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xwelltris - 3D Tetris like popular game similar to Welltris…  more info»



                        XWelltris - tetris like game


1. Introduction

  XWelltris is a tetris like popular game. The idea of this game was by 
  Pogitnov russian programmer. Imaging that you are looking into the glass 
  from the top. You see four walls and the bottom. The flat 2d figures falling
  down from the walls one by one. You can move these figures from one wall to
  another or rotate the figure. If the figure leave the wall it moves on the
  bottom while another figure is pushed. You need to form full rows and/or 
  columns on the bottom. When you form such row it disappear and you receive
  additional empty space on the bottom and scores :). The more rows disappear
  at a time, the more scores you have. If you can't place the whole figure on
  the bottom, then it stays on the wall and this wall became frozen (you can't
  place figures on it) for a while. After n-th rows were successfuly cleared,
  you will receive binus figure and goto to the next level - game speed will 
  be increased. You task is to play more longer and earn more scores.


2. Installation of the game

  make install

  More detail installation process described in 'INSTALL' file in this 


3. Playing

  Type 'xwelltris' from the X Window for playing the game.
  First of all you see the options screen, where you can customize you game.
  The options are:

     - Dutris, Tritris, Tetris, Pentris, Sixtris - game type that define a 
       number of piece the figure is. Dutris - figures from two pieces only.
       Tritris from three pieces. Tetris from four and so on...

     - Mixed. Turn it on and you will play with mixed figures. For example if
       you choose tetris type below, then you will play with figure from two,
       three and four piece. If thhis option will be off then figures will be
       only from four pieces. This option gives you easier game but less 

     - Rotation. This option turn on inner rotation of the game board, one
       by one on each level up. This is very funny and more harder to play.
       And of couse if harder then more scores at a time :)

     - Next piece. This option turn on showing of next figure that will fall 
       down on the game board. It's allow you to know and have additional time
       for thinking. Of couse if you turn it on you will have less scores.

  Press 'New game' for playing, then type you name and enjoy playing.
  'Top nine' :) key shows high scores table of current game type (dutris,...)

  And 'Exit' will kill the game.


4. Additional info

  XWelltris stores high scores table in the file named 'welltris.scores'.
  First of all it search global welltris.scores in /usr/share/xwelltris.
  If this file exists and writable then xwelltris uses it. Otherwise it
  create your own welltris.scores in ~/.xwelltris directory 
  (in your home dir). If you want to clear scores table simple remove
  welltris.scores file and xwelltris create it again.


This game implementation is under GNU GPL2 license, so you can modify and 
redistribute it with the rules described in 'LICENSE' file in this dir.

(c) 2002 by Leonid V. Khramov aka Leo <> 
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