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$Header: /cvsroot/xbae/Xbae/examples/builderXcessory/README,v 1.1 1999/12/30 18:38:28 danny Exp $

This directory contains a number of files that you can use to
customise the Builder Xcessory (BX) so the Xbae Widgets are on the
BX palette.

BX is a user interface builder, it is a commercial product
that is available from ICS (

The files in this directory should be placed in a number of
directories in $HOME/.builderXcessory, as described in the BX
documentation :
	$HOME/.builderXcessory/tcl/xbae_ctrl.tcl is a temporary file, it contains @prefix@ in a number
of places which are meant to be replaced (by running configure)
so the LoadLibrary parameter gets the complete path, specific for
your installation, of the Xbae shared library. In the file xbae.wml,
this replacement is already done by configure, so it should reflect
the correct path and is suitable for use by BX.
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