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FIXME - incorporate this notice into the overall media licenses file - DSB

(this applies to the seven songs listed below).

All of these songs are licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike Act (
allowing for commercial distribution as long as credit is given to the authors
of the songs. Also, these works may not be redone in any way, shape, or form
unless relicensed under the same license.

The original authors of the songs are as follows:

Synthaurion - On the Edge of the Universe, In the Well of Fate, and Towards the Star of Hope
Serberis - Rush, Digging, Nothing Strange, and Gravity

For inclusion in Tux4Kids, the files were edited and transcoded to reduce file
size.  These derivative versions are licensed under the same Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license as the originals.
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