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                              X B u b b l e

What is XBubble ?

XBubble is a Puzzle Bubble (PB) / Bust-A-Move (BAM) clone for Unix/X11 
platforms. It was written from scratch with no real intent to exactly 
reproduce the original game.

In order to play XBubble you need:

1) a Unix/X11 system.
2) the PNG library (libpng).

Just type:


If something goes wrong, try ./configure --help. For instance, if you have 
installed libpng in an unusual place where configure can't find it, type
(in a Bourne compatible shell):

 CPPFLAGS=-I/unusual/place/include LIBS=-L/unusual/place/lib ./configure

When make has successfully completed, you can try xbubble with:

 src/xbubble -r graphics

and then of course install it with:

 make install

See INSTALL for more information.
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