing a standard violation in xhtml.
Fix ampersands in URLs. Need to appear as $amp; even in the href.
Make <blockquote> into <blockquote><div> ...
Make <body> one giant <div> (because strict does not allow text outside
 of containers).
Prevent multiple citations from generating multiple anchors with same name.
Differentiate anchors from multiple identical index entries. 
Remove compact attributes from <dl> no longer honored or valid.
Remove width attributes from index <td> and use <col> instead.

Version 4.01 Release of Full Public Version of Lex Source
Release under the GPL2. Adjust some readme and other files accordingly. 

Version 4.00 Release of Full Public Version of Lex Source
 5 Dec 2010

Changes between versions 3.88 and 3.89
Fix bug in unoptimized version handling newcommand definitions.

Changes between versions 3.87 and 3.88
Fix bug in $$A_\textrm{blah}$$ parsing.

Changes between versions 3.86 and 3.87
Change unicode coding of varphi and varepsilon to accommodate the
inconsistent unicode glyphs. 
Make -u2 the default tth coding. 
Make -y3 the default compression. I.e. use inline over accents.

Changes between versions 3.85 and 3.86
Fix ifcase to support \else and nesting.
Implement \value. 12 Sep 09

Changes between versions 3.84 and 3.85
Make unicode hbar the default.
Add align="left" to tabular td even when it is formally unnecessary
 to work around IE6.0 bug. 

Changes between versions 3.83 and 3.84
Add support for newcommand*, renewcommand* providecommand*

Changes between versions 3.82 and 3.83
Fix segfault risks in macarg and related states.
Fix \url to allow % characters in url.  6 Sep 08.

Changes between versions 3.81 and 3.82
Fix utf-8 bugs in bracket encoding.
Fix ifx bug.

Changes between versions 3.80 and 3.81
Adjust flex source to accommodate bugs in new versions of flex (>2.5.4a)
Should be no changes to behaviour.  3 Jun 08.

Changes between versions 3.79 and 3.80
Define an null AtEndDocument in latex to silence hyperref error messages.

Changes between versions 3.78 and 3.79
Fix escaping of # before a digit when in parameter substitution.

Changes between versions 3.77 and 3.78
Fix \hyperref incorrectly escaping #.

Changes between versions 3.76 and 3.77
TtH license changed to allow free use, even commercial.

Changes between versions 3.75 and 3.76
Fix ignoring of %%tth: before LaTeX \item. 31 Aug 06

Changes between versions 3.74 and 3.75
Make fatal error exits more systematic.
Implement orderly termination at return value in tthfunc.

Changes between versions 3.73 and 3.74
Fix unembraced $^\the\counter$ bug. 1 Apr 06.

Changes between versions 3.72 and 3.73
Fix omitted embracing of complex expressions in in-line fractions when using
unicode, arising from TTH_COMPLEX inadequate definition. 23 Mar 06.

Changes between versions 3.71 and 3.72
Implement -i switch for ttm to force even multicharacter sequences to be
italic in mathml. 27 Dec 05.

Changes between versions 3.70 and 3.71
19 Nov 05 Accept (ghastly style) space between accent and character.

Changes between versions 3.69 and 3.70
Revert to HTML4.0 DOCTYPE by default because gecko is reported then to 
give proper symbols on windows platforms.
Fix charset meta declaration between XML and HTML again: fell out.

Changes between versions 3.68 and 3.69
23 Aug 2005 Fix noalign when it occurs in array in equation.
Fix problem with charset meta declaration between XML and HTML.

Changes between versions 3.67 and 3.68
30 May 2005. Add a meta declaration of charset for -u0 (HTML) versions.
This is necessitated by increasing assumption that documents are utf-8
(by default) by modern browsers and file systems.

Changes between versions 3.66 and 3.67
Make /,|, vertical arrows, langl and rangl non-stretchy by default. (MathML)

Changes between versions 3.65 and 3.66
Make .xml the default file extension for MathML (ttm).
Improve accuracy of ttm_manual.

Changes between versions 3.64 and 3.65
Make verb[atim] translate spaces as  .

Changes between versions 3.63 and 3.64
Fix bug with @ used as an identifier in equations with subscripts.
Fix infinite loop with null or improper alignment arguments.

Changes between versions 3.62 and 3.63
Fix bug in \prod. (MathML)
Fix \nolimits bugs in MathML.
Fix \iff bug in MathML.

Changes between versions 3.61 and 3.62
Fix bug in MathML with nested sub&supscripts.

Changes between versions 3.60 and 3.61
Fix bug in e.g. \}^n_{i=1} handling of subdefer in \} \{ etc. Mathml only.
Fix bug in \left(^U_D by adding subdefer. Mathml.

Changes between versions 3.59 and 3.60
Fix problem with dimensions mm and ex.

Changes between versions 3.58 and 3.59
The changes in 3.58 probably caused more problems than they fixed,
especially with \multicolumn cases. Take out most of the changes till
they can be considered more carefully.

Changes between versions 3.57 and 3.58
Implement implied grouping for each cell of a matrix or tabular.
This should fix an number of problems with e.g. \vbox in \halign
and setting of fonts within cells giving xml parse errors.

Changes between versions 3.56 and 3.57
Discard \noindent silently in equations (can occur in \noaligns).
Recognize \crcr and \multispan in \matrix.
Allow silencing unknown command warnings via -v32768

Changes between versions 3.55 and 3.56
Fix \noalign. Avoids some situations with negative closure count.
Fix internal command recognition tth_ errors in \edefs and \setboxes.

Changes between versions 3.54 and 3.55
Fix obscure bug involving \vbox{} in \halign. (remove <parclose>\\cr).

Changes between versions 3.53 and 3.54
Fix further scanner push-back problems, hopefully for good.
Prevent the appearance of extra space in e.g. $^1$ in HTML (not MathML).

Changes between versions 3.52 and 3.53
Improve comment handling between \items to prevent extra space.
spacing independent of -w switch.
Fix syntax of \buildrel.

Changes between versions 3.51 and 3.52
Fix scanner push-back error arising from "Special Inline" equation code.

Changes between versions 3.50 and 3.51
Fix broken footnotes inside equations in MathML.
Fix optional arguments in itemize/enumerate that do [{[blah]}].
Define tabularnewline=\\
Fix improper grouping arising in paragraph and subparagraph.
Fix noalign in tth to avoid improper grouping.
Improve title checking state to avoid many improper tags in the head.
Most of these are for using strict XHTML.

Changes between versions 3.49 and 3.50
Fix \delta non-recognition due to typing.
Improve boldmath handling in mathml.

Changes between versions 3.48 and 3.49
Fix \textsf and similar constructs in mathml.

Changes between versions 3.47 and 3.48
Fix some title generation problems for xml compatibility.

Changes between versions 3.45 and 3.47
Version 3.45 had serious bugs in matrix and eqalign code. Don't use it.
Fix those bugs (I hope!)
Infrastructure changes affecting the code for \choose, \sqrt, \textboxes,
matrices, and other active concepts.

Changes between versions 3.44 and 3.45
Fix <mtext> Mathml syntax problem with textboxes.
Fix plain tex footnote in equations to obey xml syntax.
Fix double subscripting of operators MathML syntax problem.

Changes between versions 3.43 and 3.44
Try again on the matrix/eqalign code to fix both simultaneously.

Changes between versions 3.42 and 3.43
Fix line-end error when \overline starts a line.

Changes between versions 3.41 and 3.42
Recognize \displaylines and \leqalignno as synonyms for \eqalign(no).
Make | in text mode give -
Implement \acute \i.
Fix a corruption of \matrix code that arose before version 3.37.

Changes between versions 3.40 and 3.41
Restore some cellpadding to space out major equation terms better.
Remove additional space at start of numerators arising from alignment fix.

Changes between versions 3.39 and 3.40
Change file extension for makeindex style to .tms to avoid overwriting.
Ensure paragraph style sheet is included in split files.

Changes between versions 3.38 and 3.39
Fix XHTML incompatibility/standard violation in equalign and eqnarray.

Changes between versions 3.37 and 3.38
Fix \index{...} to grab its whole argument even if it contains (e.g.) %.

Changes between versions 3.36 and 3.37
Fix a bug in \hsize during edefs, setboxes etc.

Changes between versions 3.35 and 3.36
Recognize a number of additional operators and symbols in MathML.

Changes between versions 3.34 and 3.35
Fix ttm not to use mrow when using horizontally stretchy constructs.
Fix some other mrow enclosure logic.
Change DOCTYPE of mathml output to refer to mathml, hence enabling entites.

Changes between versions 3.33 and 3.34
Use some alternate MathML entities for ones that Mozilla fails to recognize
Change DOCTYPE to refer to 4.01 by default to switch off quirks mode in Mozilla
Introduce writing style -w4 to use CSS to change sizes.
 This improves the formal standard-compliance, but not rendering much.
Use <small> for sub/supscripts on large symbols for compatibility.
Add cellpadding and cellspacing=0 in several places: improves layout.
Adjust height of stretched delimiters.
Fix \lefteq bug in html and mathml.

Changes between versions 3.32 and 3.33
Support \valign with a single row.
Fix bug in hsize of a vbox.

Changes between versions 3.31 and 3.32
Fix input filenames or comments at end of file with no new line.
Report unknown commands or dimensions only the first time.
Define floatingfigure environment.
Reduced verbosity of figure conversion/inclusion messages.

Changes between versions 3.30 and 3.31
Accommodate graphics when a pdf file or even no source ps/pdf exists.

Changes between versions 3.22 and 3.30
Make the removal of <p> permanent.
Implement \newdimen
Implement advancing of dimensions.
Cope with expansion of macros when searching for counters/numbers/dimensions.
Update the built-in help texts.
Output http type message rationally with -c switch.
Explicitly discard footlines.
Add hrules to index for visual improvement.
Improve layout of \eqnarray etc.
Make citet etc work in footnotes.

Changes between versions 3.21 and 3.22
Fix tag nesting error in index from \indexspace
Change -w2 handling of paragraphs to improve font handling.
Remove commenting of -w2 stylesheet to prevent XML browsers ignoring it.

Changes between versions 3.20 and 3.21
Fix bug in verbatiminput.
Fix bug in \itemsep.

Changes between versions 3.13 and 3.20
Include tth-gui with TtHgold Windows version.
Change Windows version compilation to mingw cross-compiler.
Move split page links NEXT and PREVIOUS to right hand side of page.

Changes between versions 3.12 and 3.13
Add displaystyle to MathML for rendering improvements.
TtM fixes of unmatched underover tags.

Changes between versions 3.11 and 3.12
Add mathml mstyle displaystyle="true" to equations.
Fix mathml munderover termination bug.

Changes between versions 3.11 and 3.12
Fix problem with multiple-level mbox inside textstyle equation.
Fix erroneous columnalign=0 in ttm.

Changes between versions 3.10 and 3.11
Fix obscure bug with conditionals in math arrays.
Fix hbox bug introduced at 3.09.

Changes between versions 3.09 and 3.10
Fix mathml bug in limited operators introduced by null fix in 3.07

Changes between versions 3.08 and 3.09
Improve standard validity of lists.
Improve the box behaviour of \includegraphics.
Fix bugs in extension handling of figure names.
Improve handling of \hsize changes in \hbox and \vbox.

Changes between versions 3.07 and 3.08
Implement improved HTML title interpretation and -n switch.

Changes between versions 3.06 and 3.07
Reimplement file \input name acquisition to allow macro expansion in the name.
Explicitly recognize \jobname.
Correct colspan reference in TtM.
Enable \cite{} to contain spaces (LaTeX permits it, but it's daft).
Fix null mrow for constructs like {}_i in MathML.

Changes between versions 3.05 and 3.06
Remove the <font face="symbol"> from -u1 and -u2 char encoding cases.
Implement -pNULL as a switch preventing \input or \include.

Changes between versions 3.04 and 3.05
Inprove compatibility of \href and \url with URLs containing %.
Change tthnatbib.sty name to tthntbib.sty to avoid 8.3 length truncation.
Prevent buffer overflow in -p switch argument handling.
Fix \& bug in equations.
Improve title behaviour when LaTeX has e.g. \date before \title.

Changes between versions 3.03 and 3.04
Improve makeindex operation, avoiding file overlap with latex.
Define \glossary to be equivalent to \index.

Changes between versions 3.02 and 3.03
Implement renewenvironment as newenvironment with a warning.

Changes between versions 3.01 and 3.02
Fix \\end {...} bad style.
Fix MathML problem with embraced single characters and sub/super scripts.
Implement automatic .aux and .bbl file creation with -a switch.
Implement work around for DOS file handles limitations.
Fix bug in ifnum.

Changes between versions 3.00 and 3.01
Fix mangled HTML for \root 3 \of ...
Fix TtM \sqrt.
Improve vertical layout of \underbrace etc.
Improve TtM equation numbering layout.
Correct \bar to be a non-stretch overline.

Changes between versions 2.92 and 3.0
Implement unicode support in the -u switch
Implement Two-column index.
Improve line counting for diagnostics.
Make height compression (-y1) the default.

Correct colspan=0.
Fix missing </dl>s
Work around Konqueror alignment bug. 

Changes between versions 2.91 and 2.92
Oops. Footnotes were broken in 2.91. Don't use it. Use 2.92.

Changes between versions 2.90 and 2.91
Fix optional argument detection that broke \root \of and \sqrt[]

Changes between versions 2.89 and 2.90
Fix that directory is fopened successfully even though it can't be read. 
Implement \day \month \year, so dates can be redefined.
Remove extra <p> before equations in HTML mode (arose from XHTML compat).
Improve error handling of tthsplit.

Changes between versions 2.88 and 2.89
Really fix the space after \item.
Fix \verb< < use of & < > as delimiters with verb.
Fix incorrect file references to floats in split files.
Fix latex_builtins3.

Changes between versions 2.87 and 2.88
Allow space between \item and its optional argument in description env.
Force a new paragraph at the \end{abstract}.
Improve natbib compatibility in TtH and in tthnatbib.sty
Change \verbatiminput to allow "\end{verbatim}" in the input file.

Changes between versions 2.86 and 2.87

Fix newline not escaped in latex_builtins3.
Allow Part to be added to toc.
Fix handling of toc contentsline with more arguments (e.g. with hyperref).

Changes between versions 2.85 and 2.86
Fix excessive space compression in delimited arguments.
Remove compress variable (housekeeping).
Enable index entry in table of contents in TtH.

Changes between versions 2.84 and 2.85
Work around apparent HTML validator bug in <meta> parsing.
Count multiple bibliographies and make separate split files (refs not correct).
Implement tthrfcat for concatenating multiple refs files when splitting (gold).

Changes between versions 2.83 and 2.84
Fix diacriticals broken at 2.83.
Implement \H as if it were a plain umlaut.
Implement \b underbar.

Changes between versions 2.82 and 2.83
Fix edef expansion of builtins etc to include spaces if necessary.
Improve whitespace ignoring in \cite(s)
Remove spurious whitespace from builtins to clean up top of html files.
Fix \expandafter in some bare token situations (e.g. \ifx).
Detect accents etc as the first thing in the title. (Can't handle them).
Prevent incorrect expansion of \H, \c etc inside \xdefs such as footnotes.
Document some Mozilla symbol font problems.

Changes between versions 2.81 and 2.82
Fix unquoted alignments in \author and \date.
Disable -i switch in TtM.

Changes between versions 2.80 and 2.81
Fix generator meta syntax in XHTML version.
Make -w2 the default for TtM, so that Amaya 4.0 can parse.
Add xmlns to TtM math element. Again, Amaya 4.0 changed to be really picky.

Changes between versions 2.79 and 2.80
Improve \vspace handling to prevent it improperly absorbing following numbers.
Include xmlns declaration in -w2 style.
Implement redefinable macros for split files' top and tail navigators (gold).
Add reference to index in navigators.
Allow non-letter characters in equations to have their fonts changed.
Implement \tthtensor.

Changes between versions 2.78 and 2.79
Improve epsfbox layout to be more TeX-like.
Fix space ignoring after e.g. \ss and \i.
Correct upper case /TD /TR to lower case (for XHTML).

Changes between versions 2.77 and 2.78
Fix placement of title when triggered by raw output.
Fix recognition of file names in capitals from Wind@ws drop on executable.
Put back the <p> before <li> when the writing style is 0. Gives better layout.

Changes between versions 2.76 and 2.77
Implement command-line specification of input and implied output files.
Reorganize output file descriptors for the above.
Adjust startup messages to reflect knowledge of input file.
Prevent null index generation when base latex filename is unknown.
Adjust the usage and help output to report new behavior.

Changes between versions 2.75 and 2.76
Move static function definitions to global to satisfy Compaq CC.
Implement \setbox recognition and edefinition as if box is a macro.
Implement \savebox, \sbox, \usebox.
Fix incorrect absorption of space after \cite{thecite}.

Changes between versions 2.73 and 2.75
Consolidate document headers into macros in mathstrings. 
Implement -w switch 0: no title insertion, 1 head and body tags.
Rework paragraphing to enable XML-style completion (when -w2 is used).
Rework \item and some other list elements for XML-style.
Change colorbox interpretation to <span style="  "> for better standardization.
Add \marginpar to builtins.
Add XHTML style terminators to zero-content tags <hr /> <br /> <img />.
Fix obscure bug in \hang inside \vbox.
Fix detection of horizontal mode in delimited parameter searching.

Changes between versions 2.72 and 2.73
Make all tags lower case, all attributes quoted and explicit.
Add some </tr> tags even though not compulsory. 
All this to move (slowly) towards XHTML compatibility, although what to do
about <p> and nesting is not at all obvious at this stage.
Make implementation of \uppercase and \scshape more robust.

Changes between versions 2.71 and 2.72
Fix bug with counters in LaTeX files translated without the -L switch
  (introduced at version 2.67).

Changes between versions 2.70 and 2.71
Remove the default <br> after the image in includegraphics to make the image
  alignment more flexible.
Complete the namespace separation of tthfunc and ttmfunc.
Change tthhalcode to be a macro, and make various strings macros.
Fix TtM to use the full tabular argument for alignment etc.
Add handling of optional argument to \cite.
Fix bug with conditional clauses during macro argument searching.
Generalize cite and bibitem to handle the natbib extensions.
Create tthnatbib.sty file for TtHgold implementing variable citep, citet,
 and other useful aspects of natbib.
Handle automatic conversion of \section argument into title if it comes first.

Changes between versions 2.69 and 2.70
Fix bug introduced in revised initial scan of tabular argument (at 2.68).
Improve alignment of eqnarray equations to make more centered.

Changes between versions 2.68 and 2.69
Fix broken .ind file removal broken at version 2.68.
Improve handling of vboxes to behave more like TeX.
Make \tthfootnotes the name of the footnotes section, default Footnotes.

Changes between versions 2.67 and 2.68
Improve handling of minipage to behave more like LaTeX.
Modify some rescanning, esp in wrap-up, to fix memory leaks.
Fix error in initial scan of tabular argument.
Prevent spurious paragraphs caused by \else or \fi alone on a line.
Fix bugs with \% percent in conditional text.
Implement a facility for scanning TeX strings at closures. [Infrastructure].
Define \columnwidth to be a synonym for \hsize.
Improve the table of contents handling of paragraph and subparagraph.

Changes between versions 2.66 and 2.67
Implement \% as equivalent to % within rawhtml for macro purposes.
Make all <br clear> into <br clear="all"> to satisfy validators.

Changes between versions 2.65 and 2.66
Further improve handling of \eqno with \eqalign not to hide wide equations.
Fix bug with single line eqnarray.
Make \caption a command string so it can be redefined.
Implement column counting in tabular.
Fix obscure bug in conditionals with argument finding \else.
Fix bug in delimited parameter matching of blank line as \par.
Ensure \cr in LaTeX is equivalent to \nonumber\\.
Fix incorrect group nesting when using a newenvironment.
Add some </tr> tags in tables, even though optional.
Change counter order to prevent spurious title "Footnotes" in plain TeX.
Change tth.gif logo: more realistic document flight.
Implement longtables.

Changes between versions 2.64 and 2.65
Correct misinterpretations of glue removal from (e.g.) \offinterlineskip.
Ensure \hfil is recognized in \halign template.
Improve scanning of template to remove rule dimensions of \vrules.
Fix HTML width error when \eqno is used with \eqalign.

Changes between versions 2.63 and 2.64
Prevent spurious <p> at start of environments such as lists, figures etc.
Discard spurious whitespace inside tabular alignment argument.

Changes between versions 2.62 and 2.63
Fix improper termination of \item by display equations.
Improve alignment of equation numbers inside list, items, indented sections. 

Changes between versions 2.61 and 2.62
Fix TTHINPUTS and -p to accept consecutive path separators.

Changes between versions 2.60 and 2.61
Fix the accident that -c implies -d.
Implement \colorbox, \fcolorbox, and \pagecolor (deprecated). [Not in eqs].
Replace printf with a macro for easier editing and subroutines.
Remove unnecessary static declaration from some global variables.
Define \setlength to prevent it putting spurious lengths into text.
Implement corrected array/tabular inside in-line (textstyle) equations.
  [But only if the array is the only thing in the equation].
Prevent erroneous freeing of internal definitions of cross-references.
Fix bug in \hsize setting when accidentally invoked in an error situation.
Improve consistency of setting of TeX and TtH in manual.

Changes between versions 2.58 and 2.60
Improve the layout of equation numbering. Now it is properly right aligned.
Fix bug in VMS compile introduced at 2.56.
Improve alignment of big symbols with limits using -y switch.
Force display equations to clear inline equations using -t switch.

Changes between versions 2.57 and 2.58
Enable \part redefinition to remove possible Plain incompatibility.
Enable garbaging of locally defined macros if they aren't trapped by global.
Fix obscure bug in \indexspace.
Fix spurious \par sometimes arising from \advance and other counter ops.

Changes between versions 2.56 and 2.57
Add diagnostic message when *.bbl bibliography file not found.
Fix obscure problems with null inline equation inside a tabular.
Make e.g. \textrm in equations recognize that this is a text box.
Add switch -k to prescribe filename without forcing LaTeX state.
Fix space problem in attribution string.
Add install file and l2h.exe to tthgold DOS/Windows distribution.

Changes between versions 2.55 and 2.56
Implement pre-expansion of bare command sequence arguments of \sqrt.
 (That's pretty bizarre. \sqrt is not really a macro with arguments in TeX!)
Implement multiple directories in -p switch.
Implement recognition of TTHINPUTS as a path for input files.

Changes between versions 2.54 and 2.55
Fix omission of 8 standard colors in lower case in LaTeX.

Changes between versions 2.53 and 2.54
Implement comprehensive color support, \color \textcolor and \definecolor.

Changes between versions 2.52 and 2.53
Reimplement a few constructs: stackrel, pmatrix, cases ... as TeX functions.
Remove the cnvting states which are now obsolete. (Housekeeping).
Make NEXT and PREVIOUS into macros in TtHgold so they can easily be changed.
Obey \textstyle in display equations provided explicitly embraced.

Changes between versions 2.51 and 2.52
Adjust version reporting in startup code.
Improve hbox handling in vertical mode.
Fix centerheader invisible formal HTML bug.
Change \centerline to enclose output in an HTML table for better compatibility.
Improve alignment of first \item.
Recognize \land \gets \mid \lbrack \rbrack \not\in \not\subset
Make - symbol font in equations because some non-adobe times fonts have
  a very short hyphen sign. This might cause other problems. We'll see...
Trap \centerline in titlecheck state.
Rework buildrel as a delimited parameter.
Fix small alignment bugs in atop.
Remove spurious space after the 2 in e.g. \hat{v}^2.

Changes between versions 2.50 and 2.51
Work around DOS executable system call non-detection of failure of ps2png etc.
Improve hbox and vbox code to accommodate NS table peculiarities.
Trap explicit \par in titlecheck state.

Changes between versions 2.34 and 2.50
Implement dimension interpretation.
	\hskip \hspace implemented as scaled number of nonbreak spaces.
	\vskip \vspace implemented as scaled number of <br>s.
	p{dimension} in tabular argument as scaled width="pixels"
	Float times a dimension implemented. E.g X.YZ\hsize.
	\hsize = ... supported inside a brace group (e.g. a \vbox)
Some box handling. But browsers currently won't put text before and after
the table into which these are translated.
	\hbox to ... implemented as table of scaled % width. [Not in equations]
	\hfil and \hss implemented inside \hbox to.. But spacing is imperfect.
	\makebox, \framebox with specified size and alignment.
	No \newdimen's.
	Prevent \hbox constructs from containing the <title> accidentally.

Implement *{num} interpretation in tabular alignment argument.
Fix minor inconsistency in definition of \proclaim.
Improve recognition of known but inappropriate parameters e.g. \tolerance.
Improve consistency of parameter discarding of unknown commands.
Improve consistency of paragraph detection near }.
Rewrite the graphics file conversion code to call ps2png, then ps2gif.
Compile DOS executable unoptimized because we are out of memory (again).

Changes between versions 2.33 and 2.34
Implement \subitem for itemize and enumerate environments.
Implement \proclaim.
Correct grouping in definition of \frac.
Correct the missing semicolon from 233.
Fix bug with refs and bibitems whose key has spaces.

Changes between versions 2.32 and 2.33
Accommodate \item[...] in enumerate with a kludged item label.
Implement \url, \hypertarget, \hyperlink, for better compatibility.
Fix tthsplit for tthgold.

Changes between versions 2.31 and 2.32
Fix handling of \rm outside groups in TtHgold (not TtH).
Fix expansion of \if clauses in situations that need it, e.g. limitops.

Changes between versions 2.30 and 2.31
Fix handling of \{ and \} in situations like footnotes.

Changes between versions 2.27 and 2.3
Put the name= reference into quotes for cite and a few other places.
Fix bug with unembraced arguments like \phantom\{ . 
Improve vertical placement of overaccents in denominators too.
Improve vertical placement of lone sqrts in fractions.
Fix bug with \right. in in-line equations.
Remove spurious extra space after \over in in-line equations.

Changes between versions 2.26 and 2.27
Improve vertical placement of simple expressions with over accents in 
	fraction numerators.

Changes between versions 2.25 and 2.26
Reinstitute -O optimization of DOS executable with more compile memory
Fix warnings about ambiguous else on egcs compiler.
Improve compatibility of grabbing unused embraced arguments to 

Changes between versions 2.24 and 2.25
Fix the title generation code for Mac line-end compatibility.

Changes between versions 2.23 and 2.24
Rework all line-end code to implement work-around for Mac files.

Changes between versions 2.22 and 2.23
Implement work-around for flex line-end bug on Macintosh files.
Fix bug in \color inside equations.

Changes between versions 2.21 and 2.22
Reimplement the redundant brace group delimiter fix to avoid bugs in 2.21.
Fix problem with \iftth following &.

Changes between versions 2.20 and 2.21
Make \.*size check first if it is a user-defined macro before discarding.
Enable proper sub/superscript positioning on large delimiters even when in 
	(redundant) brace groups. [Fix associated # problems]
Fix problem with \else in nested false conditionals.

Changes between versions 2.10 and 2.20
Implement epsf file handling to accept a filename without extension and search
	for .ps or .eps files.
Make equation, figure, and table numbered within chapter by default.
Fix \thanks in title in preamble.
Implement correct (I hope) tabular handling _inside equations_.
Use tabular code for \begin{array} so cell alignment is now honored.
Improve height tracking of matrices.
Remove optimization from DOS executable because of compile memory limitations.

Changes between versions 2.01 and 2.10
Remove some spurious additional cells from equations for better layout.
Reimplement sqrt to work more compatibly.
Implement some extensibility in large sqrt signs.
Reimplement \root \of as a delimited-parameter command.
Implement interpretation of TeX code in index of sqrt[] and \root..\of.
Changed name of top file in tthgold split output to "index.html".
Implement an optional style-sheet approach for equation height compression in
Fix order of closing of improperly nested font changes etc.
Prevent various known unsupported commands from inserting unwanted <p>.
Fix bug with \cite inside footnotes.
Improve \newtheorem to recognize optional arguments (but still not quite
  numbering in "within" correctly).
Add handling of \charNNN and \symbol{}.

Changes between versions 2.00 and 2.01
Improve layout of \root \of.
Fix inline sqrt without embedded groups.
Added unsupported alpha diacritical accent commands as null macros to prevent 
  discarding their arguments.
Implement recognition of "`, "', "<, and "> from the german style.
Fix uninitialized labelchar that occasionally gave \label problems.

Changes between versions 1.98 and 2.00
Recognize \begin with spurious following space. Warn and fix with unput.
Improve recognition of multicolumn hidden in macros, in arrays in equations.
Make first cell of first line of eqalign/eqnarray right aligned.

Changes between versions 1.96 and 1.98
Finally fixed the \halign and \tabular code (I hope).

Found a serious problem with version 1.97 when tabular environment is
renamed. Withdrew 1.97 from release.

Changes between versions 1.96 and 1.97
Rewrite \halign code to use the template line for alignment and insert strings.
Change tabular alignment coding. Fix @-strings at premature row ends.
Fix insertion of & during verbatim output.

Changes between versions 1.95 and 1.96
Fix \halign, broken by the improvements to \tabular.
Fix \uppercase bug in equations.

Changes between versions 1.94 and 1.95
Implement tabular alignment argument interpretation. (Not *{num} style).
Prevent spurious \par caused by newlines in equations.
Fix bug with LaTeX \input{filename} that regarded the input as within a group
 and thus discarded the newcommands that were defined within it, since the
 implementation of commands being local in TtH if defined locally (v 1.90).
Correct the anchor at the subsubsection in book class when secnumdepth is >2.
Make \textsc and \uppercase work in equations provided no math or other 
 complicated constructs are used inside their arguments.

Changes between versions 1.93 and 1.94
Fix bug with auxiliary files and \include{}.

Changes between versions 1.92 and 1.93
Fix obscure bug with \\ at end of argument of macros.
Recognize \+ does not mean a settabs tabbing start in LaTeX (just omit).
If \amslatex is a defined command, recognize | as a synonym for \verb|.
Fix \choose when its second argument has subscripts.
Rework equation start and end always to start and end an implied group.
  This is rationalizes treatment of such things as $$n \choose k$$.
Improve brace matching in ignored groups that contain \{ or \}.
Improve dimension and parameter command removal with macros.
Improve counter setting with macros.
Improve eqalign (eqnarray) alignment of first cell (align right).
Make book class equation numbering consistent with LaTeX default.
Split a long string constant to work around brain-dead VisualC++ limitations.
Improve string overflow detection and message.
Reorganize verbose messages.

Changes between versions 1.90 and 1.92
Fix bug with zero length \phantom.

Changes between versions 1.90 and 1.91
Improve \phantom to cope with braces within its argument.

Changes between versions 1.68 and 1.90
Implement command definitions as local within groups for TeX compatibility.
	Counters are (incompatibly) still all global.
Implement plain TeX conditionals.
	All are working with some limitations except 
	\loop, \ifdimen, \ifvoid, \ifinner, \ifcat.
Add timestamp to the translation credits.
Rework delimited parameter macros to be compatible with TeX space compression.
Add implied \par to several commands, e.g. \hrule, \bigskip, ...
Implement \[h]phantom as a horizontal space of the approximate length.
Rework bibitem to allow it to function correctly when renamed.
Fix \bye.
Improve error message for string overflow.

Changes between versions 1.67 and 1.68
Fix fatal bug caused by ungrouped \over construct in inline equation.
Use the compiler -O optimization on executables to decrease their size.

Changes between versions 1.66 and 1.67
Permit \headline= syntax.
Permit omission of braces from plain footnote first argument.
Obey optional argument to footnote in LaTeX.
Fix bug in improper \\ handling at lowest closure depth.

Changes between versions 1.65 and 1.66
Correct the behaviour of a command alone on a line. Treat as a non-null line.
Handle improper use of \\ or \cr outside of array environment in an equation.
 LaTeX simply ignores it, though it should not be used.

Changes between versions 1.60 and 1.65
Implement HTML title construction or warning for files without title.
Implement \paragraph and \subparagraph.
Implement \secnumdepth handling.
Accept optional arguments on \author etc.
Kludge \dag and \ddag, since they are not available as single glyphs.
Rework \item in description environment to handle optional arguments better.
Improve \noalign rendering.
Improve font handling for inline equations in boxes in displaystyle equations.
Group multiple-letter entities in equations inside font codes (for mathitalic).
Prevent ^\prime from being a superscript in-line. HTML is unlike TeX.
Standardize warning and error syntax.
Correct handling of braces inside of optional arguments.
Fix (rare) bug in glue removal state that defeats paragraphing.
Fix bugs for absent optional argument with no other arguments.
Fix (invisible) bug in \item followed immediately by \end.
Fix incorrect pushdepth induced by display table state.

Changes between versions 1.59 and 1.60
Implement verbatiminput
Fix various entities not to introduce spurious par if on line by themselves.

Changes between versions 1.58 and 1.59
Implement optional parameter handling internal macro call.
Fix recognition of unknown* environments.
Work around strange amslatex use of \newlabel in aux file.
Fix \varphi.

Changes between versions 1.57 and 1.58
Recognize file extensions .ps* .eps* (e.g. .epsi) as valid postscript.
Recode \headline and \title to avoid putting markup in <title>.
Rework epsfbox etc to improve compatibility with non-standard usage.
Add alt="..." to the img tags to conform to HTML4.0.

Changes between versions 1.56 and 1.57
Reduce additional horizontal space with large delimiters in some cases.
Change tabular handling to allow \multicolumn to be inside a macro.
Fix bug with single non-alpha commands as subscripts, (e.g. x_\|).
Fix disabling of \par by \href and \special{html:...}.
Make color codes quoted for syntax validation.

Changes between versions 1.55 and 1.56
Implement \{, \} in macro arguments so that e.g. \subsection{\{} works.
Fix (invisible) incorrect state at close of LaTeX files.
Fix \choose to remove fraction bar.

Changes between versions 1.54 and 1.55
Fix bug in appendix chapter or section title: grouping not honored.

Changes between versions 1.53 and 1.54
Fix large square-root display for Macs.

Changes between versions 1.52 and 1.53
Use <br clear=all> at start of table layout of inline equations with -t switch
Ensure \begin{html} and related code does not cause spurious \par.
Ensure \tthdump is not expanded in (e.g.) edefs or footnotes.

Changes between versions 1.50 and 1.52
Rework \begin{array} for improved compatibility.
Implement \Roman, \roman.
Make \# output # in raw HTML output.
Implement \char`\. as a literal character quoting mechanism.
Make \\cal into italic helvetica.
Various TtHgold improvements to label, etc.

Changes between versions 1.46 and 1.50
Rework \textit ... \mathrm ... to use rescanning of a braced switch. This 
 resolves ambiguities in equations (the swaparg state), and allows 
 macros to rename these even using bad (non-argument) style.
Rework \underline and colordvi commands similarly.
Improve picture conversion code by including graphics packages in the
 latex file that is output, and fix comment bug.
Rework mbox and raisebox code for greater compatibility.
Remove the eqtokarg state, mostly used in subpscripts.
Implement the exptokarg state, for expanding command sequences immediately
 following ^ _ and overaccent-style builtin TeX commands in equations.
 This new approach correctly mimics TeX's handling of unembraced command-
 sequence arguments in math mode, and removes ambiguities.
Correct internal bug associated with dupstore in tthref.
Rework macro calling to allow internal use of code.
Implement \expandafter.
Improve pattern matching in delimited argument interpretation.
Fix bug in \let interpretation (rare).
Fix footnote wrapup bug that broke \end[{document}}]
Rework \href using special, so it works in equations.
Edit manual to reflect changes.

1) Substantially improved [La]TeX compatibility in
	Expansion of macros and boxes in equations; \expandafter support.
2) Improved picture handling code.
3) Various small bug fixes.

Changes between versions 1.45 and 1.46
Simplified some dimension and glue removal code.
Internal output statement rationalization.
Fixed bugs in some accents. e.g. \~ \`O and \'{\i }.

Changes between versions 1.41 and 1.45
Implement optional argument support for newcommand and newenvironment.
Implement "within" capability of newcounter.
Implement \@addtoreset command.
Rework equation labeling to use \theequation command.
Rework sectioning commands to use more latex-like approach involving
 \thesection.\arabic{subsection} etc, for greater compatibility with
 different sectioning and numbering styles.
Fix bug in \Alph and \alph
Fix bug in \chapter*
Fix bibitem interpretation with parens in optional argument.
Ensure a newtheorem starts a new paragraph.
Rework figure and table numbering in caption to use \thefigure etc,
  and observe numbering with chapters of book style, for compatibility.
Make sectioning commands able to be redefined, in case a TeX file does so.
Rework \newlabel code to allow more general label formats (e.g. from a
  redefined \theequation or \thefigure command in aux file).

Changes between versions 1.40 and 1.41
Fix bug in eqnarrays with \\ after e.g. \frac{}{}, \right) etc.

Changes between versions 1.32 and 1.40
Reimplement \bibcite as \def, for greater compatibility with different
 bibliography styles such as natbib.
Reworked some equation recognition code to remove tth_eqn.
Rationalized the equation state earlier in the flex code.
Defined many strings as macros for easier editting.
Defined macros TTH_MATHC and TTH_SCAN_STRING.
Reworked some number removal for brevity.
Reworked halign/tabular end of line multicolumn code for clarity and brevity.
Resultant C code is nearly 100k shorter.
Separate -? and -h help text.

Changes between versions 1.31 and 1.32
Implement workaround for browser table font bug in upright math mode.
Fix spurious <p> arising in toc if whole section title is a macro.

Changes between versions 1.30 and 1.31
Implement \multicolumn in array environment.
Improve \eqalign recognition.
Make \bordermatrix a synonym for \matrix to prevent parse errors.
Prevent additional spurious </td> in equations.
Increase buffer size to TTH_DLEN 6000.
Change literal and non-literal treatment in tags for formal HTML conformance.
Add doctype 4.0 statement in standard header.
Fix omission of </a> from indexing tags.
Fix subsubsection labeling in appendix.
Fix \ref and \pageref in footnotes.

Changes between versions 1.24 and 1.3
Improve placement of subscripts etc on over-accented characters.
Fix bug arising from commands terminated by % in macro arguments.
Change default fraction level to 5.
Improve rendering of single-character fractions in inline equations 
  and exponents using slash.
Remove unnecessary braces in \frac definition.
Trap most common token ambiguities: \frac \mathrm and \mbox.
Fix scanner error at ambiguous token error.
Fix erroneous \big\ bug.
Adjust bracket height for very large items, e.g. matrices.

Changes between versions 1.23 and 1.24
Fix bug with \emph inside textbox inside equation.
Fix bug in \cite recognition with [].
Fix footnote bug introduced in equation-compatibility code.
Improve recognition of \begin{list}{}{}.
Fix bug in \(over|under)brace causing buffer overrun and possible crash.

Changes between versions 1.22 and 1.23
Fix \root n \of bug.

Changes between versions 1.21 and 1.22
Implement \sqrt[n]{ } and \root n \of.
Fix appendix index reference.

Changes between versions 1.2 and 1.21
Fix bug misinterpreting \} \{  in macro arguments.

Changes between versions 1.15 and 1.2
Document the -t switch for built-up textstyle equations.
Document the -a switch for automatic picture conversion.
Include latex2gif in distribution.

Changes between versions 1.14 and 1.15
Omit \null from equations too.
Fix \ at end of line to be nbsp.
Make widehat a synonym for hat, like widetilde.
Add a newline end after </html>.
Add \alph,\Alph,(\roman,\Roman = \arabic).
Fix footnotes to work inside equations.
Add parentheses around \hbar.

Changes between versions 1.13 and 1.14
Add recognition of \bigg/ and \bigg\ etc.
Fix bug in unrecognized \bigg etc.

Changes between versions 1.12 and 1.13
Fix \\ bug arising from optional arg to \\ causing arrays to break.
Fix accent bug in \uppercase.
Add "s German ss usage.
Implement experimental -t switch.

Changes between versions 1.11 and 1.12
Fix appendix subsection alphanumeric label bug.
Fix subsubsection bug that put in spurious name tags.

Changes between versions 1.1 and 1.11

Fix the footnote "head.html" bug.
Correct to \dots in paragraph mode.
Add FAQ to manual.

Changes between versions 1.03 and 1.1

Implement Indexing.
Improve space removal after numerator of fractions for alignment.
Tidy up some pattern recognition to remove trailing contexts.
Improve documentclass tracking.
Change ps2gif to use -ppmraw to save time and space.
Fix \verb+<font>+ to translate <> correctly to &ls; etc.
Make figure and table section-numbering 2-digit.
Fix space after Chapter names etc.
Fix spurious \\par insertion in \label (etc) on a line by itself.
Fix equations with _{\rm p} climbing up a hill.
Fix eqnarray* bug.
Fix lefteq bug.
Fix bug in interaction between TeX and Latex equation numbering.
Check for existence of .ps file before attempting conversion.
Add l2h script to packages.

Changes between versions 1.02 and 1.03

Fix space omitted after e.g. Figure.
Recognize .jpg or as a valid graphic file extension; if file.jpg exists,
don't do conversion from
Add double hline recognition internal to tables.
Fix obscure bug in sub/superscripts as initial part of a definition.
Rework subscript code for more compact internals.
Remove space before \over, \atop (etc.) commands to improve alignment.

Changes between versions 1.00 and 1.02

Change glue removal code to save substantial size and improve compatibility.
Change paragraph recognition algorithm to do a better job when the
two line ends are in e.g. different macros.
Improve length overflow checking consistency.
Improve h|vrule handling. 
Recognize "fil" as a dimension unit for removal.
Correct \bigg and \left\right delimiter algorithm to correspond to TeX.
Add meta tag to header.

Changes between version 0.99 and 1.00

Redefined default states for the -g switch:
Defaults to guessing meaning of font commands; -g means discard construct.

Changed default eqnarray numbering to be more LaTeX like. Each line is
numbered by default. Switch -n reverts to older style: one number per
environment. Implemented \nonumber.

Documented -p switch to provide an additional directory for input files.

Implemented \thanks as a synonym for \footnote in author or title.

Updates to documentation. 

Added web link to home site in credit line.

Various small bug fixes:
 Allow spaces after \\
 Removed [] from possible macro names to avoid misinterpretation.
 Changed handling of \textstyle to avoid consequent errors.
 Fixed bug in fractional superscripts to large delimiters.
 Improved removal of \penalty and similar commands.
 Allow decimal point sizes in font commands.
 Trap negative closure counts to prevent crash.
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