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XMMS2 Python client tutorials

This directory contains sample Python programs to help you learn about what's
involved in writing an XMMS2 client. The Python files provided are fully
commented to explain the steps involved.

=== Tutorial Descriptions ===

Will show how to connect to the xmms2d and send a basic command 
without reply

How to do simple value retrieval. In this case the current playing id.

How to retrieve data from the medialib, and dealing with dicts. This example
involves fetching the artist, title and bitrate of the currently playing
song in XMMS2.

How to retrieve the current playlist from the server and use the knowlegde
gained in tut3 to print it out.

On the topic of propdicts and dicts and foreaching dicts.

''' Here the async clients start '''

Connect a async client to the GMainloop and recive a signal.
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