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wx-config(1)                  wxWidgets                 wx-config(1)

       wx-config - wxWidgets configuration search and query tool

       wx-config [ OPTIONS ... ] [ LIB ... ]

       wx-config  returns  information about the wxWidgets libraries
       available on your system.  It may be  used  to  retrieve  the
       information  you  require  to  build applications using these

       Changing  the  library  options  you  wish  to  use  for   an
       application    previously   involved   managing   alternative
       configurations by  a  system  dependent  means.   It  is  now
       possible  to  select from any of the configurations installed
       on your system via  this  single  tool.   You  can  view  all
       available  configurations  installed  in  the  system default
       prefix with the command wx-config --list and select from them
       by using the feature options described below.

       Optional LIB arguments (comma or space separated) may be used
       to specify individually  the  wxWidgets  component  libraries
       that you wish to use, or to specify additional components not
       ususally included by default.  The magic  token  std  may  be
       used to import all libraries that would be used by default if
       none were specified explicitly.
       eg.  wx-config --libs std,gizmos

       wx-config accepts the following options with no  restrictions
       on their order as was required in previous releases:

   Installed root
       These options change or query the filesystem root for the op‐
       erations listed below.

                      Without the optional argument, the current de‐
                      fault  prefix will be output.  If the argument
                      is  supplied,  PREFIX  will  be  searched  for
                      matching configs in place of the default.  You
                      may use both forms in the same command.

                      Similar to --prefix, but acts on the exec-pre‐
                      fix.   If  not  specified  will default to the
                      value of prefix.

   Query options
       These options return information about the wxWidgets  default
       version and and installed alternatives.

       --list         List all configs in prefix and show those that
                      match any additional feature options given.

       --release      Output the wxWidgets release number.

       --version-full Output the wxWidgets version number in all its

       --basename     Output  the  base  name  of  the wxWidgets li‐

   Feature options
       These options select features which determine which wxWidgets
       configuration to use.

       --host=HOST    Specify  a  (posix  extended)  regex  of  host
                      aliases to match for cross compiled configura‐
                      tions.  eg. --host=i586-mingw32msvc, --host=.*
                      If unspecified, the default is to  match  only
                      configurations native to the build machine.

                      Specify  a (posix extended) regex of the tool‐
                      kits to match.  The toolkit is responsible for
                      look  and  feel  of  the compiled application.
                      eg. gtk, gtk2, motif, msw.  If unspecified the
                      default  is to prefer the system default tool‐
                      kit, but to match any toolkit in  the  absence
                      of a stricter specification.

                      Without  the  optional  argument,  return  the
                      wxWidgets version.  If the  argument  is  sup‐
                      plied it specifies a (posix extended) regex of
                      the versions to match.  If unspecified the de‐
                      fault is to prefer the system default version,
                      but to match any version in the absence  of  a
                      stricter specification.

                      Specify the default character type for the ap‐
                      plication.  If unspecified, the system default
                      will  be  preferred, but any type may match in
                      the absence of a stricter specification.

                      Specify whether to create a debug  or  release
                      build  for  the  application.  If unspecified,
                      the system  default  (release)  will  be  pre‐
                      ferred,  but any type may match in the absence
                      of a  stricter  specification.   Debug  builds
                      should  never  be  uploaded to Debian, but are
                      very useful for finding certain common failure
                      idioms.  You are encouraged to use them during
                      active development of applications.  They  are
                      not  binary  compatible  with  the release li‐

                      Specify whether to statically  or  dynamically
                      link  wxWidgets  libraries  into your applica‐
                      tion.  If unspecified, the system default (dy‐
                      namic)  will  be  preferred,  but any type may
                      match in the absence of a stricter  specifica‐
                      tion.   Static  linking is mainly useful still
                      for cross ports not natively supported by  De‐
                      bian, and can be hazardous in conjunction with
                      the gtk toolkits.  Note that static  libraries
                      are  no  longer supplied in the wxGTK packages
                      any more.

   Compiler options
       These options generate output required to build  an  applica‐
       tion using a particular wxWidgets configuration.

       --libs         Output link flags required for a wxWidgets ap‐

       --cppflags     Output parameters required by the C preproces‐

       --cflags       Output parameters required by the C compiler.

       --cxxflags     Output  parameters required by the C++ compil‐

       --cc           Output the name of the C compiler $(CC).

       --cxx          Output the name of the C++ compiler $(CXX).

       --ld           Output the linker command.

       This manpage was written by Ron Lee <> for  the
       Debian GNU/Linux distribution of wxWindows.  It may be freely
       distributed by anyone who finds it useful.

Debian GNU/Linux             29 Sep 2004                wx-config(1)
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