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Wah!Cade is a clone of the excellent MameWAH (
front-end for the M.A.M.E. emulator (and others too).

Why clone MameWAH?  Because Wah!Cade works on GNU/Linux :o)

Please read the quick setup guide on the wahcade website:

* See the KEYS file for info on keyboard commands

* Wah!Cade uses MameWAH's config system, so if you have an existing MameWAH setup you can use
  a copy of it's various config files.  If so, you'll need to copy the following directories
  from an existing MameWAH installation into the ~/.wahcade directory:
       * ctrlr
       * files (optional)
       * ini
       * layouts
  See the INI_FILES file for more information.  Reading up on current MameWAH
  documention might help too.

* When running wahcade for the first time, it can be a little slow as
  it needs to peruse the huge mameinfo.xml file and create its initial
  game lists & filters.

* You can use a mameinfo.dat file instead of the preferred xml format, but be
  warned - it's much, much, *much* slower

* Some nice skins for MameWAH / Wah!Cade can be found at:

* to get movies to work, set the movie_preview_path and movie_artwork_no
  entries in ~/.wahcade/ini/<emu_name>.ini

* to mute movies, set the movie_volume entry to 0 in ~/.wahcade/wahcade.ini

* Any fonts that a layout requires should be installed first (e.g. for Gnome users,
  copy the font files into your ~/.fonts directory).

* Check the forums too:

Running Wah!Cade
to run Wah!Cade:
to run the Layout Editor:
to run the Setup Editor:
or, if you're running from the source directory:
    cd /path/to/wahcade

wahcade options:
  --version          show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -w, --window       Set windowed mode
  -f, --full-screen  Set fullscreen mode
  -d, --debug        Set debug mode (disables pysco)

* you need to change your desktop resolution to match your chosen layout if you
  want full-screen wah!cade to look right.

Thanks to:
    * Obviously, a huge thanks to Minwah for MameWAH (
      and for letting me include some of the default MameWAH config files and layouts
      in the wah!cade package.
    * Buks for artwork, testing & suggestions.
    * Robbforce for the Arch-Linux port, FreeBSD news, bug reports and suggestions. 
    * Sylvan Faveau, Settler, Mike Crawford, Mike Schwartz, nellistic, 3NF,   
      Bob Clough, Jim Merullo, Jose Herran & more for patches, bug reports and patience.
    * The translators: SeTTleR, Nicolás Álvarez. Sylvan Faveau and Daniel Nylander.
    * all the M.A.M.E. developers (
    * all the x.mame developers (

Supported OS
Wah!Cade has been tested on:
* Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn" 7.04 / xmame 0.106
I've also had reports of it working on Arch, Debian (etch), Gentoo, FreeBSD, 
Mac OS X and Windows. YMMV.

Check the Wah!Cade Forums:
If you have any bug reports, suggestions, features, patches or comments then
please contact me at the address below...

Wah!Cade is Copyright (c) 2008 Andy Balcombe
  email: wahcade at anti-particle dot com

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