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It's important to note that once a toplevel is saved as a tclet, it is
altered by the process and cannot be reloaded back into Visual Tcl.

A few examples

combo.tcl        -  a combination of all geometry managers
draw.tcl         -  a sample drawing application (10 min)
grid.tcl         -  a sample grid geometry layout
simple.tcl       -  from the web page (2 min)
tclets.html      -  browser loader file for tclets
tclet-combo.tcl  -  tclet version of combo example
tclet-draw.tcl   -  tclet version of draw example
tclet-grid.tcl   -  tclet version of grid example
tclet-simple.tcl -  tclet version of simple example

ex1_cmpd.tcl     -  example user compounds containing a draw-tool compound

images           -  directory of gifs required for draw demo on versions
                    of tk before 8.0 (demo now has embedded gifs).

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