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vdr-plugin-skinelchi - VDR plugin: Elchi VDR Skin-Plugin…  more info»


This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by: _Frank_
	    based on:
	    - original-skins of vdr
	    - Elchi for vdr 1.2.6 and enElchi/Elchi for text2skin
	    - osdimage from brougs78

Project's homepage:

Latest version available at:

See the file COPYING for license information.

Description: is a skin-Plugin for vdr >= 1.3.18

skinelchi is a combination of skin and plugin, some options are not available at
"setup"->"osd", some only available at "setup"->"plugins"->"skinelchi".

    There are some options in MAKEFILE:
    1. HAVE_IMAGEMAGICK = 1 # uncomment this, if you have ImageMagick and want see pictures from epg4vdr
     - to support pictures from epg4vdr
     - you must also select the option in "setup"->"plugins"->"skinelchi"
     - you can select between 120x90 (original) - i think it is too little -
       and 180x144 - here can you also select the algorithm for resize
    2. VIDEOSTATUS = 1 # only experimentell - uncomment this, if you want some infos of videostatus in DisplayChannel and DisplayReplay
    3. DVB_OLDER_20050331 = 1 # - uncomment this, if you have define VIDEOSTATUS = 1 and have dvb-driver before 2005-03-31
    4. DEBUG = 1 # for syslog commandline-options, thread in DisplayMenu.c, epgimages, and several calls
    - uncomment the needed options.


    -c DIR,         --icache=DIR         optional path for epgimages
					 (default: '/video/epgimages')
       (only available if HAVE_IMAGEMAGICK = 1 defined in MAKEFILE)

    -l PathToLogos, --logos=PathToLogos  optional path for XPM channel logos
					 (default: '<configDir>/skinelchi/logos')
    (if use a directory-option then this setting in setup only show)

    - several options - i think they are self-descripted
    - on color-changing be careful - maybe some areas defined more colors as
      the osd-areas included - can be, must define some equal colors

    - Only color-changing is stored in setup if you call setup from main-menu
      and leave setup with <OK>
      (but the changes works until next restart)
      -> the other setup options will be only stored, if you
      you call "setup"->"plugins"->"skinelchi" and leave it with <OK>
    - someone (on vdr-wiki) reported restarts with c++ 2.95 and version 0.0.1h
      with option HAVE_IMAGEMAGICK= 1 and vdr 1.3.23, when he call
      - i can't fix it, because i have a problem with ImageMagick/vdr and
        c++ 2.95
        (with gcc3.0 this works on my system)
FAQ: Q: Why I have a blank entry in main menu? (vdr-wiki)
     A: You have select the setup-option "Show in main menu", but you have
        delete the default entry under "Main menu entry"
	-> must define a name

     Q: I have select "Show pictures of epg", but no picture is show. Why?
     A: To show pictures another defined osd must used.
        If you uses a unmodified DVB-card, maybe thats not possible to create
	the needed areas, then you must define osd in "setup"->"osd" a little
	smaller, because a 4-bit-area needs more memory as a 2-bit-area.
	Maybe I changed this in future, that only epg-info-window will be
	Now this should be fixed, epg-area will be drawed smaller if needed.
     Q: Why I have transparent background in some areas of menu?
     A: You must change entry "Transparent" in files Elchi_Plugin-*.theme of
        skin. It must be "00000000", other values was set in older version
	of skin.

TODO: please report bugs/problems and something to make it better
      on OR
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