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1.1 (11 February 2012)
  - Make it easier to see what's going on with framebuffer support by sending
    messages through to the kernel, which will put them in dmesg (when not
    running in test mode).
  - Fix Text mode userui so that it works when fbsplash isn't compiled in,
	  by moving initialisation code that should have been in the text ui to it.
  - Don't assume fbsplash support is always compiled in (require USE_FBSPLASH,
	  as we do with USE_USPLASH).
  - Fix various harmless compiler warnings.
  - Fix the building of fbsplash support on Ubuntu Oneiric.
  - Fix a couple of typos in previous commits.
  - Apply fixes from Bug 479 (don't use libpng internals).
  - Tag new release.

1.1-rc2 (7 April 2010)
  - Make usplash support optional, enabled by "USE_USPLASH=1 make"

1.1-rc1 (6 April 2010)
  - Single binary support with command-line options for starting with
    fbsplash or usplash support.
  - Add support for newer versions of libusplash, which implement and require
    the use of a new fade_logo function. Without this addition, Karmic users
    don't see anything while we're hibernating.
  - Make the backwards compatible fade_logo definition non-static, to avoid
    the static declaration of 'fade'logo' follows non-static declaration
    message Whoopie reported (thanks!).
  - Update userui.h to match the kernel code.

1.0 (1 April 2009)
  - Small changes in preparation for the 1.0 release, coinciding with
    TuxOnIce 3.0 and version 2.0 of the hibernate script.

0.7.3 (8 January 2008)
  - Fix version number. Nigel failed to update userui.h.
  - s@/sys/power/suspend2@/sys/power/tuxonice@ in userui_core.c, as directed
    by "Whoopie".
  - Tell the kernel immediately when the loglevel changes, rather than
    only when told to clean up. This lets the kernel store the correct
    loglevel in the image header and therefore have it properly restored
    when starting to resume.
  - Change default fbsplash theme dir to /etc/splash/tuxonice.
  - Fix usplash - thanks to Tobias Doerffel for the patch.
  - Modify message so it indicates that you can press Escape to abort resuming
  - Switch to explicitly using 32 bit integers for netlink data, to fix
    word-size issues with mixed 32 & 64 bit useruis and kernels. This is an
    ABI bump, requiring TuxOnIce 3.0-rc8 (git from Jan 6 2009 or later).

0.7.2 (16 July 2007)
  - Do text u/i title too.
  - Update paths from /sys/power/suspend2 to /sys/power/tuxonice!
  - Change Suspend2 (and variants) to TuxOnIce.
  - Update paths from /proc/suspend2 to /sys/power/suspend2.
  - Add support for getting the kernel to printk messages (for debugging).
  - Reorder resume time code to try to minimise time with suspend-time
  - Fix the escape key in usplash.
  - Don't let <Enter> kill usplash.
  - Default Makefile target is now a helpful message. Use "make all" for
    old-style behaviour.
  - Added --xres, --yres and --quiet options to usplash (Whoopie).
  - Read xres and yres options from usplash.conf.

0.7.1 (18 May 2007)
  - Update for kernel interface change (console loglevel).
  - Fix xpid issue.
  - Allow usplash progress bar to go backwards.
  - Always restore the console.
  - Use libusplash.

0.7.0 (17 January 2007)
  - Make test mode work at a usable speed again.
  - Update for kernel interface changes (send cleanup ack).
  - Fix random segfault bug (Kenneth Crudup).

0.6.4 (7 June 2006)
  - Fix text rendering on radeonfb. (Michal Januszewski)
  - Fix image skewing on 1400x1050 radeonfbs.
  - Reimplement getpid() to avoid glibc caching it.
  - usplash support.
  - Make fbsplash error messages more informative.
  - Don't compile as static by default.
  - Fixed "Failed to load ... (null)" message

0.6.3 (28 December 2005)
  - Fix logic bug when displaying silent or verbose animations (Johannes Berg).
  - Hide harmless fbsplash errors when kernel not patched with fbsplash.
  - Help slower machines catch up on kernel update messages.
  - Flush vt scrollback on redraw.
  - Allow fbsplash to choose a theme from the command-line.

0.6.2 (27 December 2005)
  - Sync with splashutils code.
  - Explicitly unblank the screen upon resume.
  - Fix crazy colours on direct color frame buffers (Sukant Hajra).
  - Try harder to hide the cursor.
  - Use /proc/suspend2 instead of /proc/software_suspend/ (decidedly not
    backwards compatible).

0.6.1 (29 August 2005)
  - Remove silly debug feature that made its way in.
  - Change section of messages to 0 instead of 1.

0.6.0 (29 August 2005)
  - Get netlink channel number from command line from now on
  - Add support for managing which sections are being debugged.
  - Add support for log everything.
  - Change loglevel immediately unless exiting.
  - Increase message buffer size to 255 chars.
  - Don't display in-progress-bar message if empty.

0.5.3 (23 July 2005)
  - Be generally more robust
  - Work on a serial console
  - Fix silly logic error

0.5.2 (23 July 2005)
  - Update netlink id for

0.5.1 (5 July 2005)
  - Fix double free bug.

0.5.0 (28 June 2005)
  - Support for debugging keys in new kernel interface (needed for or

0.4.0 (24 June 2005)
  - Read keyboard input directly from /dev/console.
  - Common keyboard handler.
  - Update for latest suspend2 patches (needed for or newer).

0.3.1 (31 March 2005)
  - Try not to lag behind when flooded with progress updates.
  - Fix UTF-8 handling on terminals (don't use \233).
  - Sync with splashutils code.
  - Use new ttf code from splashutils to render text.
  - Support text-in-progress bar messages.

0.3.0 (9 March 2005)
 - First public release
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