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UnitTest++ for Ultimate++ README  (Check README.original for sure!)

*** This version of UnitTest++ is almost identical to original, the changes are:

*1* the src/tests/* (UnitTest++ tests) were moved to different package (UnitTestTest)

 Reason (personal preference):

 I'm using TDD this way for my applications, one independent package is the application
itself (or it's module), the other "<package>Test" package contains tests and depends on the
<package> and UnitTest++ package.
 This allows me to easily remove all tests from project (actually I use two different packages
for every application, one contains all Tests packages and UnitTest++, the other is without
tests for release version of application) to make sure the final release build is clean
without any automated tests (if it is not desired to contain tests).

 With Ultimate++ powerful packages philosophy you can share all packages between those two
main packages (w/ test, w/o tests), only the application entry point has to differ, the one
with tests must call "UPP::SetExitCode( UnitTest::RunAllTests() );" (for CONSOLE_APP_MAIN).
 So you work all the time in the main package with tests, doing the TDD very likely, and
whenever you feel your application should already do something, switch to the release package,
hit compile & run, and see the real application to cra^H^H^Hrun instead of tests.

 Also in your projects only UnitTest++ package is included, not the UnitTestTest, so you don't
run tests over UnitTest++ code itself. (which is good as long as you don't change it's code)

 If you need to change anything in UnitTest++, of course switch to UnitTestTest package, and
start by adding new test.

*2* TimeHelpers.h and .cpp files renamed to TimeHelpersPosix and TimeHelpersWin32

 Reason ( ):
 The two files with identical name in the same package cause havoc to Ultimate++ build process.
As there's no way to omit single file from build according to target platform, it was easier
to rename files and compile both (with appropriate #ifdef which will inhibit content of that
unwanted one).

*3* Other minor changes described in this topic on forums:

 Reason (mostly personal preference and the need to make it work under Ultimate++)

*** know issues:

*A* in release mode the tests from different test packages are not linked in final executable.
The trick to make it work is to include empty "void packagename_cppname(void) {}" in every .cpp
file with tests in test packages.
Than in main AllTests package in the CONSOLE_APP_MAIN call all those empty functions, this will
force build process to link also all tests into final executable.
 I use macro
#define RUN_IN_RELEASE(x) extern void x(); x()
 And in main:
 RUN_IN_RELEASE( packagename_cppname );

 As my number of cpp files with tests grow slowly, I don't mind too much adding with every new
file the new RUN_IN_RELEASE line in CONSOLE_APP_MAIN function, and the empty function at the
start of new cpp file.

 If you work with tests only in debug mode (not recommended), the tests will get linked
automagically without this hack.

*B* the test "CrashingTestsAreReportedAsFailures" (UnitTestTest\TestTest.cpp line 64) is not
run at all under MINGW, and in MSC8 debug it does crash the program and TheIDE reports
exception, instead of failed test and application continuing in test run.

 Author of "ultimatized" flavor of UnitTest++: Peter "Ped" Helcmanovsky
 Do you want to contact me?
 Replace one character in this string: "" to get my e-mail.
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