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$Header: /fridge/cvs/xscorch/libj/README,v 1.5 2004/02/26 05:56:50 justins Exp $

This is the README for LIBJ.  Not much is documented here right now,
unfortunately.  But to install the system, you should be able to simply
   make install      # as root

NOTE: I would recommend installing this library to an alternate location,
      ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/libj, for easier package maintenance.

NOTE: This library is under heavy development, version 4 may not strictly
      adhere to standard library versioning.  If in doubt, link against the
      specific library versions you want, or link statically.

Please note that this code is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General
Public License ONLY, the version that is included with this source distri-
bution.  NO later version of the General Public License is valid for this
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