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uuidd - helper daemon to guarantee uniqueness of time-based UUIDs…  more info»


UUIDD(8)                                                    UUIDD(8)

       uuidd - UUID generation daemon

       uuidd [ -d ] [ -p pidfile ] [ -s socketpath ] [ -T timeout ]

       uuidd [ -r | -t ] [ -n number ] [ -s socketpath ]

       uuidd -k

       The uuidd daemon is used by the UUID library to generate uni‐
       versally unique identifiers  (UUIDs),  especially  time-based
       UUIDs, in a secure and guaranteed-unique fashion, even in the
       face of large numbers of threads running  on  different  CPUs
       trying to grab UUIDs.

       -d     Run uuidd in debugging mode.  This prevents uuidd from
              running as a daemon.

       -k     If currently a uuidd daemon is running, kill it.

       -n number
              When issuing  a  test  request  to  a  running  uuidd,
              request a bulk response of number UUIDs.

       -p pidfile
              Specify  the  pathname  where  the  pid file should be
              written.  By default,  the  pid  file  is  written  to

       -s socketpath
              Specify  the  pathname used for the unix-domain socket
              used by uuidd.   By  default,  the  pathname  used  is
              /var/lib/libuuid/request.    This   is  primarily  for
              debugging purposes, since the pathname  is  hard-coded
              in the libuuid library.

       -r     Test  uuidd  by  trying  to connect to a running uuidd
              daemon and request it to return a random-based UUID.

       -t     Test uuidd by trying to connect  to  a  running  uuidd
              daemon and request it to return a time-based UUID.

       -T timeout
              Specify a timeout for uuidd.  If specified, then uuidd
              will exit after timeout seconds of inactivity.

       -q     Turn on quiet flag.

       The   uuidd   daemon    was   written   by   Theodore    Ts'o

       uuidd  is  part  of libuuid from the e2fsprogs package and is
       available from

       uuid(3), uuidgen(1)

E2fsprogs version 1.39        May 2006                      UUIDD(8)
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