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Q: Setting the language for VDRAdmin-AM does not work. What can I do?
A: There are some things to check:
    - Check if "perl -V:d_setlocale" prints "d_setlocale='define';".
		  If it doesn't contact your Linux distributor.
		  LANGUAGE *must* be empty so that you can set the language
			in VDRAdmin-AM's configuration menu. If it's not empty VDRAdmin-AM
			will *always* use that language if it supports it or English if
			it doesn't support it.
			LANG and/or LC_ALL are used if you set the language to "System
			default" in VDRAdmin-AM.

Q: I don't get a picture in "Watch TV"!
A: This feature uses VDR's "GRAB" SVDRP command that requires a Full-Featured
   DVB card or an output plugin that implements the GRAB command.
	 In VDRAdmin-AM you can use the "Commands" menu to check if grabbing works
	 in VDR. Execute "grab -". If it returns "Grab image failed" your VDR can't
	 grab and you can't watch TV in VDRAdmin-AM.

Q: Can I run VDRAdmin-AM on Windows?
A: Yes, have a look at
   (German language only).
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