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xawtv_applet is a remote control for xawtv that runs inside the 
gnome-panel. Install it with "./configure; make; make install". 
You need gnome 1.2 and the gnome-development stuff.  

You can get the latest version of xawtv_applet at

There is i18n support from version 0.9.8 on. Please help me by
providing or improving translations.

I added online help from version 0.9.9 on. Please help improving it.
If you think that xawtv_applet uses to much cpu-time, just disable
the polling for xawtv (by setting "Look for xawtv every n-sec" to 0).

Note that from xawtv version 3.37 on, the preferences button
"Prevent xawtv from displacing the mouse pointer" is obsolete, as
xawtv does not longer mess around with the mouse.

If you have questions/bugreports/patches, please mail to:
Michael Vogt <>
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