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-- arch/blackfin/patches

Xenomai needs special kernel support to deliver fast and deterministic
response time to external interrupts, and also to provide real-time
services highly integrated with the standard Linux kernel.

This support is provided by the Adeos real-time enabler [1], in the
form of a kernel patch you have to apply against a vanilla kernel
tree, before you attempt to compile the Xenomai codebase against the
latter kernel.

On the Blackfin architecture, Xenomai is supported on the uClinux
kernel series for the BF533 and BF537 boards, based on the uClinux
releases published by the Blackfin project [2].

Just apply the provided patch against the corresponding kernel
release. You may want to have a look at the README.*INSTALL guides at
the top of the Xenomai tree for more information.

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