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ucarp - Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for Unix…  more info»


* Version 1.5:
 - Have ucarp register for the VRRP multicast group, by Petr Kohts.
 - Selection of master improved, by Greg Walton.
 - New option, -S (--ignoreifstate) to ignore unplugged network cable
detection, for NICs that don't support that feature.
 - -o is now working as an alternative to --passfile, thanks to Eric Evans. 
 - Have a degraded master send a last advertisement because if its network
link gets cut and uncut, it doesn't know that the slave has taken the master
role. Contributed by Tim Niemeyer.

* Version 1.4:
 - --xparam shortcut is -m, not -x. Thanks fo Fabrice Dulaunoy.
 - Use multicast destination address for advertisements instead of
broadcasts. Required for some switches. Fabrice Dulaunoy.
 - gettext upgrade.
 - Host with the lower IP address wit hnow be elected master when multiples
nodes are started with the same parameters, in order to avoid flip-flop.
By Steve Kehlet.
 - Improved gratuitous ARP payload for better interoperability, by Steve
 - Removed bogus gratuitous ARP code. Initial report by Marcus Goller.
 - Documentation updates, by Steve Kehlet.

* Version 1.3:
  -n option wasn't properly parsed while --neutral was. Reported by Stefan
  gratuitous ARP packets should now be properly sent. Thanks to Marcus
Rueckert for indirectly pointing out that the code was wrong.
  New -m option, and the virtual IP address is now passed to up/down scripts
as well. By Fabrice Dulaunoy and Dirk Jagdmann who provided different
implementations of the same idea.
  A bogus return statement has been removed, thanks to Alessio Cervellin.
  All interfaces should now be discovered on Solaris.
  EINTR is handled, thanks to Dean Gaudet.
  Log exec errors, Dean Gaudet.
  --passfile option, Dean Gaudet.
  Ignore POLLNVAL that looks bogus on some systems, at least OSX, reported
by John Sterling.
  Send a delayed ARP request when switching to MASTER to deal with some L3
switches (adapted from an OpenBSD diff by
  Completly remove transition path INIT -> MASTER (adapted from an OpenBSD
diff by

* Version 1.2:
  fakesnprintf/bsd-getopt_long updates from pure-ftpd 1.0.21.
  Avoid processing our own multicasts. Thanks to Gregory McGarry.
  --neutral mode, by Russell Mosemann.
  Avoid low prioritized hosts quickly switching to MASTER at bootup if
preemption is enabled.

* Version 1.1:
  'exec' was removed from sample scripts since it confused some people
who tried to add commands afterwards :)
  Workarounds have been added for unaligned pointers. It should fix
crashes on Sparc hardware.
  logfile() properly sends errors to stderr and notices to stdout.
  The OpenBSD getopt_long() replacement has been fixed.
  inet_aton() has been replaced by inet_pton();
  self-sent packets are now filtered out.
  The read timeout for pcap_open_live() has been shortened.
  Captured ethernet frames sometimes have extra bytes after the IP
packet. This case is now properly handled.
  The interface is no more switched in promiscous mode.
  MAC addresses are fetched on Solaris and other Solaris portability
improvements have been made, thanks to Richard Bellamy.
  Even in non-preemptive mode, we start to poll for a dead master as
soon as we leave the INIT state.
  Syslog facilities can now be changed through the -f / --syslog switch.

* Version 1.0:
  Finally the first 1.x release :)
  Thanks to everyone for testing every previous snapshot.
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