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british-english-small(5)    Users' Manual   british-english-small(5)

       british-english-small - a list of English words

       /usr/share/dict/british-english-small  is an ASCII file which
       contains an alphabetic list of words, one per line.

       There may be any number of word  lists  in  /usr/share/dict/.
       /etc/dictionaries-common/words is a symbolic link to the cur‐
       rently-chosen        /usr/share/dict/<language>         file.
       /usr/share/dict/words  is  a symbolic link to /etc/dictionar‐
       ies-common/words, and is the name  by  which  other  software
       should  refer  to  the system word list.  See select-default-
       wordlist(8) for more information, and/or to change  the  cur‐
       rently-chosen word list.

       The directory /usr/share/dict can contain word lists for many
       languages, with  name  of  the  language  in  English,  e.g.,
       /usr/share/dict/french   and  /usr/share/dict/danish  contain
       respectively lists of French and Danish words if they  exist.
       Such lists should be coded using the ISO 8859-1 character set

       ispell(1),  select-default-wordlist(8),  and  the  Filesystem
       Hierarchy Standard.

       The  words  lists are not specific, and may be generated from
       any number of sources.

       The system word list used to be /usr/dict/words.  For compat‐
       ibility,    software    should   check   that   location   if
       /usr/share/dict/words does not exist.

       Word lists are collected and maintained by  various  authors.
       The  Debian  English  word  lists  are  built  from the SCOWL
       (Spell- Checker Oriented Word Lists) package, whose  upstream
       editor is Kevin Atkinson <>.

Debian                      16 June 2003    british-english-small(5)
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