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This single user version (Xtlf-1.0.2beta) was made to test the GUI and the basic operation of Xtlf.

What does definitely NOT yet work:

* The multi user connection + any LAN related functions (gab, multimode log, etc).
* A lot of functions related to specific contests
* Voice keyer function on SSB.

What SHOULD work in a reasonable way:

* CW operation with CWDAEMON incl. online config
* Autostart cw like in TRlog
* TRX control via Hamlib (using rigctl, so if rgctl works, it works in xtlf...)
* Logging of the operating frequency in qso and contest mode
* Cluster operation, incl. point-and-qsy function
* Score window, for those contests already programmed (cqww  foc  iota spdxrtty  sqp  wpx  yudx)
* Log generation for TRlog, ADIF and Cabrillo
* Multipliers worked display for included contests
* New mult announcement for cqww, wpx and iaru tests

Main differences with respect to tlf:

* Xtlf uses a simplified log format which can be edited in real time.
* Log edits are reflected in the score, points are calculated in real time and not taken from the log
* Definitive logs are generated after the contest (including TRlog format, so you can check your multipliers and points. Push-button choice of log type (TRlog, Cabrillo, Adif).
* Adif and cabrillo logs include the operating frequency.
* Xtlf does not check the exchange data (i.o.w. it will not block when you input silly things)
* Secundary information is now contained in separate, optional windows (score, spots, mult diplays), so you can use your own 'cockpit' design.
* Cluster access is via the XDX program, which you will have to install. (I used XDX 1.2). Xtlf reads the dxspots and wwv files from ~/.xdx
* Most config data can be changed via menus rather than in the config.dat file, making config much simpler.
* Simple rules files will enable more programmers to add contests
* The program was completely rewritten in PERL, making maintenance easier (and hopefully faster).

Install procedure

Xtlf uses PERL 5.08, Gtk2, Gtk::GladeXML and Glib, which you may have to install separately before you can use Xtlf. CPAN is your friend helping you to install these (if you already installed the pskmail client or gMFSK you should be ok I think).
Xtlf is compiled before every start, which can take some time (> 10 seconds), including writing all tables etc... 
Untar the archive Xtlf-1.0.2beta.tar.gz in your home directory.
Go into the xtlf directory and run ./
You can now remove the xtlf directory and start with 'xtlf'.
All config data is in ~/.xtlf.

Copy your sections lists into the ~/.xtlf directory  if necessary.

First time start xtlf from a terminal, so you can see the error messages (if any).
You may have to add some Perl modules (look for error messages regarding @INC).

Start the trxcontrol via the Status/TRX control menu (RIG Control on).
Start the cluster window (Windows menu) and the score window (Windows menu).

I'd like to have feedback on the GUI before I add the next contests. Please check if this program works with the contest rules files provided. I cannot possibly test everything myself :)
I also included 2 contests Fabian added (foc and yudx), I have changed some things to make it work...pse test it. But it proves how easy it is to add new contests in the future...

If I get a lot of feedback I may change some things :) If not, I am happy as well (I am foreseen as the main user of the program, and I like it as it is :) 


I think most operation will be intuitive to the tlf user. When time comes and many people ask I will write a manual.


Rein Pa0R

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