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Compile from sources, technical details and contact address.


As you probably know, this package is written in Delphi (PASCAL). If you don't 
have Delphi you can download it from These brandnew 
and free (wow!!) Turbos are almost* identical to the BDS version which I use.
(*you cannot install third party components in the IDE, this is not relevant here)

My own code is licensed under GPLv2 with an exception to allow you to link the 
non-free component library Flexcel (see inst/License). In order to compile the
xlsReadWrite.dll from source you need a developer license of this libray. It 
costs � 75.- (for the VCL version) and is available here:
I have no connection with this company apart from being a customer.

In Flexcel I made the following (small) changes:
- TFlexCelImport and TXLSAdapter are derived from TObject instead of TComponent.
  (Change this and also adapt the correspondending Create methods).
- In the unit UXlsSST, line 560, I added the line
  "if aSSTRecord.Count > 0 then  // line added by chappi"
  before "for i:=0 to aSSTRecord.Count-1 do" to avoid a range check error
- In the unit UXlsCellRecords, I surrounded the line 205 as follow:
  {$R-}  // chappi, avoid a range check error.
    pd^:= Rk^ and $fffffffc;
  {$R+}  // chappi
  [This is probably ok, but if ever there should be strange errors, check this...]
- In the unit UXlsXF, I surrounded the line 388 as follow:
  {$R-}  // chappi, avoid a range check error.
  Result:=(GetLongWord(Data, aPos) shr FirstBit) and $7F-7;
  {$R+}  // chappi
  [This is probably ok, but if ever there should be strange errors, check this...]
- Flexcel has quite a lot of different folders. I just copied all .pas, .inc and
  .res files in a single folder (set a path to this folder in Delphi).


To be able to use Delphi for "R-Package-Writing" I had to translate C headers 
to Pascal. This is a separate project (RHeaders4Delphi) and can be downloaded on 
the treetron.googlepages website. The code is licensed under GPLv2.

My experience shows that Delphi works very well in conjunction with R. The big 
problem however is, that Delphi doesn't have crossplatform support.

[Theoretically this can be addressed with the FreePascal compiler. Unfortunatly 
I only had some small partial success, even if I tried for about 2 days. Now it's
on hold, as I currently don't have a personal need to read Excelfiles on the Linux 
platform and am not ready to invest more time in it. If someone is interested to 
help or is ready to (partly) commission such a development, please ask. It certainly 
would be great to have a crossplatform version of xlsReadWrite!]

[Another solution would be to use Kylix. If someone has Kylix (and Flexcel) it should
be possible to compile xlsReadWrite straight away for Linux. (I don't have a Kylix
license and will maybe consider to build a Linux-Kylix-version if someone sponsors the
cost of the license (a hefty $249 for a classic (euphemism for eol) product). Kylix only
supports very old Linux distributions and I won't give guarantees that I will succeed).]


Info and Downloads:

Treetron GmbH, Umweltinformatik
Badenerstrasse 18, CH-8004 Z�rich, Switzerland
Hans-Peter Suter
Tel +41(1)242 22 55
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