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This file contains instructions on how to build the latest version of uC++.
Presumably, you have just ftped the latest version.


uC++ requires at least:

1. gcc-3.4.x or greater, or Intel icc 8.1 or 9.0.  uC++ works reasonably well
   with GNU gcc-3.3.x, but there are some user compilation situations that fail
   (e.g., some usages of osacquire/isacquire).  As well, uC++ does not build
   with gcc-3.3.x on Solaris 10.  uC++ does NOT compile using other compilers.

2. gmake-3.79.1 or greater, which is available by anonymous ftp from any FSF
   mirror site. (On Linux, "make" is "gmake", so for any reference below to
   "gmake", use "make".)

>> HOW TO BUILD uC++ <<

1. Before you build uC++, read the comments and edit the variables in the top
   level make file, ./Makefile.

2. Type "gmake" to get a list of supported configurations or read the list in
   the top level make file.

3. Type "gmake xxx", where xxx is one of the listed configurations, e.g.,
   "gmake sun-sparc" to configure for a SUN Sparc running Solaris. A CONFIG
   file is created and all Makefiles are modified with appropriate path names.

4. Type "gmake install" to compile and install uC++. To compile and install
   separately, type "gmake" to compile uC++ and then "gmake install" to move the
   necessary executables and libraries to the install location.

5. After installation is complete, the executable "u++" is created in the
   directory defined by INSTALLBINDIR in the top level make file.  Add this
   directory to your command path to access the compilation command u++.  While
   the "u++" command can be moved to any location, do not move the "lib" or
   "inc" directories, as the "u++" command contains hard-coded references to
   them, which are set at installation time.

6. Type "gmake clean" to remove any temporary files created during

7. Directory INSTALLPREFIX/src/examples has a number of example uC++ programs.
   Type "gmake bench" in this directory to do a basic test of the installation.

>> NOTES <<

The file CONFIG is generated by the Makefile.  It contains definitions that are
specific to an installation on this type of machine.  This file is included by
many of the Makefiles in directories below this one.  Do not modify the CONFIG
file directly, rather, remove the CONFIG, modify the file ./Makefile, and start
at step 3 for building uC++.


P. A. Buhr
and many others
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