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This example generates fault trees similar to the fault_trees example. The
only difference is that the grammar has been modified in order to constrain
the generated fault trees in certain ways. For example, instead of generating
both of these:

  system_event = id_1 ;
  id_1 or id_2 id_3 ;
  id_2 be ;
  id_3 be ;

  system_event = id_1 ;
  id_1 or id_2 id_3 ;
  id_3 be ;
  id_2 be ;

Only the first will be generated. The constraints are:

- The first node (gate or basic event) defined must be for the system event.
- The definitions must be in order according to type (AND, then OR, then PAND,
- Within the definitions for a type, the identifiers for the nodes must be in
  alphabetical order.

Run it with:

$ yagg -m -u user_code fault_tree.yg fault_tree.lg
$ ./output/progs/generate 12

You may also want to tweak the compile flags:
   -fdynamic-no-pic -falign-loops=16
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