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xtrans is a library of code that is shared among various X packages to handle
network protocol transport in a modular fashion, allowing a single place to
add new transport types.   It is used by the X server, libX11, libICE, the
X font server, and related components.

It is however, *NOT* a shared library, but code which each consumer includes and
builds it's own copy of with various #ifdef flags to make each copy slightly
different.   To support this in the modular build system, this package simply 
installs the C source files into $(prefix)/include/X11/Xtrans and installs a
pkg-config file and an autoconf m4 macro file with the flags needed to use it.

Documentation of the xtrans API can be found in the xorg-docs package, in
PostScript format in xorg-docs/hardcopy/xtrans/Xtrans.PS.gz and in the original
troff format in xorg-docs/specs/xtrans/ .
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