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Supported File Formats

WSoundServer and associated utilities have been tested and known to support the
following list of audio formats (all formats are tested with a wide range of
sample rates):

WAVE	8-bit	mono
WAVE	8-bit	stereo
WAVE	16-bit	mono
WAVE	16-bit	stereo

AIFF	8-bit	mono
AIFF	8-bit	stereo
AIFF	16-bit	mono
AIFF	16-bit	stereo

AU	8-bit	mono	(?)
AU	8-bit	stereo	(?)
AU	16-bit	mono
AU	16-bit	stereo

SND	8-bit	mono
SND	8-bit	stereo
SND	16-bit	mono
SND	16-bit	stereo

AU	8-bit	mono/stereo ulaw
AU	8-bit	mono/stereo PCM
AU	16-bit	mono/stereo PCM
WAV	16-bit	mono/stereo PCM

NOTE: There are lots of WAVE-files out there that use some sort of ADPCM or
other (Microsoft) encoding mechanism. These files probably are not supported
properly, and might even crash your soundserver.

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