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*** CHANGES OF VFlib ***

VFlib 3.6.14  25 Feb 2006
   * Enhanced vflmkcaptex for searching dvips config files.  
   * Upgrade to T1Lib 5.1.

VFlib 3.6.13  1 Nov 2001
   * Improved vflimkcaptex to read to obtain device resolution.
   * Bug fix of vflimkcaptex.
   * Fixed memory leaks as possible.
   * Upgrade to T1Lib 1.3.
   * Fixed memory allocaion bug in texfonts.c.

VFlib 3.6.10 
   * Added vflmkcaptex to generate vflibcap file for TeX DVI ware.
   * Improvement of type1 driver.
   * Improvement of virtual font driver.
   * Tested with T1Lib 1.1.1
   * Tested on FreeBSD 4.3

VFlib 3.6.5  27 December 1999
   * Bug fix of src/ccv.c and src/defaults.c.

VFlib 3.6.4  9 December 1999
   * Tested with T1Lib 1.0.0 for Type1 font driver.
   * Added VF_GetVersion().
   * Added vflib-version command in vflserver.
   * Added eKanji font driver. (See
     for details of eKanji fonts.)
   * Added pLaTeX2e macro packages for eKanji fonts. (See ascii-jtex/eKanji/)
   * Added mojikyo-mapper font driver to access mojikyo font files
     by 'mojikyo code'.

VFlib 3.6.3  28 November 1999
   * Tested with FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris 2.5.1/SPARC. Improved portability.
   * Fixed wrong version numbering and installation directory of runtime files.

VFlib 3.6.2  19 November 1999
   * Changed RPM spec file,, and some scripts for Linux.
   * System dependent code is improved for Linux.

VFlib 3.6.1  16 November 1999
   * Changed drv_jtex.c to return empty bitmap when a character of subfont
     does not exist.

VFlib 3.6.0  28 October 1999
   * Added `VFlib3-config' script to obtain installed VFlib 3 information,
     such as required external libs (FreeType/T1Lib/kpathsea), version 
     number, etc.     
   * Added SPEC file for Linux RPM packaging.
   * A script file 'run-conf' is renamed to 'configure-site', for typical
   * Added 'make-missing-glyph' capablity for PK and GF font class.
     If a glyph file is missing and source file for the font in metafont
     code exists, run the matafont program to generate glyph on the fly.
   * Now OFM (Omega font metric) file level 0 is supported. OFM files
     are handled by tfm font class and they can be used exactly the same
     as traditional TFM files in VFlib.
   * Type 1 driver with T1Lib 0.9.2 seems to work fine now. Changed default
     vflibcap files to check and use Type 1 fonts, if available, before 
     checking PK and GF fonts.
   * Improved PK, GF, and VF font class not to open a corresponding TFM 
     file if unnecessary.
   * Added more CCV files. Added multiple encoding names in CCV files.
   * Added more ADJ files for adjusting metrics of Japanese Kanji characters.
   * Added JIS X 0212 (Supplementary Kanji Character Set) support for
     pLaTeX2e, a localized latex2e for Japanese text. 
     See `ascii-jtex/HojoKanji/00README'.
   * Support for Mojikyo fonts. (Mojikyo font is a set of more than 
     90 thousand Kanji characters.)  See ascii-jtex/Mojikyo/. 
     See also for downloading fonts.
   * Added an ad-hoc solution in TrueType font driver to handle 
     JIS X 0212 fonts with non-standard encoding such that 
     row 47 is empty and followed rows are shifted by one.
     (That is, Kanjis in row 48 of JIS X 0212 appeard in row 49 in such 
     fonts.) Added "jisx0212-row47-empty-sjis" capability to enable 
     this feature. See the manual.
   * Upgrade to GNU Libtool 1.3.3 and GNU Autoconf 2.13. 
   * Bug fix of `vfl2bdf'.

VFlib 3.5.6  16 Feb 1999
   * IMPORTANT: Now configure script requires explicit command line 
     options to use Kpathsea, FreeType, and T1Lib. (See also 'run-conf'
   * Added to change runtime directory by environment variables.
     VFLIB_RUNTIME_DIRECTORY for the root of runtime directory, 
     for vflibcap directory.
   * Improved the Type 1 font driver not to open the same font more than once,
     i.e., VFlib fonts that refre to the same type 1 font share the same 
     t1lib font ID to obtain glyphs.
   * Added new feature to read /usr/local/share/VFlib/site/ directory for
     run time files (e.g., vflibcap, *.ccv, *.adj) before 
     /usr/local/share/VFlib/3.x.y/ directory. In the "site" directory
     /usr/local/share/VFlib/site/, no files are installed by VFlib;
     It is a place to put site-created files and they are not overwritten
     by VFlib installation. (No directory hierarchy in site directory,
     different from /usr/local/share/VFlib/3.x.y/ directory; all kind of
     files are placed just under the site directory.)
   * Added encoding conversions for WanSung, Ku-Ten, and EUC. See "src/ccv.c".

VFlib 3.5.5  24 Dec 1998
   * New feature: font file searcing module uses a font file hint database
     ("VFlib.fdb") called FDB file for fast font file search (in case it 
     exists in a font file directory). 
   * Added vflmkfdb program to make a FDB file.
   * TrueType fonr driver opens/closes dynamically font files to limit 
     the number of simultaneously opened files.
   * TrueType font driver ("ttf" font class) supports 
     VF_GetFontBoundingBox1() and VF_GetFontBoundingBox2() operations.
   * TrueType font driver ("ttf" font class) are controled by 
     "VFLIB_TTF_DEBUG" environment variable to print debug information,
     in addition to capability value in vflibcap file.
   * Sample program "hyakubm" and "hyakux11" (in utils/hykau/ directory)
     support mode 1 and 2 for opening font.
   * Fixed a bug in Type 1 driver to obtain font metrics in mode 1 fonts.
     Now TeX DVI previewers of TeX-Guy package can display Computer Modern
     fonts in Type 1 formats.

VFlib 3.5.4  4 Dec 1998
   * Some installation problems are fixed.

VFlib 3.5.3  29 Nov 1998
   * IMPORTANT: Changed shared library versioning scheme.
   * Changed source codes to be compiled by gcc with '-pedantic -ansi' options.
   * Improved compiling utitlity programs using X Window. See X11/ directory.

VFlib 3.5.2  26 Nov 1998
   * Added image.c for image file output. (PBM ASCII, PGM Raw, PGM ASCII,
     EPS are supported for now.)
   * Added VF_GetFontBoundingBox1() and VF_GetFontBoundingBox2() to 
     obtain font bounding box information of an opened font.
   * Added FONTBBX1 and FONTBBX2 command in vflserver.
   * Added --enable-static, --disable-static, --enable-shared, 
     --enable-shared options for configure. By default, static library 
     is not created if the system supports shared libraries. 
     (Thanks to Werner Lemberg.)
   * Virtual Font driver is improved. (Thanks to Werner Lemberg.)
   * Added debug flag control for BDF, PCF, and HBF font drivers
     by an environment variable VFLIB_BDF_DEBUG, VFLIB_PCF_DEBUG, and
     VFLIB_HBF_DEBUG. (Debug flags can be given in vflibcap too.)
     See source code (drv_bdf.c and bdf.c) for detail.

VFlib 3.5.1  7 Sep 1998
   * Improved ascii-jtex-kanji driver. I supports "char-all" directive
     in metric adjustment file.
   * Added several metric adjustment files for the ascii-jtex-kanji driver.

VFlib 3.5.0  1 Sep 1998
   * Changed distribution style. VFlib 3 is now distributed without 
     FreeType, T1Lib, Web2c sources.
   * Added VF_RotatedBitmap() and VF_ReflectedBitmap().
   * Added --with-XXX-includedir=DIR, --with-XXX-libdir=DIR, 
     and --with-XXX=LIB options for configure, where XXX is freetype, 
     t1lib, and kpathsea.
   * Support of vertical writing in ascii-jtex font driver for pTeX.
     It supports glyph rotation to yield glyphs for vertical writing
     from fonts ofr horizontal writing.
     (Unfortunately, rotation is not supported in VF_GetOutline2()
     in ascii-jtex driver.)
   * Japanese comic font driver supports subfont sepecification
     for each character class: symbol, alpha-numeric, Hirakana, Katakana,
     Greek, Cyrillic, Keisen, Kanji.

VFlib 3.4.2  27 July 1998
   * Added --disable-XXX (XXX represents a font driver name) option
     for configure script to exclude unnecessary font drivers.
   * Added Type1 font driver using T1Llib.  It lacks support for
     outline extracting since T1Lib does not have such feature.
     Currently, outlines are created from glyphs.
   * Added the TeX font mapping driver (driver name: "TeX").
   * Added font mapping mechanism in the virtual font (vf) driver. 
     The vf font driver is documented. 
   * Implemented "vfldrvs" which prints a list of installed font drivers.

VFlib 3.4.1  25 June 1998
   * Adopted FreeType 1.1
   * Fixed minor bugs in Makefiles.
   * Added 'ctext2pbm' program in utils directory. 
   * Added 'vflpp' program. (A vflibcap prettyprinter.)
   * Implemented 'try' font driver. 
   * Multiple font filenames can be given in the 'font-file' capability
     for fonts of BDF, PCF, and HBF font classes.
   * Added 'font-directories' capability in font definitions for fonts 
     of BDF, PCF, and HBF font classes.
   * Added VF_BITMAPLIST data type and several functions for the data type.
   * Parameter values in vflibcap by environment variable can be 
     any lisp-syntax object. 

VFlib 3.4.0  25 May 1998
   * Upgraded libtool to version 1.2
   * Upgraded kpathsea to version 3.2 in web2c-7.2.
     (TrueType fonts under the texmf directory can be searched by kpathsea.)
   * Adopted lisp-like syntax for vflibcap.
   * Adopted FreeType version 1.0 for TrueType font driver.
   * API is changed. (Point size is no longer given for VF_GetBitmap.)
   * Ducument is written in TeXinfo format. (See doc/ directory)
   * A paper on VFlib 3.4 is added. (See doc/Paper directory)

VFlib 3.3.0  20 Nov 1997
   * Deleted global font directory list ('font-directories' capability
     in 'VFlib-Defails' entry in vflibcap file).
   * Adopted libtool 1.0.
   * Improved installer.
   * Changed vflibcap file searching.  Now we can omit runtime 
     directory name.  See description for  VF_Init() in doc/api.txt
     for details.

VFlib 3.2.99  20 Oct 1997
   * Changed VFlib API
     --- Several parameters (e.g., maginication, point size) are
       given at font open.
   * Updated documents for the new API.

VFlib 3.2.6  01 Aug 1997
   * A common vflibcap capablility "character-set" for all font classes 
     are deleted.
   * Added dynamic loading of code conversion tables.
     In vflibcap file, a capability "code_conversion_files"
     is added for an entry "VFlibcap-Defaults" to specify a list 
     of file names of code conversion table files.
     Code conversion table files are stored in a directory, for example, 
   * Code conversion routine in TrueType font driver is chaned to
     use dynamic loaded code conversion tables.
   * Changed capability names of TrueType font class:
        * "encoding" is changed to "platform-encoding". (A symbolic name
           of encoding in TrueType font terminology.)
        * "encoding" is added. (An encoding name such as "unicode", "kuten",
          "sjis", etc.)

VFlib 3.2.4  10 July 1997
   * Added virtual font (VF) support. (experimental)
   * Added a feature to override parameter values in vflibcap by
     environment variables (Name of environment variables are
     "VFLIBCAP_PARAM_" followed by parameter names.)
   * Added VF_ClearBitmap() and VF_FillBitmap().

VFlib 3.2.3  28 May 1997
   * Added recursive font file searching.  (e.g., /FOO/BAR//)

VFlib 3.2.2  20 May 1997
   * Compilation and linking by 'klibtool'.

VFlib 3.2.1  12 May 1997
   * Documents are translated in English.
   * 'list' and 'alist' data classes are internally introduced.
   * Name of 'vfx11' is changed as 'vflx11'.
   * A BDF font generator 'vfl2bdf' is implemented.

VFlib 3.2    9 Apr 1997
   * Capability names can be any length.
   * kpathsea 3.0 is adopted to search TeX fonts.
   * A path name of vflibcap file should not be absolute path; a 
     relative path name is now allowed.
   * Introduced parameterized vflibcap feature.
   * Added "pg" capability in texfont driver for an arguent 
     ('program name') of initialization function of kpathsea 
   * Bugs in HBF font driver are fixed.

VFlib 3.1.5  20 Mar 1997
   * Added a feature to specify symbolic names for 'pl' and 'en' 
     capabilities in vflibcap for TrueType font class.

VFlib 3.1.4   7 Mar 1997
   'CHANGES' starts from this version.
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