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xfbib - A lightweight BibTeX editor developed for the Xfce desktop environment…  more info»


1. What is Xfbib?
Xfbib is a lightweight BibTeX editor developed for the Xfce
desktop manager. The intentions of Xfbib is to provide an easy
and efficient way of editing BibTeX files.

2. Minimum Requirements for Xfbib 0.0.1.
 - gtk+-2.10.0
 - glib-2.12.0
 - gobject-2.12.0
 - libxfcegui4-4.2.0
 - libxfce4util-4.4.0

3. Installation.
For instruction on how to install Xfbib see the file INSTALL.

4. Documentation.
Xfbib should be pretty straight forward for anyone knowing
how a little about BibTeX. At this time no official documentation
exists but will most likely be added for later releases.

5. Contact.
If you find any bugs or wanna come in contact with the Xfbib
developers send an email to <>. More information
can be found online at <http://>.
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