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2004-05-20  kxu  <>

	* src/sdl/SDL.cpp (sdlPollEvents): added SDL_QUIT event support

2004-05-15  kxu  <>

	* finalized the first release of the GTK+ interface

2004-05-03  kxu  <>

	* src/elf.cpp (elfCleanUp): fix a missing nullify, causing crashes

2004-05-01  kxu  <>

	* added gtkmm 2.4 support

2004-04-25  kxu  <>

	* src/win32/skinButton.cpp: fix skin bugs (patch from Forgotten)

2004-04-19  kxu  <>

	* src/remote.cpp: added support for z2 (delete break on write) so that gdb can use break on write (patch from Ryan Brown)

2004-04-18  kxu  <>

	* fix custom controls to use CS_GLOBALCLASS style and fix the GB map view flickering (patch from Forgotten)

2004-03-30  kxu  <>

	* added the GTK+ interface draft

2004-03-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp: improved memory timing

2004-03-11  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/MainWndFile.cpp: changed import/export battery file to default to battery directory 

2004-03-10  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/DirectSound.cpp (class DirectSound): make destructor virtual to avoid problems when deleting
	* src/win32/Sound.h (class ISound ): make destructor virtual to avoid problems when changing sound quality

2004-03-09  Forgotten  <>

	* src/elf.cpp (elfCleanUp): fix corruption on ELF clean up

2004-03-08  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/MapView.cpp (enableButtons): fix radio button bug using keyboard
	* src/win32/GBMapView.cpp (OnInitDialog): fix radio button bug using keyboard
	* src/win32/MapView.cpp (GetClickAddress): fixes for rot. bgs

2004-02-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/skin.cpp (GetSkinData): allow for JPEG and PNG images to also be loaded

2004-02-24  Forgotten  <>

	* src/admame.cpp: sync code with Scale2x 2.0
	* src/Cheats.cpp (cheatsCheckKeys): improve CodeBreaker 0xDxxxxxxx code support

2004-02-17  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/skinButton.cpp (OnPaint): fix GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
	* src/win32/ZoomControl.cpp (OnPaint): fix GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
	* src/win32/PaletteViewControl.cpp (OnPaint): fix GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
	* src/win32/MemoryViewer.cpp (OnPaint): fix GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
	* src/win32/BitmapControl.cpp (OnDraw): fix GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
	* src/win32/VBA.cpp (winSetLanguageOption): patch for searching for base language dll
	* elf.cpp (elfRead): fix problem caused by previous memory leak fix

2004-02-07  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (main): disable remove intros option
	* src/win32/MainWndOptions.cpp (OnUpdateOptionsEmulatorRemoveintrosgba): disable remove intros option
	* src/win32/MainWnd.cpp: disable remove intros option
	* src/win32/VBA.cpp: fix power management code
	* src/win32/MainWnd.cpp (OnMySysCommand): fix power management code
	* src/win32/MainWndFile.cpp: fix power management code

2004-02-06  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Sound.cpp (soundSetQuality): avoid turning sound on if sound off is checked
	* src/gb/gbSound.cpp (gbSoundSetQuality): avoid turning sound on if sound off is checked
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUSoftwareInterrupt): added SWI call to exit emulator

2004-02-05  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/MainWnd.cpp (FileRun): update battery file more often
	* src/win32/VBA.cpp (system10Frames): update battery file more often
	* src/gb/gbMemory.cpp: update battery file more often
	* src/gb/GB.cpp: update battery file more often
	* src/System.h: update battery file more often
	* src/Sram.cpp (sramWrite): update battery file more often
	* src/SDL.cpp (main): update battery file more often
	* src/GBA.cpp: update battery file more often
	* src/Flash.cpp (flashWrite): update battery file more often
	* src/EEprom.cpp (eepromWrite): update battery file more often

2004-01-30  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/OpenGL.cpp (render): fix memory leak in OpenGL rendering

2004-01-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/gb/gbCodes.h: fix HALT when no matching in IE and IF

2004-01-28  Forgotten  <>

	* src/prof/prof.cpp: fix compile warnings
	* src/win32/MainWndTools.cpp: switch to use structure functions
	* src/win32/MainWndFile.cpp: switch to use structure functions
	* src/win32/VBA.cpp (VBA): use structure instead of individual functions for emulation
	* src/win32/VBA.h (class VBA): use structure instead of individual functions for emulation
	* src/win32/MainWnd.cpp: switch to use structure functions
	* src/System.h: structure for emulator functions
	* src/win32/MainWnd.cpp (FileRun): save rom size for later use
	* src/win32/BugReport.cpp (createReport): include cart save strings to bug report

2004-01-25  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/AboutDialog.cpp (OnInitDialog): fix problem with translator URLs not working correctly and force URL to new site
	* src/win32/MainWndHelp.cpp (OnHelpFaq): update FAQ URL to new site

2004-01-21  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Util.cpp (utilLoad): fix possible memory corruption when loading files with a passed in memory location

2004-01-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Port.h (READ32LE): big endian updates from flea
	* src/GBA.cpp: big endian updates from flea
	* src/Cheats.cpp: big endian updates from flea
	* src/win32/VBA.cpp (VBA): initialize default GB color palette
	* src/win32/Direct3D.cpp (initialize): avoid resetting GB colors set by user
	* src/win32/OpenGL.cpp (initialize): avoid resetting GB colors set by user
	* src/win32/GDIDisplay.cpp (initialize): avoid resetting GB colors set by user
	* src/win32/DirectDraw.cpp (initializeOffscreen): avoid resetting GB colors set by user

2004-01-19  Forgotten  <>

	* src/gb/GB.cpp (gbEmulate): reset the window line before starting a new frame
	* src/elf.cpp (elfRead): fix memory leak
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoadRom): avoid crash with invalid ELF file

2004-01-18  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/FileDlg.cpp (FileDlg): fix problem on 320x240 mode
	* src/win32/ZoomControl.cpp (OnPaint): fix crash on map/oam/tile viewer

2004-01-16  Forgotten  <>

	* win32/GBMemoryViewerDlg.cpp (OnLoad): fixed bug loading memory dump
	* win32/MemoryViewerDlg.cpp (OnLoad): fixed bug loading memory dump

2004-01-15  Forgotten  <>

	* win32/VBA.cpp: store throttle value

2004-01-14  Forgotten  <>

	* win32/VBA.cpp (adjustDestRect): fix multi-mon support
	* win32/FileDlg.cpp (FileDlg): fix problem on VC 7.1
	* win32/MainWnd.cpp (OnActivateApp): fix compile errors on VC 7.1
	* win32/GBCheatsDlg.cpp: fix compile errors on VC 7.1
	* win32/GBACheats.cpp: fix compile errors on VC 7.1
	* bios.cpp: fix compile errors on VC 7.1

2003-09-03  Forgotten  <>

	* src/armdis.cpp: fixed thumb disassembly bug with ldsb and ldrh opcodes

2003-08-23  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateRenderMethod0): return true if render type did not change
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_CpuSet): fixed bug introduced in previous fix
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): fixed slowdown problem introduced in version 1.6

2003-08-09  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUCheckDMA): fix minor DMA problem introduced with previous fixes
	* src/GBA.cpp: fix DMA timings and add DMA hack fix
	* src/Util.cpp (utilGBAFindSave): change search slightly
	* src/agbprint.cpp (agbPrintWrite): return true to avoid warning message
	* src/win32/TileViewer.cpp (OnMapInfo): fixed tile information when in 256 color mode
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): fix bug when initially switching to INI

2003-08-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/TileViewer.cpp (render): fixed TileViewer for 256 color display (incorrect tile and address)

2003-08-01  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): changed default rewind interval to 0 (disabled)
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_CpuFastSet): fixed
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_CpuSet): fixed

2003-07-21  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileMoviePlay): added message when playing movie
	* src/Sound.cpp (soundTick): produce mute sound while in sleep state
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): improve stop state/sleep support

2003-07-19  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateFileMenu): allow customize in fullscreen (not at 320x240 though)

2003-07-18  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/MapView.cpp (renderTextScreen): fixed rendering when 512x512
	* src/win32/MapView.cpp (GetTextClickAddress): fixed click address for text screens when size > 256

2003-07-16  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Sound.cpp (soundEvent): fix sound envelope bug when set to 0

2003-07-15  Forgotten  <>

	* src/TestEmu.cpp (systemGbBorderOn): fixed TestEmu compilation
	* src/SDL.cpp: added save type NONE support
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (helpBugReport): fixed bug with bug report when emulating GB/GBC program

2003-07-13  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Util.cpp (utilGBAFindSave): added enhanced save type detection

2003-07-09  Forgotten  <>
	* src/SDL.cpp: rewind default to disabled
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: rewind default to disabled
	* src/win32/RewindInterval.cpp (OnOk): allow a rewind interval between 0 and 600 seconds - 0 to disable it
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileMoviePlay): put a warning when playing a movie
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUReadState): fix sound problem loading old save states

2003-07-08  Forgotten  <>

	* src/armdis.cpp: fixed thumb disassembly bug
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: fix rewind enable and reset when loading a game
	* src/win32/Reg.cpp (regQueryBinaryValue): fix problem saving binary settings into INI

2003-07-05  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Mode0.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows
	* src/Mode1.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows	
	* src/Mode2.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows
	* src/Mode3.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows
	* src/Mode4.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows
	* src/Mode5.cpp (mode0RenderLineAll): fixed priority between OBJ Win and Windows
2003-07-04  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: menu toggle can have a customizable accelerator
	* src/win32/Commands.cpp: added file toggle menu

2003-07-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: fixed type on pause-when-inactive option

2003-06-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Reg.cpp (regExportSettingsToINI): also exporting settings for viewers

2003-06-28  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (WindowProc): added rewind interval configuration
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_SndDriverJmpTableCopy): simple emulation of function 0x2a

2003-06-26  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added movie version for future updates

2003-06-25  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (helpFAQ): added FAQ menu to take to website

2003-06-24  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (helpBugReport): added bug report option
	* src/SDL.cpp: added rewind support

2003-06-21  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoadRom): speed up loading

2003-06-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/gb/GB.cpp: added rewind support

2003-06-19  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Cheats.cpp (cheatsCheckKeys): added support for slowdown codes
	* src/elf.cpp (elfGetAddressSymbol): fix crash debugging the initialization code

2003-06-17  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp: added rewind support
	* src/Win32.cpp: added rewind support
	* src/Util.cpp: added memory gzip support for rewind

2003-06-15  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Gfx.h (gfxDrawSprites): emulate sprite priority bug
	* src/GBA.cpp: fix for DMA emulation problems

2003-06-13  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: support for automatic SGB border
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (systemGbBorderOn): support for automatic SGB border
	* src/gb/gbSGB.cpp: added support for automatic SGB border
	* src/GBA.cpp: fixed bug with enable/disable layers introduced in version 1.5.1

2003-06-12  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: added sound off/enable support
	* src/VisualBoyAdvance.cfg: added sound off/enable flags
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added auto hide menu support
	* src/GBA.cpp, src/gb/GB.cpp: code cleanup

2003-06-11  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added movie support

2003-06-10  Forgotten  <>

	* GBACheats.cpp: fixed bug with enable/disable cheats

2003-06-08  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Sound.cpp (soundMix): fixed sound ratio problem with DS channels

2003-06-04  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Cheats.cpp (cheatsAdd): fixed bug that changed ROM with some codes

2003-06-03  Forgotten  <>

	* src/RTC.cpp (rtcWrite): fixed problem on last day of the month

2003-06-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: changed pause when inactive default to false

2003-05-28  Forgotten  <>

	* src/arm-new.h: added PowerPC assembly code contributed by Jeffrey Lim
	* src/thumb.h: added PowerPC assembly code contributed by Jeffrey Lim

2003-05-26  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/skin.cpp: make skin region optional
	* src/Cheats.cpp (cheatsCheckKeys): extra AR support
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (systemReadJoypad): disallow L+R,U+D to be pressed together
	* src/SDL.cpp (systemReadJoypad): disallow L+R,U+D to be pressed together

2003-05-22  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Cheats.cpp: add support for AR codes (thanks P.S.)

2003-05-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/skinButton.cpp (OnMouseLeave): try to detect when mouse is not over button better

2003-05-14  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/OpenGL.cpp: fix fullscreen problem
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: fix stretch to fit problem
	* src/win32/Direct3D.cpp: fix stretch to fit problem
	* src/win32/GDIDisplay.cpp: fix speed display

2003-05-13  Forgotten  <>

	* src/VisualBoyAdvance.cfg: changed separator to equal sign
	* src/win32/Wnd.cpp: added default and create message support
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (WindowProc): update menu with accelerators when changing modes
	* src/win32/Commands.cpp (winAccelGetID): added method to retrieve accelerator IDs and minimize function
	* src/win32/skin.cpp: added button support and error messages
	* src/win32/skinButton.cpp: created

2003-04-24  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/AcceleratorManager.cpp (Load): allow user to delete the default accelerators
	* src/win32/WriteAVI.cpp (SetSoundFormat): added sound support
	* src/Mode5.cpp: minor rendering optimization
	* src/Mode4.cpp: minor rendering optimization
	* src/Mode3.cpp: minor rendering optimization
	* src/Mode2.cpp: minor rendering optimization
	* src/Mode1.cpp: minor rendering optimization	
	* src/Mode0.cpp: minor rendering optimization
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUUpdateRenderBuffers): minor rendering improvement

2003-04-19  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): fixed Gameboy Printer initialization
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (WindowProc): fixed popup menu problem on Win 95/98/Me (unimplemented Unicode functions)
	* src/win32/AcceleratorManager.cpp (UpdateMenu): take into account Win 95/98/Me

2003-04-15  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/skin.cpp (Hook): moved SetWindowRgn to after resizing and style change

2003-04-07  Forgotten  <>

	* VBA:  too many changes to detail...

2003-02-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added throttle support
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUUpdateRegister): fixed some wrong timer assumption (bad copy/paste)

2003-01-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: use registry or INI to store settings
	* src/win32/Reg.cpp: use registry or INI to store settings
	* src/win32/AcceleratorManager.cpp: use Reg.cpp to store settings

2003-01-25  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (WindowProc): minimize problem when minimizing emulator in fullscreen mode and filter is active
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateLayersMenu): added support to enable/disable GB/GBC layers

2003-01-21  Forgotten  <>

	* src/elf.cpp (elfReadProgram): added support for DW_FORM_strp
	* src/interframe.cpp: added missing EMMS instructions to GCC inline assembly
	* src/admame.cpp: added missing EMMS instructions to GCC inline assembly

2003-01-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): fixed disable SFX flag not being read

2003-01-18  Forgotten  <>

	* src/gb/GB.cpp (gbEmulate): changed interface with emulator for joypad
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): changed interface with emulator for joypad
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added support for multiple joypad configuration

2003-01-14  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): fixed problem when video mode was never selected

2003-01-13  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: show detailed speed data
	               added auto frameskip support
	               CTRL+F to toggle fullscreen

2003-01-12  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added some debugging for DDRAW and DINPUT
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: changed rendering when menu is active with triple buffering

2003-01-11  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): set emulation speed value
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added support for fullscreen speed display
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: support for triple buffering in fullscreen mode
	* src/gb/GB.cpp (gbEmulate): set emulation speed value
	* src/SDL.cpp: added support for fullscreen speed display

2003-01-08  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (systemMessage): fixed problem displaying error messages in fullscreen mode
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added support to other resolutions for fullscreen mode

2003-01-05  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (detectMMX): added support for AMD CPUs
	* src/win32/TileViewer.cpp: now shows all tiles in 256 mode
	* src/elf.cpp (elfCleanUp): fixed crash when reloading an ELF file
	* src/win32/Commands.cpp: added interframe blending commands
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added interframe blending support
	* src/SDL.cpp: added interframe blending support

2003-01-03  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added bilinear filter support
	* src/SDL.cpp: added bilinear filter support

2002-12-11  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Flash.cpp (flashSetSize): fixed reversed device ID and manufacturer ID

2002-12-09  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileExportGSASnapshot): change default title to internal name
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (WindowProc): added sound volume option
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateFileMenu): allow pausing even if not emulating yet
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added AVI writing support

2002-12-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Commands.cpp: added missing options
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateFilter): added 32-bit mode support for Kreed filters
	* src/SDL.cpp (main): added 32-bit mode support for Kreed filters
	* src/2xSaI.cpp (Scale_2xSaI): added 32-bit mode support

2002-12-01  Forgotten  <>

	* src/tvmode.cpp (TVMode32): 32-bit mode support
	* src/simple2x.cpp (Simple2x32): 32-bit mode support
	* src/pixel.cpp (Pixelate32): 32-bit mode support
	* src/motionblur.cpp (MotionBlur32): 32-bit mode support
	* src/admame.cpp (AdMame2x32): 32-bit mode support
	* src/SDL.cpp (systemDrawScreen): added support for filters in 32-bit mode
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateFilter): added support for filters in 32-bit mode

2002-11-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/Sound.cpp (soundMix): respect sound rations for CGB and DS
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoadRom): fill memory to simulate no cartridge connected

2002-11-28  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): renamed arm-new.cpp and thumb.cpp to .h

2002-11-27  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileOpen): add option for no IPS patching
	* src/SDL.cpp (main): add option for no IPS patching

2002-11-26  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoadRom): check for memory allocation error
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUWriteBatteryFile): fixed error message when failed to write battery file

2002-11-25  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (systemSoundInit): correct sound type for big endian systems
	* src/Gfx.h (gfxDrawSprites): fixed big endian problem with rotation sprites
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_MidiKey2Freq): small clean up on logging
	* src/win32/MemoryViewer.cpp (setCaretPos): show current edit address
	* src/win32/MemoryViewer.cpp (OnLoad): added load/save memory support
	* src/win32/RomInfo.cpp (OnInitDialog): fixed bug showing maker code/name in some old GB roms

2002-11-24  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp: added flag for help and configuration file

2002-11-23  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/GBACheats.cpp: cleaned up some unused stuff 
	* src/SDL.cpp: added support for long options
	* src/Flash.cpp: added support for 128K Flash (thanks DesktopMan)
	* src/GBA.cpp: added support for 128K Flash 	

2002-11-21  Forgotten  <>

	* src/gb/gbSGB.cpp: fixed big endian problems
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (updateVideoMenu): fixed missing check marks on layers menu

2002-11-20  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (main): added profiling support
	* src/GBA.cpp: added profiling support
	* src/prof/prof.cpp: added profiling support

2002-11-14  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (systemWriteDataToSoundBuffer): remove test code that causes slowdown

2002-11-13  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (sdlFindPreferences): improve search for configuration file

2002-11-12  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (sdlReadPreferences): fixed incorrect variable being used for saveType
	(main): removeIntros was not being used
	(main): apply IPS patch automatically if it exists
	* src/Util.cpp (utilApplyIPS): added IPS patching code
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileOpen): apply IPS patch automatically if it exists	

2002-11-07  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (main): fixed crash when trying load file that does not exist
	* src/SDL.cpp (systemUpdateMotionSensor): implemented motion sensor for the SDL version

2002-11-06  Forgotten  <>

	* src/elf.cpp: fix wrong usage of CPUReadMemory
	* src/admame.cpp: fixed incorrect #ifdef usage
	* added test for socklen_t type
	* src/remote.cpp: fix problem compiling in some systems
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPULoop): added support for movement sensor
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUReset): added support for selecting save type available

2002-11-05  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/DirectoriesDlg.cpp (browseForDir): fix bug when changing directory using the Browse button

2002-11-04  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUUpdateRegister): do not change timer data when writting to register TMxD. Only a restart or overflow will change the value

2002-11-02  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUWriteGSASnapshot): Compute CRC of save

2002-10-31  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUWriteGSASnapshot): fixed a few bytes in the snapshot
	* src/Sound.cpp (soundEvent): fixed envelope reload bugs
	* src/bios.cpp (BIOS_MidiKey2Freq): Added method (user contribution)
	* src/Gfx.h: fixed problems in big endian machines

2002-10-29  Forgotten  <>

	* src/thumb.cpp: fixed bugs in C core 

2002-10-28  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUSoftwareInterrupt): improved message about BIOS calls that are not emulated and need a BIOS file
	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUInit): fix bug setting reable IO positions

2002-10-27  Forgotten  <>

	* src/SDL.cpp (sdlReadPreferences): Fixed warning if MMX not in use when reading the configuration file
	* src/SDL.cpp (main): Fixed crash if BIOS file not specified correctly
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: Support for higher frameskip 
	* src/SDL.cpp: Support for higher frameskip 

2002-10-26  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: Add 800x600 support 

2002-10-25  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (fileExportGSASnapshot): added code
	* src/win32/ExportGSASnapshot.cpp: Created dialog 
	* src/win32/Commands.cpp: Added new menu options

2002-10-24  Forgotten  <>

	* src/GBA.cpp (CPUReadGSASnapshot): Now skipping notes if they exist

2002-10-23  Forgotten  <>

	* src/win32/Win32.cpp (initApp): remember freeze recent list flag

2002-10-22  Forgotten  <>
	* win32/.cvsignore: added output directories and MSVC files to ignore
	* src/win32/.cvsignore: Added vba.aps to ignore list	
	* src/TestEmu.cpp (systemPauseOnFrame): Added missing return statement
	* INSTALL: Updated GCC requirements
	* src/win32/Win32.cpp: added flag to freeze recent list
	* src/win32/vba.rc: added flag to freeze recent list
	* Initial Public Version

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