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ODE Phase Graph Wims Module Installation

This module is written by Wang Qing Chuan (GNU GPL).  Part of the WIMS Phtml code
is borrowed from the module `graphint'.

The installation involves the following steps:

1. Untar the package, and install everything except those in the others/ and misc/
directories as a normal module.

2. In others/drawode/ directory, run `make drawode'.  Copy the resulting executable
`drawode' into some directory.

3. Modify the `ODEDRAW' line in the shell script `others/odedraw' to refer to the
`drawode' executable, and copy it into `/home/wims/public_html/bin'.


Things in the misc/ directory are not needed to install the module.
  misc/phtml.el --- A Emacs Lisp file for editing PHTML files.
  misc/odedraw.gtk --- A GTK version of the odedraw program.
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