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Twin - a Textmode WINdow environment, by Massimiliano Ghilardi

Version 0.5.0

Twin is a windowing environment with mouse support, window manager,
terminal emulator and networked clients, all inside a text display.

It supports a variety of displays:
* plain text terminals (any termcap/ncurses compatible terminal,
  Linux console, twin's own terminal emulator);
* X11, where it can be used as a multi-window xterm;
* itself (you can display a twin on another twin);
* twdisplay, a general network-transparent display client, used
  to attach/detach more displays on-the-fly.

Currently, twin is tested on Linux (i386, PowerPC, Alpha, Sparc)
and on FreeBSD; SunOS porting is in progress.
I had yet no chance to seriously test it on other systems.

Twin comes with the following documentation:

README		This file.
README.CVS	Hints to build twin from CVS repository (for developers).
README.porting  Tips and warnings to compile twin on unsupported OSes.
COPYING		License: twin server and clients are GPL'ed software.
COPYING.LIB	Library license: libTutf, libTw, libTT are LGPL'ed.
Changelog.txt	List of all changes between the various versions of twin.
BUGS		Known bugs.
INSTALL		Quick compile/install guide.
system.twinrc	A detailed example of ~/.twinrc look-n-feel configuration file.

The docs/ subdirectory contains additional documentation:

Configure	Description of twin configuration script with the meaning
		of every single option.
Tutorial	A quite complete tour of twin features: the user interface,
		how to use twin clients, compression, attaching/detaching
		displays, fonts. It also contains installation instructions
		and some caveats for system administrators.
libTw.txt	a reference file for programmers who want to write
		twin clients (INCOMPLETE).
libTw++.txt	a reference file for programmers who want to write
		twin C++ clients (INCOMPLETE).

Getting twin

Since you are reading this README, you probably already have it,
anyway twin can be downloaded from

Building and installing twin

For the impatient, it basically reduces to
  make install

To compile twin you need the following programs installed
on your system:
  * recent GNU make (versions <= 3.76.1 do not to work)

  * ANSI C compiler (gcc for example)

But of course you may want to know more details:
First, you might want to edit the files `' and `'
to change the install directory, tweak compiler flags (enable debugging), etc.

First you may want to tweak the configuration options, install directory,
compiler flags, etc. generated by `./configure'; this is possible with
`./configure [options]' or `scripts/ [configuration options]'

For instructions about compiling and installing twin, see the file `Tutorial',
sections 3 and 4, distributed with twin in the docs/ subdirectory.

For a discussion about MANUALLY configuring twin (almost never necessary),
see the help file `Configure', again in the docs/ subdirectory.
-- WARNING: if you manually enable options that were disabled by `./configure',
build will almost certainly fail! --

Other topics:

See the rest of the documentation.


Massimiliano Ghilardi

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