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28.08.2005 - File list is zeroed now.
	   - Re-added check for "strip" to
	   - Fixed, mainwindow.cxx mainwindow.h were not built.

12.01.2005 - Fixed handling of password-protected printers. It was asked
	     for the password two or three times when sending one job.

11.01.2005 - Updated build infrastructure to work with autoconf 2.5x and
	     automake 1.9. Removed unnecessary library checks and check
	     for running CUPS daemon.

04.01.2005 - Renamed to
	   - Applied patch from Henrique de Moraes Holschuh to eliminate
	     compiler warnings.
25.12.2004 - (hmh) Fixed use of non-initialized memory and a potential
	     off-by-one error in printFiles::printfiles.  Thanks to 
	   - Initialize all instance variables of printFiles::printFiles
	     on object construction.  This fixes at least one more use
	     of uninitialized pointers (found by Valgrind).

20.12.2004 - Initialized optionDialog and instanceDialog to NULL in the 
	     constructor of xppMainWindow. On some systems/configurations
	     there were segfaults because optionDialog having an illegal
	     value when one closes XPP without calling the option dialog.
	     Thanks to Henrique de Moraes Holschuh (hmh at debian dot org
	     to find out that.

16.12.2004 - Fixed printFiles::getPageMargins() method without orientation
	     parameter, it did not pass the result of its
	     printFiles::getPageMargins() (with orientation) call (Thanks
	     to Klaus Singvogel from SuSE).
	   - Fixed "#include" line in xppmain.cxx, some installations
	     of FLTK have only header files with uppercase ".H" extensions
	     (Thanks to Dieter Faulbaum).

07.12.2004 - Version 1.5.

06.12.2004 - Added support for numerical, string, and password options
	     for Foomatic 3.x (before they were shown as enumerated
	   - Added support for the fax number option of the fax4CUPS PPD
	   - Made the extra options input field multiline.

03.12.2004 - Added job control options: Job scheduling, billing
             information, job name, page labels.
	   - Added input field for extra options.
	   - Moved "fitplot" option to the "Basic" tab and modified its
	     label, as it also affects PDF printing.
	   - Moved banner pages options to "Job/Others" tab as they are
	     job control options.

30.11.2004 - Made preview of images (JPG, PNG) in the file chooser dialog
	   - Added CUPS option "wrap".

28.10.2004 - Added CUPS options "mirror", "number-up-layout",
	   - Added 3, 6, 9, and 16 pages per sheet.
	   - Modified layout of first tab of option window to accomodate
	     the new options.
	   - Modified layout of the second tab of option window to express
	     that the margin settings are not only for test printing.

27.10.2004 - Done some adaptations for FLTK 1.1.2 and later.
	   - Updated "configure" script and , added config.sub
	     and config.guess.
	   - Updated README for configure/make changes.
	   - Made main window horizontally resizable and made it
	     possible to choose custom paper sizes (thanks to Egbert 
	     Eich, eich at xfree86 dot org).

09.10.2002 - Delete temporary copies of the PPD files after use
	     (Thanks to Carl Schaefer,,
	     for the patch).

28.05.2002 - Removed default values from functions "setLoginInfo()" and
	     "setHostInfo" in cupshelper.*, such default values are not
	     supported with gcc 3.1.

08.01.2002 - Version 1.1
	   - Removed function overloading for the password dialog, used the
	     new method of CUPS 1.1.3
	   - Added support for the "natural-scaling" image size option
	     introduced in CUPS 1.1.9
	   - Added support for the new PPD-O-Matic PPD files of (numerical options appeared twice before).
	     The old CUPS-O-Matic files can still be used.

04.03.2001 - The COMDATA lines in the PPD files of the new XML Foomatic 
	     changed in a way incompatible to the parser for the numerical
	     options in XPP. Modified parser to read both the old and the
	     new format.

28.01.2001 - Version 1.0
	   - Let jobs from standard input get the name "STDIN" instead of
	     "(stdin)", because the parantheses caused problems with Samba
	     or Windows servers.
	   - Let the first printer be selected when CUPS does not report a
	     default printer
	   - Banner page support
	   - Raw output support
	   - Renamed "Cancel" button of main window to "Close"
	   - Added comment in "Instances" to tell the user that he has to
	     copy an existing instance of the desired printer when he wants
	     to add an instance.
27.01.2001 - Support for adding, copying, renaming, and deleting printer
18.01.2001 - Rearranged option widgets for media settings on the "Basic" tab
	     of the "Options" dialog: Now there is a seperate widget for the
	     media type and widgets for options which are not supported
	     according to the PPD file are grayed out.
	   - Fixed bug of the duplex widget on the "Basic" tab of the 
	     "Options" dialog: The widget was sometimes linked to the
	     "Duplexer installed?" option.
17.01.2001 - All sliders for numerical options (both CUPS and CUPS-O-MATIC)
	     have fields for typing the values now.
30.09.2000 - Version 0.7

24.09.2000 - Integer and floating point options of CUPS-O-MATIC PPD files are
	     supported now.

23.09.2000 - Let "Authentication ..." line in login/password dialog also be
             displayed with CUPS 1.1.3.
07.09.2000 - Made main window resizable.
23.08.2000 - Deactivated positioning of the printer list scroll to make default
	     printer entry visible. "position" method of Fl_Scroll widget of
	     FLTK does not work when Y position is higher than a certain value.
	   - Optical enhancements of the printer list.

20.08.2000 - Version 0.6
	   - Made support for password-protected printers working
	   - Added information to the printer list
	   - Fixed a bug with instances in the printer list
	   - Printing with or saving conflicting options not possible any more

16.08.2000 - Version 0.5

15.08.2000 - Orientations "Reverse Landscape" and "Reverse Portrait" are
	     supported now.
	   - Window does not close any more when printing leads to an error.
	     One can correct the settings and click the "Print" button again.
	   - Implemented HP-GL/2 option support
	   - Implemented support for adjusting the margins when printing text

13.08.2000 - Coupling between the widgets "Paper source", "Media size", "Duplex
             Printing" on the "Basic" tab and the appropriate PPD options
	   - Instance names and types of destinations without PPD files are
	     shown in the printer list.

09.08.2000 - Version 0.4
	   - Improved check for FLTK in configuration script again because of 
	     problems under Mandrake 7.1 with GL
	   - Added some hints in the README file

26.07.2000 - Improved check for FLTK in configuration script because of a 
	     compatibility problem with SuSE 6.4

23.07.2000 - Version 0.3

17.07.2000 - Inserted button to choose the image position on the "Advanced" tab
	     of the "Options" dialog (new feature of CUPS 1.1 (final), 
	     "lpr -o position=top-left <file>").
	   - Redesigned the sliders on the "Advanced" tab of the "Options"
	   - When there is no printer available, the program aborts with an
	     error message now.
14.07.2000 - Graphical dialog for password prompt, now password-protected
	     printers are supported by XPP (not many tests done yet).

09.07.2000 - Usage of GNU Autoconf/Automake

08.07.2000 - Fixed segfault which occurs when one adjusts the 'Scaling' value
	     (Image Printing) by two step without adjusting another option
	   - Fixed bug of red display of the tabs where there are a conflicting
	     option: Formerly, if the options of one PPD option group needed
	     more space than the window has and therefore there appeared two 
	     tabs for that group, always the first tab got red, even if the
	     conflicting option is on the second one. This made it somewhat
	     more difficult to find conflicting options.
	   - Added setting 'Default' to the types how the image size is 
	     described. The former default setting 'Scaling: 100' was not the
	     default when one printed with neither '-o scaling=...' nor '-o 
	     ppi=...'. Now 'Default' gives none of the two options and the 
	     other two give the appropriate option with the adjusted value
	     (Image Printing).
	   - Redesigned the 'Printer Independent' page of the options dialog
	     to have two pages: 'Basic' to choose the printing media and which
	     pages to print, and 'Advanced' to do image, text, and appearance 
	     settings. Now there is more space for the widgets so that one
	     finds the right ones more easily, the layout is clearer and the
	     sliders for image adjustment are bigger, so that one can set them
	     much more precisely.

26.06.2000 - Version 0.2
	   - Added printer specific options derived from PPD file to the option
	     dialog of XPP
	   - If XPP is started without a file name on the command line the
	     input line is left blank, so that when the user chooses the file
	     by the 'Browse' button he has not to delete the '<stdin>' entry.
	     Standard input is also printed when the 'Print' button is clicked
	     with an empty input line.
	   - Stripping of the final executable in the Makefile introduced

20.06.2000 - Version 0.1
	   - Initial release of XPP
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