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Author of Twinkle:

Michel de Boer <> designed and implemented Twinkle.

* Werner Dittmann (ZRTP/SRTP)
* Bogdan Harjoc (AKAv1-MD5, Service-Route)
* Roman Imankulov (command line editing)
* Ondrej Moris (codec preprocessing)
* Rickard Petzall (ALSA)

Twinkle contains the following 3rd party software packages:
- GSM codec from Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann
	see directory src/audio/gsm for more info
- G.711/G.726 codec from Sun Microsystems
	see src/audio/README_G711 for more info
- iLBC implementation from RFC 3951 (
- Parts of the STUN project from sourceforge
- Parts of libsrv at

Dynamic linked libraries:
- RTP, ZRTP and SRTP functionality is provided by the
  GNU ccRTP stack:

Czech   Marek Straka
Dutch	Michel de Boer
German  Joerg Reisenweber
French  Olivier Aufrere
Russian Michail Chodorenko
Swedish Daniel Nylander

Michel de Boer
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