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vdr-plugin-lcr - VDR plugin: Displays telephone rates on OSD…  more info»


This is a Least Cost Routing plugin for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by:                  theonlychriss

Project's homepage:

Latest version available at:

See the file COPYING for license information.
See the file CONTRIBUTORS for a list of persons that have contributed to this
plugin and who I want to thank for that.


VDR & internet & perl (LWP::Simple, HTML::Parser) & lynx
- IMPORTANT: The retrieved tariff data may only be used by this plugin
  showing the logo and the URL as their source.


Least Cost Routing is a plugin that displays information about the lowest
rates for telephoning AT THE MOMENT on the osd. It retrieves its data from
"" and displays them in a table on the osd.
For the retrieval an additional (perl) script is needed (

The plugin is based on the well known femon-plugin by Rolf Ahrenberg.
I used it as a template and added/removed functionality to my needs.
So, there's VERY special thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg!


ChanUp/ChanDn - Switch channel up/down
0-9           - Select one destination out of the destinations choosable
                in the plugin's setup menu (detail-view)
Back          - Exit plugin / if displaying a detail-view, display the startscreen
Ok            - Exit plugin
if "Highlight entry" and/or "Display on lcdproc & co." is enabled
(do this in the plugin's setup):
Up            - highlight/display entry above
Down          - highlight/highlight entry beyond


cd /put/your/path/here/VDR/PLUGINS/src
tar -xzf /put/your/path/here/vdr-lcr-X.Y.Z.tgz
ln -s lcr-X.Y.Z lcr
cd /put/your/path/here/VDR
make plugins
./vdr -P lcr

For the additional perl script you may have to install (if not yet done)
HTML::Parser and
LWP::Simple (included in libwww-perl)
to make it work.
Open cpan-shell:
and then install them by:
cpan> install LWP::Simple
cpan> install HTML::Parser

"" has to be placed in your path (e.g. /usr/bin/).
You can add your own provider-parsers. Please see ""
for details.

"-S" resp. "--script" to change the retrieval script's location and/or name.
-S /path/to/the/retrieval_script
to the command for starting vdr; where retrieval_script is the
actual script-file (full absolute path).

- The zoom-in effect bridges the time gap until the data has been
  completely retrieved. With my CPU (PIII 1,2GHz) the effect looks nice,
  but I do not know how it looks like on slower CPUs (except for my client
  with a PII 266MHz - it's damn slow, so I deactivated the effect).
- There's a shrinked default OSD height for NTSC users: make LCR_NTSC=1
  (This I simply adopted from femon - as I do not have a NTSC-TV I cannot
  tell if it is working correctly.)
- As I mainly code in java, forgive me for the rudimental perl script.
  However, it works and that is most important.
- If Teltarif changes the output of their results of their pda-data
  (, this may have unpredictable effects on the
  detail-pages. In such cases the sed-command must be adjusted accordingly
  (at the end of
- I have added an icon for the vdr-skin DeepBlue in the directory "skins".
  In the file "" of the DeepBlue-skin-directory you will have to add the line
  "<image x="0" y="0" path="images/menu/menuitems/lcr.png" alpha="200" condition="equal({MenuCurrent:clean},plugin('lcr'))"/>"
  to the menuitem-section (at lines about 210-230).

- nothing at the moment ;-)
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