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varkon for Debian


  Varkon version 1.18A is not fully compatible with previous versions
  of Varkon. You cannot use MBO-or RES-files from 1.17D or earlier.
  MBS files are compatible.

* Personal configuration

  For very basic configuration call `varkon --config'. For more
  advanced fiddling copy `/etc/varkon/varkonrc' to
  `$HOME/.varkon/varkonrc' and `/etc/varkon/cnf/ini/<your
  language>/linux' to `$HOME/.varkon/cnf/ini/<your
  language>/linux'. Change both appropriately.

* Supplied Examples

  If you want to use the supplied examples in
  `/usr/varkon/doc/examples' please start varkon with the --expl
  option. If you prefer a manual installation copy them to the
  appropriate directories, unzip them and change the paths in the
  `pid/*.PID' files.

* Documentation/Manual

  Install the debian packages `varkon-user-manual' and
  `varkon-programmer-manual' and open `/usr/share/doc/varkon/man/man.htm'
  with your favourite browser.

* Changes to original installation

  Split up the big monolithic varkon block to follow the FHS.

  Wrote a new startup script which sources a system and a user
  initialisation file.

  Compiled with ODBC support. (Thanks to Richard Sheppard!) This is not
  yet reflected in varkon's manuals.

* Homepage


* Mailing lists

  There exists a Varkon-discuss mailing list at:
  You can subscribe to it at
  or view the archives at:

* Personal stuff

  Thanks to Balbir Thomas, who kicked my ass to get this beast included
  into Debian ;-) Now we maintain varkon together even though we have
  to find an efficient way to do it.

 -- Stephan Helma <>, Thu,  9 Dec 2004 21:59:14 +0100
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