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  Information for ATI Rage 128 Users
  Precision Insight, Inc., SuSE GmbH
  13 June 2000

  Table of Contents

  1. Supported Hardware
  2. Features
  3. Technical Notes
  4. Reported Working Video Cards
  5. Configuration
  6. Driver Options
  7. Known Limitations
  8. Authors


  1.  Supported Hardware

  o  ATI Rage 128 based cards

  2.  Features

  o  Full support (including hardware accelerated 2D drawing) for 8, 15,
     16, 24 bit pixel depths.

  o  Hardware cursor support to reduce sprite flicker.

  o  Support for high resolution video modes up to 1800x1440 @ 70Hz.

  o  Support for doublescan video modes (e.g., 320x200 and 320x240).

  o  Support for gamma correction at all pixel depths.

  o  Fully programmable clock supported.

  o  Robust text mode restore for VT switching.

  3.  Technical Notes

  o  None

  4.  Reported Working Video Cards

  o  Rage Fury AGP 32MB

  o  XPERT 128 AGP 16MB

  o  XPERT 99 AGP 8MB

  5.  Configuration

  The driver auto-detects all device information necessary to initialize
  the card. The only lines you need in the "Device" section of your
  xorg.conf file are:

         Section "Device"
             Identifier "Rage 128"
             Driver     "r128"

  or let xorgconfig do this for you.

  However, if you have problems with auto-detection, you can specify:

  o  VideoRam - in kilobytes

  o  MemBase - physical address of the linear framebuffer

  o  IOBase - physical address of the memory mapped IO registers


  6.  Driver Options

  o  "hw_cursor" - request hardware cursor (default)

  o  "sw_cursor" - software cursor only

  o  "no_accel" - software rendering only

  o  "dac_8_bit" - use color weight 888 in 8 bpp mode (default)

  o  "dac_6_bit" - use color weight 666 in 8 bpp mode (VGA emulation)

  7.  Known Limitations

  o  None

  8.  Authors

  The X11R7.5 driver was originally part of XFree86 4.4 rc2.

  The XFree86 4 driver was ported from XFree86 3.3.x and enhanced by:

  o  Rickard E. (Rik) Faith  <>

  o  Kevin E. Martin  <>

  The XFree86 4 driver was funded by ATI and was donated to The XFree86
  Project by:

      Precision Insight, Inc.
      Cedar Park, TX

  The XFree86 3.3.x driver used for the port was written by:

  o  Rickard E. (Rik) Faith  <>

  o  Kevin E. Martin  <>

     The XFree86 3.3.x driver was funded by ATI and was donated to The
     XFree86 Project by Precision Insight, Inc. It was based in part on
     an earlier driver that was written by:

  o  Alan Hourihane  <>

  o  Dirk Hohndel  <>

  This early driver was funded and donated to The XFree86 Project by:

      SuSE GmbH
      Schanzaekerstr. 10
      90443 Nuernberg

Please submit bugs & patches to the Xorg bugzilla:

All questions regarding this software should be directed at the
Xorg mailing list:

The master development code repository can be found at:


For more information on the git code manager, see:
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