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* Improve alsa latency handler and document the -alsa-latency parameter
* Improve alsa handling, fixing a cut and past error that causes
  breakages with some cards
* Improve audio parameters detection
* fix build with ld --as-needed --no-copy-dt-needed


* Man fix to remove mention of v4l1, and describe libv4l instead
* Fixes at fr/es manuals
* Warning fixes
* Addition of alsa streaming at xawtv: now, for devices with video
  associated with audio inputs.
* Use X11 editres, instead of its on version, based on a port from
  a motif library released under a licence that is not GPL compatible
* Add auto-detection logic for xawtv: by default, it will now seek for
  the first TV device. If not available, fall back to the first grabber
* Add auto-detection logic for scanv: by default, it will now seek for
  the first TV device. If not available, fails.
* Add optional support for libexplain at the v4l2/libv4l driver.
  Libexplain provides a  more complete explanation for the error codes,
  helping developers to better track what's happened.
* Don't expose tuner commands, on devices that are grabber or  webcams
  at xawtv.


* Update to the latest version of videodev2.h (kernel 2.6.38)
* console/v4l-info: Fix control detection


* Check the return value properly in debug print as well
* fbtools: close file properly
* use "dev/vbi0" instead of "dev/vbi" etc
* MoTV: avoid some warnings when "motv" starts
* Use modern fonts for MoTV and mtt
* motif locale patch: use UTF-8 for charsets
* Whitespace cleanups
* Add an option on apps to select between libv4l and v4l2 driver
* Add other XV attributes found on bttv + nv driver
* Fix a small bug at the V4L2_CID_USER_BASE get ctrl logic
* v4l-conf.c: Don't abend if VT_GETSTATE is not supported
* v4l-info: Add support for V4L2_CID_USER_BASE
* Check the return value for XF86DGAGetVideoLL()
* Remove the remaining requirements for libFS
* Remove a Fedora-specific comment
* Fix xawtv DGA mode


* Re-add locale to xawtv/motv/mtt
* Print plugin info only when debug
* avoid usage of "bool"
* Change some obsoleted headers pathes
* Remove dead code


* Don't mix install-sh scripts
* motv/mtt: Disable locale setting, as this cause failure
* x11/xawtv: Disable locale setting, as this cause failure
* Remove the legacy xfs connection for FB


* Auto-detect libquicktime include directory
* Add detection for glib2
* Fix a memory leak at drv0-v4l2
* Auto-detect KFreeBSD variant
* vbi-conf.8 reports that it still in man1 section instead of man8
* Improve xft library detection


* Add a libv4l driver, using it as default
* Now, it displays the optional features that are configured at ./configure
* Use fonts found on modern (Xorg) setups

* Fixed radio backport to V4L2
* es,fr manpages are now in UTF-8
* Auto-detect Xorg default place for apps
* Remove the old obsolete V4L2 driver

* Re-added v4l-info/v4l-conf, just removing V4L1 bits
* Some fixes, backported from Fedora tree

* Fixed a compilation error
* Ported a few applications to V4L2
* Removed V4L1 support

 * misc minor fixes collected at Fedora 12.
 * Fix requirement of /dev/vbi instead of /dev/vbi0 on scantv.
 * Fix compilation with Xorg and remove the --x_libraries parameter from
   the configure script (as, on Xorg, X11 libraries are at /usr/lib).
 * Now, providing that all build dependencies are satisfied, just typing
   make after the download is enough to generate/run configure and build
   the tools.


 * misc minor fixes collected over time.
 * make it build with gcc4.


 * misc minor bugfixes.


 * bugfix release (was intented to be 3.88.2, but a debian NMU f*cked
   up my version numbering ...).

3.87 => 3.88

 * removed xxl core file from source tree.

3.86 => 3.87

 * fixed "default = grabdisplay" not working.
 * added Xrandr support.
 * lots of mtt (motif teletext viewer) tweaks.
 * 64bit fixes for record + showriff

3.85 => 3.86

 * tweaked font sets.
 * some FreeBSD fixes.
 * various minor build fixes

3.84 => 3.85

 * added UYVY support.

3.83 => 3.84

 * fix startup segfault in xawtv + motv.

3.83 => 3.84

 * fixed a number of gcc 3.3 warnings, also did some other cleanups
   while being at it.
 * Multimedia keyboard support.
 * commented alsa-mixer plugin (segfaults for me).

3.82 => 3.83

 * compile fixes.
 * propwatch updates.
 * added config option to disable _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN support.
 * added config option to move the OSD (Alex Ibrado <>).
 * minor radio tweaks (DAVID BALAZIC <>).

3.81 => 3.82

 * compile fixes again ...
 * v4l-conf fix (Kyosti Malkki <>).
 * wmhook fix (Marcin Krzyzanowski <>).
 * still a few compile bug left ...
 * s/recode/iconv/.  iconv should (unlike recode) be present on almost
   every system as it comes with glibc ...
 * wmhooks fixes.
 * added -driver command line switcht to xawtv/motv.

3.80 => 3.81

 * even more compile fixes.
 * fixed some core dumps (freqtab changes init bugs in fbtv + ttv).
 * new config option for webcam (times=, much like once).

3.79 => 3.80

 * misc small compile fixes and bugfixes.

3.78 => 3.79

 * More v4l2 fixes.
 * Some infrastructure for dumping structs.  Used that for
   completely rewritten debug output of the video4linux plugins.
   There is also a new utility called "v4l-info" which uses this.
 * moved frequency tables into config files instead of having them
 * added "group = " tag to channels.  motv builds submenus per group
   using this.

3.77 => 3.78

 * build fixes.
 * new v4l2 module fixes.

3.76 => 3.77

 * fixed broken alevtd
 * swapped gnome + netwm protocol checks (wmhooks.c), netwm is
   preferred now.
 * Added showqt utility (dumps structure of QuickTime files like
   showriff does for AVI files).
 * Added vdr control code.
 * webcam's archive function now creates directories if needed.
 * fixed spec file.
 * started adding support for reading/writing raw dv files via libdv.
   Probably not that useful yet, at least my box is far away from
   being able to encode dv streams in real time.  Even playback drops
   more than 50% of the frames.
 * added alsa mixer plugin (Malte Starostik <>).
 * added plugin for new v4l2 api

3.75 => 3.76

 * reorganized screen blitting code (used for grabdisplay), moved that
   to another file.
 * Added OpenGL support (for hw-scaled RGB-images through gl-textures).
 * libng got support for reading movie files.  Added libquicktime
   interface and AVI file parser.
 * started writing a playback utility (debug/play.c for now ...), should
   be able to playback all AVI/QuickTime movies recorded by
   xawtv/streamer.  Other QuickTime files should work too as long as the
   codec is supported by libquicktime.
 * Added Australian Optus cable TV channels (contributor wishes to remain
 * Added icons (by Pedro Rom�o <>, they are in
 * some A/V sync tweaks for the recording code.
 * Correction of lens distortion for webcam (Frederic Helin

3.74 => 3.75

 * fixed fullscreen code.
 * webcam has a new option (wait=, see manpage).
 * selection / dnd / cut+paste fixes.
 * french translation (
 * webcam: support multiple ftp connections (idea from "D. Brian
   Larkins" <>).
 * webcam: config options for text color (based on a patch from
   Bill Marr <>)
 * lots of VBI changes: dropped libvbi directory, using libzvbi
   instead (, version 0.2.1 or newer).
 * unbundled the fonts, there is another tarball with all the fonts
 * some more Makefile tweaks.

3.73 => 3.74

 * rewrote Makefiles.  No recursive make any more.  Faster now,
   has sane dependences.  Parallelizes (make -j) very good.
   Really needs GNU make now.
 * shuffled around source files.
 * xscreensaver support.  xawtv/motv will prevent xscreensaver kick in
   when in fullscreen mode, and rootv can be used as xscreensaver
   hack now.
 * Changed the naming of the Xvideo extention command line switches,
   hope they are a bit less confusing now.
 * Changed motv mixer config, moved detection code to the oss sound
 * some spanish man pages (Ricardo Villalba <>).
 * move <Key>osf* entries to the bottom of the translation
 * minor alevtd fix (merge from webfsd).

3.72 => 3.73

 * new YUV4MPEG format support (Juan Antonio Zubimendi
 * made grabdisplay check the aspect ratio configuration.
 * dropped quicktime4linux support, using libquicktime
   ( instead.
 * added "fixed" as last fallback to all font sets.
 * made plugin Makefile delete old, incompatible plugins.
 * added iso8859-15 led font, for all these foobar@euro
   locales ...

3.71 => 3.72

 * v4l2 fixes.
 * irish frequency table fix (Dan Lindstrom).
 * made the snap command write files using "write tmpfile + rename"
   to allow atomic updates.

3.70 => 3.71

 * The idea to drop ~/.lircrc altogether wasn't that great, doesn't
   work well with multiple apps receiving lirc events...  xawtv
   reads it again if present, but you don't need one.  Check
   README.lirc for the details.
 * Fixed buffer overflow in "xawtv-remote vtx aaaaaa..."

3.69 => 3.70

 * Hacked up configureable input event mapping infrastructure.  There
   is a new [eventmap] section in the config file.  Check the xawtvrc
   man page for details.
 * Made lirc code use the event mapping.  xawtv does not use the
   ~/.lircrc file config any more, but is configured using the
   [eventmap] mentioned above.  xawtv also has a reasonable default
   configuration now, so lirc works out-of-the-box.
 * Made midi input configurable via event mapping.
 * Made joystick input configurable via event mapping.
 * Made fbtv's ncurses kbd keys go through event mapping.
 * added -a switch to scantv.
 * fixed some bugs in handling TV stations which are specified by
   frequency instead of channel name.
 * fixed volume control segfault.
 * added tooltips for motv (needs OpenMotif 2.2).
 * color support for bktr driver (Rolandas Naujikas <>).

3.68 => 3.69

 * added API versioning to the plugins.
 * added attributes to struct ng_filter, so you can control filter
   settings via GUI.
 * added gamma filter plugin.
 * updated documentation (libng/OVERVIEW), added some hints for
   filter plugin programming.  Note: motv has a menu to deal with
   filters, xawtv has no GUI elements yet.
 * more record tool improvements (level trigger for recording).
 * removed fixed 0-65535 range for integer attributes, using min and
   max values instead.  This also affects the attributes specified
   within the config file.
 * Some improvements for the radio utility.
 * make v4l-conf run most code as real user, not root.  That should
   improve security and also make v4l-conf not fail on ~/.Xauthority
   located at root-squash mounted NFS dirs.
 * hacked up a test app to play with OpenGL textures for video
   playback.  Not built by default.  Needs Motif.  Check src/gl.c if
   you wanna have a look.

3.67 => 3.68

 * more build/install fixes.
 * various new switches for the record tool.
 * fixed channel switching bug, the long delay is gone now ...
 * xawtv/motv keep track of TV norm and input source per TV
   station now.
 * fixed audio mode (mono vs. stereo) handling for v4l2.
 * increased audio mode check delay to get better results.
 * replaced rpm specfile

3.66 => 3.67

 * NOTE: take this one a bit with care, it isn't tested that much and
   rushed out (after x-max + newyear holidays) because it has various
   build fixes.  Also various patches from other people are integrated,
   I don't have anything pending in my inbox now.  If I missed / broke
   something, please resend patches against this version.
 * more plugin support in libng.
 * some libng stuff is now implemented as plugin.
 * build plugins with -fPIC.
 * fixed FreeBSD build problems (due to new plugins).
 * fixed bugs in fbdev code.
 * moved OSS code to libng.
 * avevtd patches (Gerald Schnabel <>).
 * ssh support for webcam.

3.65 => 3.66

 * various scantv fixes.
 * added "show" command for v4lctl, updated man-page.
 * LFS bug in showriff fixed, now it finally displays large
   files correctly.
 * Added experimental image filtering plugin interface, for
   now only works for the x11 screen in "grabdisplay" mode.
 * Made it build with both alsa 0.5.x and 0.9.x.
 * Made it build without X11 installed.

3.64 => 3.65

 * fixed FreeBSD build problems.
 * control *tv via joystick (based on patches from "W. Michael Petullo"
 * fixed fbtv cursor keys to work as documented (and like they work in
 * splitted reading and parsing of the config file to fix some minor
   initialization order issues.
 * more alevtd fixes/patches (Alessandro Fausto).
 * added window clipping fixups (range checks, drop empty clips,
   try merge clip windows).
 * removed chromakey color flash on channel switches
 * added -c option for scantv.
 * full devfs support for fbtv.

3.63 => 3.64

 * fixed build problems without alsa installed.
 * alevtd: subpage link list tweaks.
 * alevtd: clear cache on SIGUSR1.
 * fixed a segfault in fbtv.

3.62 => 3.63

 * tried to reduce the channel switch delay a bit.
 * motv: italian translations (Mij <>).
 * wrote README.translate
 * wrote some code to control xawtv/motv/fbtv via alsa midi.
 * moved lirc code to xt.c, added lirc support to motv.
 * "fbtv -M" + v4l2 fixed.
 * ttv: ignore aspect ratio.
 * ttv: segfault-at-exit fixed.
 * added subpage link list to alevtd pages
   (Alessandro Fausto <>).
 * updated libvbi to alevt 1.6.0 code.

3.61 => 3.62

 * fixed italy frequency table (Gianluca <>).
 * oss changes to improve audio/video sync with some sound cards.
 * Fancy DnD icon for motv.
 * preferences dialog for motv.
 * fixed segfault when typing '00' on the keypad.
 * fixed VIDIOCSWIN error handling.
 * major changes for the radio app:  Added reasonable command line
   parsing, can be easily used non-interactively now.  Added station
   scanner (Gunther Mayer <>).
 * added frequency table for argentina
   ("KciNicK M. M." <>).
 * MIT-SHM support is no longer a compile time option.
 * Fixed MIT-SHM bug in xv.c
 * v4l2 format assignments fixed (fixes swapped red+blue for yuv)

3.60 => 3.61

 * keypad-partial fix.
 * record utility documentation update.
 * movie recording: display audio/video times relative to real time.
 * added some examples to "streamer -h" output.
 * minor fix for v4lctl.
 * reactivated "xawtv-remote webcam"
 * fixed "xawtv-remove movie driver ..." for motv.
 * Some minor DnD fixes.
 * audio mode fixes
 * added keypad support for motv.
 * temporarely suspend grabdisplay for attribute changes.
 * mjpeg-quality config option is gone, jpeg-quality is used
   everythere now.

3.59 => 3.60

 * Added proper cleanup code for DnD.  This breaks DnD with KDE apps
   because they _first_ signal the transfer is finished, _then_ try to
   read the tmp file which might be already deleted at that point ...
 * separated primary selection (aka clipboard) and DnD selection data.
 * fixed segfault with DnD + not capturing devices (i.e. Xvideo).

3.58 => 3.59

 * keypad-partial fixes.
 * added a few more buttons to motv's toolbar.
 * fixed v4l-conf compile problem with v4l2-patched kernels.
 * added console mode for record (Gergely Tamas <>),
   also added a switch to set the sample rate and fixed some minor
 * Added support for selections (clipboard & dnd) to motv.
 * Fixed missing "setinput next"

3.57 => 3.58

 * Makefile / build process updates.  make depend is done automagically
   now if needed.  Parallel builds (make -j) work better.  Enabled a few
   more warnings.
 * new keypad-partial config option (Pawel Sakowski <>).
 * made oss mixer work again for fbtv.
 * merged some stuff from Kawamata/Hitoshi <>'s patches.
 * finally multithreaded compression for those of you with SMP boxen.
 * text/plain support for alevtd (Adam Sampson <>).
 * Documentation updates.

3.56 => 3.57

 * changed oss mixer control internals
 * made 4:3 aspect ratio the default.
 * more Motif GUI fixes.

3.55 => 3.56

 * chromakey tyops fixed.
 * updated / reorganized the manual pages.
 * wrote a manual page for motv.
 * lots of motv improvements.
 * streamer also accepts hh:mm:ss for -t now (W. Michael Petullo).
 * added color space conversion functions for yuv 420 planar
   (Sunjin Yang <>).

3.54 => 3.55

 * some fbtv fixes.

3.53 => 3.54

 * NOTE: starting with 3.53 "make depend" is REQUIRED to build
 * more motif code / fixes.
 * moved devices.c to libng, added init function for switching to
   devfs namespace.
 * made xawtv/motv more quiet by default, prefixed some messages
   with "if (debug)".
 * copyed new fb font rendering from fbi for fbtv.
 * Made grabdisplay in fbtv work again.
 * Added german application defaults for motv.
 * fixed default dsp device.
 * added v4l2 support to v4l-conf.

3.52 => 3.53

 * various build fixes (aa.c / build without Xvideo / FreeBSD).
 * s|/dev/video|/dev/video0|, also moved stuff to a single file.
 * ttv fixes, made ttv use the conversion functions.

3.51 => 3.52

 * Added ttv -- a aalib based tv viewer.
 * wrote some docs for libng.
 * optimized the tracking code for the window clipping.
 * more motif code / fixes.
 * added support for planar yuv (grabdisplay via Xvideo).
 * bytesex fixes for showriff.

3.50 => 3.51

 * Major documentation update
 * Some more motif tweaks.  Build it with --enable-motif if you have
   openmotif installed and want to have a look, comments about the
   new GUI are welcome.  motv is the exectutable (anyone has a idea for
   a better name ?).
 * disabled packed pixel yuv for FreeBSD (broken).
 * added -hwscan option.

3.49 => 3.50

 * lot of new motif stuff
 * added a workaround for a bttv bug.
 * minor fix in subtitles script.

3.48 => 3.49

 * added archive function to the webcam utility.
 * config file tags are case insensitive now.
 * changed webcam to use libng conversions (i.e. it can deal
   with yuv-only devices now).
 * raw yuv data support for quicktime (with help from
   W. Michael Petullo <>)
 * more new motif stuff.

3.47 => 3.48

 * added config file entries for record settings.
 * fixed some minor FreeBSD build problems on.
 * Managed it to get the locate stuff right for the motif
 * fixed a rate control bug.
 * fixed a bug in vtx display code.
 * frequency table for south africa (Hendrik Visage <>)

3.46 => 3.47

 * fixed more makefile flaws (which broke rpm -ta).
 * fixed a bug in color space conversion
   (FUKUCHI Kentarou <>)
 * reactivated chromakeying code.  Untested.
 * Bumped the timeout for VIDIOCSYNC from one to three
   seconds.  Seems some USB-Devices need more time
   for the first frame.
 * dropped Xaw3d support altogether.
 * added back in some 3D effects using the new features of the
   XFree86 4 Athena widgets.

3.45 => 3.46

 * fixed Makefile bug (which caused fonts not being included in the

3.44 => 3.45

 * Xaw3d disabled by default -- it crashes xawtv with i18n turned on.

3.43 => 3.44

 * fixed minor bug in grab-v4l.c
 * rewrote much of the conversion/compression code, made it reentrant.
 * moved the conversion/compression code to a thread.
 * rewrote the grabdisplay code.
 * The -xvideo and -device switches implicitly turn on/off the Xvideo
 * The vtx command (see xawtv-remote man-page) can parse ANSI color
   sequences too.
 * new shell script to display subtitles.
 * update for cc (Adam <>).  Moved the utility
   out of the contrib, renamed it to ntsc-cc (to avoid name clashes
   with the C compiler) and included it into the Makefile tree, so
   it gets compiled and installed by default.  Wrote a short man
   page for it.
 * some progress on the motif version.
 * fixed a bug in webcam (Kelsey Hudson <>).

3.42 => 3.43

 * webcam update (tmp file fix, allow to give a config file as
 * turned off the *&%($ debugging code in grab-v4l.c
 * some bugfixes in sound recording code.
 * made the motif version compile again (still very incomplete
   and not built by default).

3.41 => 3.42

 * Added color space conversion functions for 4:2:2 yuv (packed) to rgb.
 * Added color space conversion functions for 4:2:2 yuv (planar) to rgb.
 * minor cleanups in the conversion functions.
 * some fixes from Kawamata/Hitoshi <>.

3.40 => 3.41

  * changed xawtv's internal time representation.
  * rewrote rate control again.  xawtv can puts frames twice into
    the queue now, recording @ 25fps without frame drops is no
    problem any more.
  * made video stream recording optional.  streamer can record
    video only, video/audio and audio only (xawtv GUI not updated
    yet).  This implies that for avi and quicktime streams specifing
    a video format isn't optional any more.  If no video format is
    given, streamer will not pick one for you, but will record audio
  * reorganized sound recording code a bit, added byteswapping support.
  * MIT SHM failures with XvImages are catched now (=> hw scaling on
    a remote display should work -- untested)
  * gracefully fallback to "normal" rgb ximages if hw scaling with
    Xvideo failes because the v4l driver can't capture packed yuv.
  * 0.05 MHz steps for the radio app (Nils Kassube <>).
  * fixed one more segfault.
  * updated README.recording

3.39 => 3.40 [the segfault bugfix release]

  * 3 lines fix in grab-v4l.c.

3.38 => 3.39

  * fixed a bug in color space conversion.
  * fixed minor initialization bugs in grab-v4l.c + grab-v4l2.c
  * added attribute reading for BSD.
  * added a switch to alevtd to set the vbi device.

3.37 => 3.38

  * attribute fixes for v4l and v4l2.
  * implemented boolean attributes.
  * deleted some obsoleted (by the new attr handling) status
    variables, fixed various places which used the old ones (with
    *ahem* intresting side effects).

3.36 => 3.37

  * minor fixes and tweaks in the capture code.
  * added missing libng initialization to fbtv, streamer
    and v4lctl (Oops...).

3.35 => 3.36

  * better fullscreen switching in xinerama.
  * added the missing config.h include to xvideo.c
  * moved some code into the new libng directory.
  * rewrote compression + color space conversion.
  * Fixed v4lctl segfault.
  * Fixed a minor bug in v4l code (PAL-M with bttv works again).
  * updated webcam, uses libng now.  It expects TV norm and
    video source as strings ("PAL" instead of "0", ...) now.
    Works also on FreeBSD, switches between v4l + v4l2 at runtime
    not compile time.
  * made Makefiles portable.

3.34 => 3.35

  * fixed segfault in scantv.
  * don't list "normal" ioctl failures for v4l2 (i.e. the ones which are
    do *not* indicate some error the user should care about).
  * rewrote xawtv's attribute handling.
  * made the -bpp switch work again.
  * detect xinerama (not used yet).

3.33 => 3.34

  * attribute fixes for Xvideo and v4l2.
  * fbtv bugfixes.

3.32 => 3.33

  * lots of fixes: bugs in the new capture code, portability problems.
  * fixes in the bktr support, can do full framerate now, added yuv
    capture.  Think it works reasonable well now (so I can list BSD
    as "supported" on the Homepage without getting flamed for it :-)

3.31 => 3.32 [non-public release]

  * fixed a few bugs in the new v4l code, re-added capture using
  * removed videodev.h from the tarball, using the kernel's header
    file instead.  This means xawtv will not build on 2.0.x kernels
    any more.
  * made v4l2 support working again, added ioctl tracking for easier
    debugging.  I have no audio yet, althrouth this might be a bttv2
    problem as bttv2 + v4l interface doesn't work either but bttv
    0.7.x is fine.
  * It builds cleanly on FreeBSD, bktr support working again.  Sort
    of.  Overlay has some intresting clipping issues, capture works
    without rate control and 12 fps max.  No yuv capture yet.

3.30 => 3.31 [non-public release]

  * Got a few pointers for malloc debuggers (,,  Thanks to all, I'll
    have a look next time I need one...
  * started rewriting the driver interfaces (new attribute handling,
    switch over to grab-ng.h structs + interfaces).  v4l and Xvideo
    are ported and passed brief testing, v4l2 + bsd are temporarely
  * some jpeg/mjpeg compression fiddeling.

3.29 => 3.30

  * fix build problems.

3.28 => 3.29

  * next chunk of the capture core rewrite.
  * moved audio recording to a thread, this hopefully fixes a few
    problems (should stop audio overruns, doesn't need select
    support in the driver any more).
  * Added a fancy status display which hopefully helps to trouble-shoot
    syncronisation problems.
  * major update for README.recording
  * killed the --enable-efence configure option.  Isn't thread safe :-(
    Anyone knows a free malloc debugger which is?
  * added autoconf tests for getopt.h / getopt_long
  * streamer can write raw video data (again).

3.27 => 3.28

  * completed v4l ioctl tracking.
  * bug fixed in quicktime code.
  * scantv fixes.
  * fixed bugs in the movie recording code (memory leak,
    uncatched failures).

3.26 => 3.27

  * (hopefully) fixed rpm build problems.
  * started adding ioctl tracking to the v4l code.
  * fixed a bug in overlay code (uninitialized video_picture.depth)

3.25 => 3.26

  * initialization order bug in volume control fixed (thanks to
  * added a few options to scantv, allowing it to be used
  * added GUI support for the rewritten capture code, recording
    movies with xawtv works again.

3.24 => 3.25 [non-public release]

  * teached the v4l code to turn off (and back on) overlay when fiddeling
    with SPICT and SWIN ioctls for read() capture.  Mixing overlay and
    read() capture works now without funny effects.
  * fixed a bug in grabdisplay error handling (which made xawtv die with
    "aiee: grab_fps==0" because it forgot to clean up on capture errors).
  * started a major rewrite of the core capture code.  See grab-ng.h
    Step one:
     - rewrote the movie output code.
     - writeavi.c is reentrant now.
     - Added quicktime support (lousely based on W. Michael Petullo's
       quicktime patches).
     - Added support for recording image files with audio in a separate
       wav file.
     - xawtv's movie recording is temporarely broken, GUI updates not in
       place yet.  You'll have to use streamer for now, sorry.

3.23 => 3.24

  * -xvport does _really_ work now...
  * Improved the OpenBSD port.  Clipping works better now, single frame
    capture works.
  * decreased the timeout for hiding the mouse pointer.
  * fixed onscreen display logic.
  * removed 320x240 capture size limit for yuv (Xvideo-scaled) grabdisplay
  * fixed rate control (and killed the anonying but harmless error message
    in grabdisplay mode).
  * Added cc.c patches (Adam <>).

3.22 => 3.23

  * added -xvport option to set the Xv port.
  * Killed all the old mouse pointer handling code and the assorted config
    config options / cmd line switches.  Replaced it with a simple timeout
    logic:  If you don't move the mouse for some time xawtv will hide the
    pointer.  Any pointer motion event will show the pointer again.
  * new xawtv-remote command: showtime.

3.21 => 3.22

  * FastText for alevtd (Malcolm Parsons <>).
  * xawtv-remote patch (Adam <>)
  * misc bugfixes
  * netwm support (Dirk Mueller <>)

3.20 => 3.21

  * specfile fixed (app-defaults are missing).
  * compile fix for alevtd.
  * bugfix in v4l2 code.
  * removed the boring core dump from the source tree.

3.19 => 3.20

  * minor man-page updates.
  * OpenBSD port starts working:  xawtv compiles, overlay works.
    Clipping doesn�t work for some reason (It�s me or the driver?).
    As FreeBSD uses the same driver it should be easy to make xawtv
    work there too.
  * Plenty of autoconf tweaks to make the whole package compile
    cleanly on BSD.
  * converted a number of structs to "field: value" style
  * Added audio= option to ~/.xawtv
  * manpage updates.

3.18 => 3.19

  * Added libvbi (vbi decoding code from alevt)
  * Added scantv: does a channel scan, picks up the station id from
    vbi, writes a xawtv config file.
  * minor webcam tweaks
  * Added alevtd - a http server for videotext pages.

3.17 => 3.18

  * off-by-one bug in colorspace.c fixed.
  * Documentation updates
  * webcam patches from les Niles <>
  * libjpeg dependency changed from optional to required (webcam
    never worked without libjpeg before, and libjpeg is present
    on nearly any linux system anyway, so...)
  * Added triggers to the webcam - compare the current image with the
    last uploaded one, try to figure if it has changed and upload only
    if it has...

3.16 => 3.17

  * new -w switch for streamer (Santiago Garcia Mantinan <>)

3.15 => 3.16

  * The 3.15 tarball had a big binary included by mistake.
  * Some v4l2 fixes.

3.14 => 3.15

  * fixed a bug in the channel editor (did'nt saved the input for
    new channels)
  * shuffled around some code -- split Xaw and general Xt/X11 code.
  * added max size check to v4l2 overlay code.
  * added (un)mute to rootv

3.13 => 3.14

  * Added a "fix-aspect-ratio" option (quick guide: add
    "radio=4:3" to the [global] section).
  * fixed a few bugs in the new avi recording code.
    audio+video should work again.
  * A fullscreen option in the config file enables the VidMode
    extention now.
  * added read()-based capture support to the webcam.  Untested.

3.12 => 3.13

  * some xvideo finetuning
  * Added xvideo support to v4lctl
  * Added rootv utility
  * Added debian package information
  * Added small script to pick up channels from videotext (*.de,
    Kabel1 pages, from Kai Fett, it is in contrib/vtx2xawtv)
  * webcam: moved ftp code to another source file, made it runtime
    configurable, wrote a man-page
  * wrote a manpage for showriff

3.11 => 3.12

  * Added the missing -D_REENTRANT to the Makefile
  * picked up the r@dio.mp3 client from the v4l list, put it
    into the contrib directory.
  * avi recording fix (audio+video stream length are identical now).
  * xawtv-remote protocol supports more than one command now.  Commands
    are separated by a zero-length string, i.e. 'xawtv-remote foo "" bar'
  * new xawtv-remote command:  vtx (interface for subtitles).  Check
    the man-page for details.
  * webcam fixes.

3.10 => 3.11

  * fbtv grabdisplay fix, added G400 (works with G200 code too).
  * lirc code update (Ilya Konstantinov <>).  You might
    have to upgrade lirc to compile this version.
  * fixed the bool ressources.  They are /really/ boolean now,
    i.e. "xawtv.vidmode: true" works now.
  * fixed a few bugs in the new recording code.
  * added support for freq= in ~/.xawtv.  Untested.
  * avi writing code fix (broken size for one header field,
    found by David Gesswein <>).  Now the windows media
    player accepts xawtv's movies, cool...
  * Added command line parsing to showriff.  Added a option to make it
    not stop on errors.
  * Fixed avi initialization code.  It forgot to reset some counters,
    and thats why xawtv wrote broken avi files if you've recorded more
    than one...
  * Added new command to xawtv-remote: webcam.

3.09 => 3.10

  * fixed pthread compile problems.
  * first cut of the new recording code is active.  It still needs
    some tweaking, but the basics work.  v4l2 is'nt updated yet.
    audio+video syncronisation should work better.  It is also possible
    to start/stop xawtv's avi-recording with xawtv-remote (see manpage).

3.08 => 3.09

  * extended showriff a bit
  * fixed broken rpm build
  * started rewriting the capture code.  Switching over to threads,
    hope I get the audio/video syncronisation issues fixed this way.
    Right now it is dead code only...

3.07 => 3.08

  * reverted the frequency table split for europe.  Turned out this
    was a bad idea...
  * Added options to enable dga/vidmode/... extentions.  Vidmode is
    off by default now.  This is the X Extention used for switching
    video modes, i.e. you'll have to start xawtv with "-vm" now to
    make it switching the video mode when going to fullscreen mode.
  * Added chroma keying support.
  * OpenDML support for avi.  Now the intresting question:  Who can
    playback or at least read these files?  I don't know how to test
    this stuff...
  * Documentation updates

3.06 => 3.07

  * added troggle-mouse option (turn on/off mouse when swithing to
  * Added "stay on bottom".  The "stay-on-top" command does now cycle
    between normal, top and bottom.
  * Added support for more than two capture buffers to grab-v4l.c

3.06 => 3.07

  * As usual, some bugfixes
  * values for volume, contrast, color, ... can be specified in
    percent too, just add '%' to the number:  50% == 32768
  * more led fonts (latin2, koi8).  Right now you have to set the
    app-defaults by hand to make use of them, need some more elegant
    way to switch charsets...
  * Added the UHF frequencies to europe-cable.  It's used at least in
    Switzerland for cable TV.
  * some changes in yuv-to-offscreen handling for fbtv due to bttv

3.05 => 3.06

  * Aiee, there was a stale .nfs<longnumber> file in the 3.05 archive...

3.04 => 3.05

  * new config options: turn on/off onscreen display, keypad mode,
    mjpeg quality. Check the man page for details.
  * Added XvPutImage support for grabdisplay mode.  You'll need
    XFree86 3.9.17 to compile this release with Xv support.
  * rearranged the european frequency tables.  They are splitted into
    broadcast and cable tv now.

3.03 => 3.04

  * fbtv font loader fixed.  Nice showstopper, I should start the app at
    least once next time...
  * fbtv: ATI Mach64 backend scaler support works now with my revB iMac.

Note: I still have some changes/minor bug reports in my incoming mailbox.
Next release.  I want to get this one out of the door quickly due to the
fbtv problems.

3.02 => 3.03

  * broke fbtv font loading.
  * forgot writing Changes entries.

3.01 => 3.02

  * some finetuning for the keypad stuff.
  * G200 backend scaler support in fbtv.

3.0 => 3.01

  * Frequency table renaming was incomplete.  The menu was'nt
  * v4l-conf did'nt compile with 2.0.x kernel headers.
  * -c switch (select device) was broken.
  * added hard coded width limit for capture (buggy kernel bttv :-( )

3.0rc1 => 3.0

  * Added station selection by "two-digit" selection.  All stations
    are numbered in .xawtv order; entering two numbers within 5
    seconds are interpreted as station number which should be tuned.
    You'll have to use the keypad in xawtv.  Should work with lirc too
    (using the new "keypad" command).
  * global spellfix s/lauch/launch/.  Attention, this might affect
    your config file too...
  * channel editor fixes.
  * F5-F12 (bright/color/... adjust by keyboard) is back.

3.0beta9 => 3.0rc1

  * updated v4l2 driver to the new interface.
  * some finetuning in the v4l2 driver.
  * cleaned up v4l-conf.c
  * renamed the frequency tables:  removed the TV norm from the name
    to avoid confusion.
  * the usual set of bugfixes.

3.0beta8 => 3.0beta9

  * webcam: can set input/norm now.
  * webcam: new cgi script for continously updated image (netscape
    only, uses serverpush).
  * the usual set of bugfixes.
  * write list index for avi files, mjpeg support (with some code
    from Michael Nastvogel <>)
    mjpeg is still buggy...
  * added new frequency table for france (LOUIS-SIDNEY Rodolphe

3.0beta7 => 3.0beta8

  * add a new switch (-a) to v4l-conf for setting the base address.
    This should make bttv configuration more easy if the X-Server
    lacks DGA support.
  * fixed the Makefiles for building in a subdirectory (i.e handle
    "mkdir build; cd build; ../configure && make" correctly).  Now
    I can switch from ppc to i386 without "make distclean" :-)
  * Plenty of fixes for the channel editor.  Seems nobody uses it,
    it must have been broken for weeks...
  * fbtv+xawtv refuse to work when installed suid root now.  This is
    /not/ needed, only v4l-conf requires root priviliges.
  * v4l2: added tuner support, minor fixes.
  * added channel 36 for australia, this one was missing for some

3.0beta6 => 3.0beta7

  * Added autoscroll for the station menu.  Xaw3d has some redraw
    problems with this.  Probably some library bug, it does not
    happen with Xaw.  Workaround idea anyone?
  * Misc bugfixes.
  * Documentation updates.  To be continued...

3.0beta5 => 3.0beta6

  * minor appdefauls fixes (wheel-mouse was broken).
  * config file parser rewritten.  config file format is slightly
    modified, check the xawtv man page.
  * unbundled kradio to avoid the KDE compile hassle.
  * fullscreen fixes.
  * xawtv-remote supports multiple xawtv instances (querys all
    xawtv windows, not just the first one it finds, new switch
    '-i' to set the window ID when passing commands to xawtv).

3.0beta4 => 3.0beta5

  * Added support for qcams (capture via read() system call)
  * yuv capture support (???, I've already deleted this mail)
  * radio fixes (from debian bugtraq)

3.0beta3 => 3.0beta4

  * merged some new code for radio from Juli Merino <>
  * wrote a man-page for radio
  * added v4l-conf security fixes from Olaf Kirch <>
  * lirc bugfix.
  * xawtv can use another than the default visual now.  Not bugfree yet.

3.0beta2 => 3.0beta3

  * started updating the documentation.
  * reorganized source code tree.
  * removed the hardcoded maxsizes from grab-v4l.c
  * rewrote the attribute (color/hue/... + audio) handling

3.0beta1 => 3.0beta2

  * ditched getopt(), using the Xt lib / X11 resources instead.  This
    has the effect that the options work a bit different now.
  * added v4lctl utility.  This allows to control alot v4l options from
    the command line.  Obsoletes set-tv.
  * set-tv.c and streamer-old.c moved into the new "oldstuff" directory.
  * alot of xawtv fixes -- more features are working again.
  * fbtv is updated too.  It should accept lirc commands now exactly like

2.45 => 3.0beta1

  * Lot of internal changes.  Separate the control code from the GUI.
    Simplifies the the xawtv-remote and lirc support, makes xawtv and
    fbtv share more code.  Lot of stuff is broken currently...

2.44 => 2.45

  * Added a 'back' key which switches back to the last station tuned in.
    Mapped to BackSpace.  Pressing backspace multiple times zaps
    between the last two stations.
  * The applications configured with "lauch=..." in ~/.xawtv are listed
    in a window now ('L' displays it).  Allocation bug in the config file
    parser fixed.
  * switched back from double to float for X-Resources.

2.43 => 2.44

  * fbtv: added -q switch.  This turns of status messages + clock, and
    fbtv does'nt reserve space for the status line (i.e. you'll can get
    true full screen)
  * started lirc support (currently some debug code only...)
  * changed float to double for X resources (Xaw scrollbars).  This
    fixes problems on alpha and seems to work fine on intel.  Hope I
    did'nt broke ppc...
  * fixed the radio programs (mute on exit).  Untested.
  * webcam bugfix (switching to binary mode must be done _after_connecting).

2.42 => 2.43

  * Xvideo updates
  * some bttv changes to make it more compatible to the kernel
    version, added patches from Greg Alexander <>.
  * removed the "unmute-on-open",  Updated the open/close for
    radio too.  bttv radio should behave like all other radio
    drivers do (i.e. you have to open the device only if you
    want to change some settings).
  * Unbundled the bttv driver, my bttv code is available as
    another tar file at the same location (bttv-0.6.3a currently).
  * Errors (at least some :-) are reported with a dialog box now,
    not only to stderr.
  * channel handling is completely rewritten.  If you change the frequency
    table, all frequencies for the programmed stations are recalculated
  * added some missing channels for japan.
  * streamer: the -i and -n switches work again.
  * xawtv dumped core with nonaudio devices, fixed (Pauline Middelink
  * updated videodev2.h

2.41 => 2.42


2.40 => 2.41

  * completed avi recording code in xawtv.
  * renamed streamer to streamer-old and streamer-new to streamer.
    i.e. ther new streamer tool is the default now.
  * internal changes (for scanline length != image width)
  * added grabdisplay mode to fbtv.
  * Added some SR* channels to frequency table "pal-europe-east" (they
    are used in Poland).  Hmm, maybe I should reorganize the whole
    channel setup, it starts getting difficuilt to maintain this the way
    it is implemented currently...
  * Alpha cleanups (use long for pointers etc.) from
    Ralf Uhlig <>
  * mklinux support for v4l-conf (Takashi Oe)
  * the "-x" option is gone, there are two new ones instead: "--nodga"
    to disable DGA and "--novm" to disable VidMode.
  * Added the capability to lauch programs from within xawtv.
  * removed the "mute-on-close" from the bttv driver.

2.39 => 2.40

  * Endian fixes from Takashi Oe (avi recording works now on big
    endian boxes).
  * xawtv can record avi movies directly.  ^S brings you to this
    dialog.  Please don't complain that you are missing options, this
    is on my TODO list.  Everything you can set for streamer with
    command line options will be available in xawtv too.  That stuff
    is work-in-progress, take the code as beta quality...
  * Bug fixes and internal changes.
  * security fixes from v4l-conf.c verifies the v4l major,
    /tmp symlink fix for
  * msp3400 bug fixes, short programming (insmod option "simple=1")
    should work now.  With newer msp34xx chip versions you'll should
    get stereo for NTSC TV and FM Radio.
  * more Xvideo code.

2.38 => 2.39

  * added --shift option to xawtv, this can be used to shift the
    image if it is outside the xawtv window.
  * added time display to fbtv.
  * stay-on-top added (works with gnome-compilant WM's)
  * patches from Takashi Oe for devices without audio/tuner support.
  * Found a new cool rpm feature (this one is new, eh?):
    "rpm -ta package.tar.gz" will build nice rpm.  No extra spec
    file needed any more :-)
  * Started Xvideo support.
  * A few internal changes.

2.37 => 2.38

  * snapshot filename handling has changed: Files are saved with a
    timestamp (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS) and channel in the filename.
  * xawtv is   ^^^^ y2k compilant :-)
  * new config file entry: "jpeg-quality"
  * webcam utility updated.  It's now working with the v4l2 winnov videum
    driver at
  * good news for *.fr:  more msp3400 fixes, NICAM/AM should finally
    work now.

2.36 => 2.37

  * fixed minor compile problems on 2.0.x.

2.35 => 2.36

  * documentation updates, new FAQ for sound trouble.
  * streamer fixes (the endian fixes for 2.33 broke streamer)
  * driver synced up with bttv 0.6.3
  * misc minor bug fixes

2.34 => 2.35

  * updated bttv to 0.6.2 and fixed the 2.0.x compile problems.
  * msp3400 problems with 2.2.0pre7+ fixed.

2.33 => 2.34

  * new NTSC-HRC frequency table, contributed by
    Erik Kiledal <>
  * 15 bpp was broken _again_.  Fixed.
  * driver: msp3400 updates.  Tried to make nicam mono/stereo switching
    work, but no success so far...
  * bttv updated to 0.6.1
  * DPMS support (turn it off for fullscreen TV), contributed by
    Martin Denn <>

2.32 => 2.33

  * more patches from Takashi Oe (endian fixes, make fbtv work with
    DirectColor visual)
  * slighly modified audio handling (mono/stereo/bilangual, the driver
    returns the valid choices instead of the current state now).  This
    affects both xawtv and driver and is _not_ backward compatible.
  * various minor changes.
  * new shell script for browsing videotext pages.  requires a
    terminal with > 24 lines.

2.31 => 2.32

  * bugfix: changed bytesex.h to edian.h in x11.c
  * bugfix: overlay did'nt work without DGA.

2.30 => 2.31

  * more cleanups, the minor overlay flaws should be fixed.
  * coded up v4l2 overlay support -- completely untested.
  * minor fbtv fixes.
  * started to shuffle around some code from streamer.  The
    new version has another name (streamer-new) for now.  It
    can already handle v4l2, but can't be started from the
    xawtv's frontend dialog box.
  * remote display fixes (should work now if server and client
    have different bytesex).
  * Long options (thanks to Takashi Oe <>).
  * "xawtv --help" prints all options.

2.29 => 2.30

  * much improved v4l2 support, it should be useable now.  Only
    grabdisplay is supported so far, overlay-only drivers will not
    work (yet).
  * Some internal cleanups/rewrites, removed some hardcoded bttv
    stuff.  Probably introduced a few new bugs...
  * pinned down the "segfault-on-exit" bug, credits to Electric Fence.
  * added the "webcam" tool (does capture, annotate, jpeg-compress,
  * added showriff, for those who want to look into *.wav and *.avi
  * bttv: msp3400 + tuner compile problems due to 2.1.127 changes

2.28 => 2.29

  * rpm spec file fixes
  * minor msp3400 changes (for miro)
  * automatically generated diff's against Ralph's bttv version.
  * fixed the broken channel list length define (that
    only-79-ntsc-channels bug)
  * If there is a configuration problem, xawtv will disable overlay
    and continue instead of exiting.
  * remote display works.  Don't try this unless you have a _real_
    fast network or your own home network.  Otherwise the network
    admin will ask what you are doing within five minutes...
  * started frontend dialog for streamer (Ctrl-S).  Does already work,
    but needs some more options to be really useful.
  * started v4l2 support.

2.27 => 2.28

  * The 'V' key toggles capture on/off now.  If capture is switched
    off, xawtv shows a static image.
  * Added options to set TV norm and input to streamer.  Webcam
    cronjobs don't need set-tv any more :-)
  * Picked up some patches from for the bttv
    driver.  The Miro PCTV pro might work in stereo, SECAM should work
  * Added autodetect for the Miro pro (untested).

  * RPMified xawtv, thx to Mark Cooke <> for the
    initial spec file.
    No, I'm not going to upload RPM's, neither source nor binaries.
    I'll upload the spec file, so you can easily build your own RPM's.

  * removed the experimental driver from the package, it will be
    available separate.
  * precompiled binaries are no longer included.

2.26 => 2.27

  * fixed the msp34xx problem with new (bt878) Hauppauge boards.

2.25 => 2.26

  * more driver PLL fixes
  * added Hauppauge tuner autodetect (using eeprom)
  * xawtv saves picture settings in channel switch now.

2.24 => 2.25

  * Moved E2-E4 to E1-E3 by mistake in 2.22.  Reverted this.
  * radio is a nice curses application now.
  * The driver should work again for PAL.

2.23 => 2.24

  * v4l-conf changes
  * bugfixes in config file parser and channel editor.

2.22 => 2.23

  * bugfix: SExx channels did not work.
    (thanks to Michael Vogt <>)
  * documentation updates.
  * increased the AUDIO_MUTE_DELAY value in bttv.c, this should
    reduce the channel-switch noise.
  * bttv: added changes from patch-2.1.120

2.21 => 2.22

  * up to date with bttv 0.5.15
  * fbtv fixes and improvements (console switching works again)
  * streamer has a new switch to enable audio recording (off by
  * Channels renamed again: S1 .. S20 is SE1 .. SE20 now.  This
    should be correct now.  Reordered them (sorted by frequency
  * Channels map for east europe (PAL D/K) added.
  * channel editor bugfixes

2.20 => 2.21

  * Updated driver to 0.5.14, this one is NOT backward compatible older
  * Updated Simon's i2c code.
  * Updated the programs too.
  * added avi recording to streamer.

2.19 => 2.20

  * Makefile fixes
  * Matrox off-by-1024 workaround improved.
  * fbtv fixes, moved generic fb stuff to a separate file.
  * grab-one is gone, there is streamer now.  This one can
    do streaming capture (and of cource still grab single
    frames as special case).  JPEG support added.

2.18 => 2.19

  * added man-pages for set-tv and fbtv
  * zapped SuSE and installed RH51, the included precompiled binaries
    are glibc now.
  * Unlocked the channel editor (overwrites the old config file now),
    it is in the man-page now and has the hotkey 'E'.  Be carefull, it
    will kill all comments in the config file!

2.17 => 2.18

  * added xawtv-remote ("remote control" for xawtv)
  * hopefully completed channel list editor.  But still in debugging
    mode, it writes the config file to $HOME/.xawtv.out

2.17 => 2.18

  * showstopper fixed: xawtv segfaults if there are channels without
    hotkeys in your $HOME/.xawtv (thanks to
    Enrico Scholz <>)
  * v4l-conf fixed (was broken again for non-DGA Servers line AccelX)

2.16 => 2.17

  * started channel list editor (Ctrl-L for now, will be changed
    later).  Not completed, you can't save your changes yet.
  * driver updates
  * added session management to kradio.  Sort of.  The KDE session
    management functions have a major design bug, probably this works
    with the bug-compatible kwm only :-(
  * updates README
  * wrote Programming-FAQ
  * And probably a few other changes I forgot about...

2.15 => 2.16

  * fixed v4l-conf, handles 15bpp now
  * configure changes: try "./configure --help", there are some
    --enable-foo/--disable-foo options now (default for them is
  * moved some common code to separate source files.
  * a few small driver fixes.
  * added the -c switch to grab-one

2.14 => 2.15

  * as allways, a few bug-fixes
  * added the -c switch to set-tv
  * i2c problems with hauppauge cards hopefully fixed now.  Check
    bttv driver's Makefile, the code disabled by default (we don't
    know what happens with other boards...)
  * msp3400 uses soundcore instead of sound module (no oss needed
    any more, tnx to Thomas Sailer <>)

2.13 => 2.14

  * station scan added (Ctrl-Up)
  * onscreen display in fullscreen mode
  * misc small enhancements.
  * The '-c n' switch is gone, you can start xawtv with the station name
    on the command line instead ("xawtv cnn" for example, like it already
    works for fbtv and set-tv).
  * Added a new '-c' switch, this is the video device now.  Added this
    one for xawtv and fbtv, changed from '-v' to '-c' for v4l-conf.
  * removed vtx subdirectory.  The driver is now in the 2.1.x tree.  And
    for 2.0.x it is useless anyway, it does'nt compile...

2.12 => 2.13

  * Fixed Makefile bugs.
  * switched to the new device files:  s|/dev/bttv|/dev/video|
    MAKEDEV in bttv/driver is updated
  * Tried to catch that VidMode problem by version check:
    #define XXX_VERSION (from xf86vmstr.h) against server's QueryVersion
    results.  If this still does'nt work: remember, there is the '-x'
    switch to workaround this...
  * Fast channel scan (Ctrl-Z)

2.11 => 2.12

  * added support for 8 bit Servers:  Run the Server with StaticGray
    visual (-cc 0x27 for XFree) -- and you should get a b/w TV picture.
  * fixed a few configure-script and #ifdef bugs
  * modified channel maps again -- hope I got the european map is ok now.
    there is only one map: pal-europe.  This one should work for both
    cable and broadcast.
  * driver changes (capture code -- the SYNC ioctl takes the frame number
    as argument now)

2.10 => 2.11

  * bugfix: xawtv used to ignore "fine = ???" in the config file.
  * added grab-one, a small tool to grab single, full-sized images.
    Use the "-h" option for a short description.
  * added channel window (try the 'C' key).
  * Added "zap" mode: does channel hopping (tune in every station a
    few seconds).
  * added fbtv (for framebuffer devices).

2.09 => 2.10

  * glibc compile fixes (hopefully, have still libc5...)
  * updated driver to bttv-0.5.8
  * updated applications according to the grabbing changes in the
    bttv driver
  * catched a bug in the config parser (was confused by spaces at

2.08 => 2.09

  * 15 bit HiColor works now (fixed bttv driver and v4l-conf)
  * renamed some frequency tables to make the names more consistent
    you might have to fix the freqtab= setting in $HOME/.xawtv
  * Added stereo support to the msp3400 volume mixer.
  * Improved non-overlayed displaying (called grabdisplay in xawtv).
    Not rock-solid yet, driver is'nt stable enouth wrt grabbing.

    BTW: if you get "ioctl VIDIOCMCAPTURE: Try again" on stderr, it
    just means that the bttv driver has no signal (i.e. no station
    tuned in, wrong TV norm, something like that...).

  * the doc subdirectory of the bttv distribution is included now.
  * updated the driver to bttv-0.5.7

2.07 => 2.08

  * Ha!  Found a complete (?) frequency table on the web, using this
    one now (and a complete different channel-to-freqency mapping
    Expect a few new bugs and tuning problems -- pointers to frequency
    lists are welcome.  Check channels.h for details.
    The names of the freqency mappings have changed, you have to
    adopt $HOME/.xawtv

  * fixed a bug in the msp3400 module (system hangs on control
    thread kill)
  * With the 2.1.x modular sound driver, the msp3400 module registers
    as mixer device. This allows to control volume, bass and treble with
    a mixer application of your choice.
  * the config file parser prints more detailed error messages and
    does not exit on errors.
  * Added a workaround for buggy (wrt static gravity) Window managers,
    see manpage (wm-off-by= ...)
  * Started non-overlay displaying (try Shift-ESC). Not completed, not
    stable yet.
  * Changed v4l-conf handling:  It is installed suid-root now and called
    by xawtv.

2.06 => 2.07

  * Two hours after releasing 2.06 I noticed that the driver did'nt
    compile with 2.0.33 :-(

2.05 => 2.06

  * You can grab both full size and window size now (hold down Ctrl
    for window size).
  * Merged some of the latest vger CVS changes to bttv-0.5.6 to keep
    both versions in sync (at least the ioctl interface). The included
    driver version supports currently both the new
    the new ones.
    The minor numbers for vbi have changed (from 32 to 224)
  * hacked msp3400 stereo handling, it does permanent monitoring now
    and should handle mono/stereo/bilang switches by the TV station

2.04 => 2.05

  * Started writing a Changes file
  * fixed a quite stupid getopt bug
  * ditched support for the old-style bttv interface.
  * The screen saver is turned off now in fullscreen mode
  * xawtv can switch video modes now (for fullscreen mode). There is
    a new config file entry for this, check the manpage.
  * fixed configure script (check for c++ only if required)

  * For the bleeding edge people:

    Added some code for the new VIDIOCMCAPTURE and VIDIOCSYNC ioctl's
    (new video4linux code in the vger CVS tree) as compile time
    option.  The configure script should detect the new version and
    use the kernel driver then.

    The ioctl's are'n really new, the are basically slightly modified
    BTTV_GRAB and BTTV_SYNC.  Well, this change breaks _again_ grabbing
    applications, but now there is a standardized interface for
    mmap-based grabbing available.

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