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# $XORP: xorp/contrib/init_scripts/README,v 1.1 2007/08/29 09:22:59 pavlin Exp $

This directory contains XORP-related startup information for various
OS distributions:

* debian: Debian GNU/Linux (
  - The debian/xorp script should be added to the /etc/init.d/
    directory. However, future distributions of Debian will include
    that script, therefore the script needs to be added only if it is
    not there.
  - The script uses the "daemon" program (,
    which can be used to send stdout/stderr to a logfile or syslog.
    It also takes care of running the process in background, generate
    its pidfile, chroot() the daemon, close file descriptors, set umask, 
    respawn if it dies, etc.
    The "daemon" program is fairly portable, therefore a similar
    solution can be used for other OS distributions.
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