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FIX4x.xml from 

FIX.xml is a modified FIX44.xml with fields from previous versions.
cf new field attributes 'since' and 'until'.

hfField.xsl: generate hf_register_info list.
hfDecl.xsl : generate fix_field list.
Values.xsl : generate value_string and string_string tables.
hfList.xsl : find the last tag number.

packet-fix.h: Values.xsl hfDecl.xsl hfField.xsl output on FIX.xml follow
by output of hfList.xsl on FIX40.xml to FIX44.xml
(xsltproc Values.xsl FIX.xml ; xsltproc hfDecl.xsl FIX.xml; xsltproc hfField.xsl FIX.xml;\
xsltproc hfList.xsl FIX40.xml; xsltproc hfList.xsl FIX41.xml; xsltproc hfList.xsl FIX42.xml;\
xsltproc hfList.xsl FIX43.xml; xsltproc hfList.xsl FIX44.xml) > packet-fix.h

- fix_field structure should use 'since' and 'until' attributes for removed

 - make packet-fix.h autogenerated
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