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uptodate - Uptodate helps you to keep your system uptodate…  more info»


uptodate allows you to trace the versions of everything which has a version

uptodate is powerful and user friendly command line tool which helps you to
know when a new version is available. It searches for new versions in a web
page, a ftp directory, etc, and shows you added and removed version since the
last search. If you update some softs by hand, if you are a package maintainer,
or if you simply want to know when the new version of your favorite game (or
everything else with a version) is out, uptodate is for you !

To be able to search for new versions, you must ask uptodate to add a
module to his config. For example, if you want to search zope's new
version, you can do:

   uptodate auto zope \ \
uptodate auto try to find a regular expression which will be used
to find new versions. Most of the time, you don't need to find regular
expression; uptodate do it for you.
uptodate auto command need informations to find versions:
 + a name
 + the url where it will search version
 + the current version number

If uptodate auto can't find a regular expression, or if the regular
expression isn't good enough for you, you can use uptodate add :

   uptodate add zope \ \
      'Download Zope (.{1,10})\s*</a>'
arguments are the same, but the third is regular expression instead of 

You can now check for new versions with

   uptodate check zope

it will display something like:

   zope: '2.7.4' removed.
   zope: '2.7.5' added.

if versions found in the text have changed.

To be automatically warned for new versions, add the following line in
your crontab (crontab -e):

    01 20 * * * uptodate check -aA

It will search new versions each nigth, and you will receive an email
if a new version is be avaible.

uptodate let you use more command than add and check. Try 

	 uptodate --help

to have details. It also supports bash completion, so you can use
"uptodate <tab>" or "uptodate command <tab>" to list avaible options,
commands and modules.

+ InsightToolkit, from sourceforge downlod page :
uptodate auto InsightToolkit \
	 '' \

+ jpackage non free files, from a ftp folder :
uptodate auto jpackage \ \

+ jpackage releases, from a ftp forlder :
uptodate auto jpackage-release \ \

+ tailor, from a darcs repository on a web site :
uptodate auto tailor-test \ \

+ make test
+ what you want to add here. Feel free to send patch (see below)

get archive from website, unpack it, change to unpacked directory, and run

    python install

You can also choose to build a rpm package

    rpmbuild -ta uptodate-0.3.tar.bz2
    rpm -i uptodate-0.3-1.noarch.rpm

Or if you are using mandriva, just use urpmi

    urpmi uptodate

+ required:
  python >= 2.3

+ optional

AUTHOR: Gaetan Lehmann




uptodate source code is available in a Darcs repository.
Fill free to get it with

     darcs get --partial

and to send me patches with

    darcs send

happy uptodating :o)
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