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  The xen-tools package contains a collection of Perl scripts for
 working with Xen guest images under Debian GNU/Linux.

  Using this software, you can easily create new Xen guests configured
 to be accessible over your local network and complete with an installed
 copy of OpenSSH.

  This software is primarily aimed at users who wish to create virtual 
 instances of Debian Sarge, Etch, or Sid.  Although other distributions
 such as Ubuntu Dapper, Edgy, and Feisty are supported if you have the
 appropriate packages installed.


  To use these tools you'll need the following software:

        * debootstrap
        * Perl
        * The Perl module "Text::Template"
        * The Perl module "Config::IniFiles"
          - Both of these modules are available as Debian packages,
            or direct from for non-Debian distributions.

  In order to install RPM-based distributions such as CentOS, or
 Fedora Core you will need a correctly installed and configured
 "rinse" package.

  To install Ubuntu distributions upon a Debian host system you will
 need either:

        * The Ubuntu version of debootstrap installed.
        * A patched debootstrap package from:

  If you wish to create new Xen instances which may be controlled by
 users via a login shell you should also install the xen-shell package
 which is available from:

The Scripts

  There now follows a brief description of each included script,
 for more thorough documentation please consult the appropriate


  This script is designed to create new images which may be used
 with the Xen hypervisor.

  The virtual images will have their networking settings created and,
 you may optionally cause the new instance to boot once it has
 been created.

  This script performs the initial setup, then delegates the real
 work to a collection of helper scripts:

    * xt-install-image
      Installs a distribution into a directory.

    * xt-customize-image
      Run a collection of hook scripts to configure the freshly 
      installed system.

    * xt-create-xen-config
      Create a configuration file in /etc/xen such that Xen can
      boot the newly created machine.


  This script is similar in spirit to xen-create-image, but much
 less complex.  It allows the creation of Xen guests which are
 diskless, mounting their root filesystem over a remote NFS-share.

  There are not many options to tweak, but still a useful addition 
 to the suite.


  This script will allow you to completely remove Xen instances
 which have previously been created by xen-create-image, this
 includes removing the storage block devices from the system,
 and deleting the Xen configuration file.


  List all the created images beneath a given root directory along
 with a brief overview of their setup details.


  This script runs "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" for a given
 Xen image.


  *  The image should not be running or corruption will occur!
  *  The script should only be used for Xen instances of Debian or
    a Debian-derived distribution.


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