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[ $Id: README 80 2004-08-19 16:19:18Z flovergine $ ]

Yet Another Radius Daemon (YardRadius)

1. Introduction

This program is a RADIUS RFC-compliant daemon, which is derived from
original Livingston Enterprise Inc. (now Lucent Inc.) RADIUS daemon 
release 2.1. It adds a number of useful features to the LE daemon, i.e.

	Control of simultaneous logins.
	Support of Ascend, Cisco and USR boxes.
	Extended daily/monthly/yearly accouting information on a per-user basis.
	MD5 encrypted passwords support (both in passwd file and/or users file).
	Expirations in shadow file.
	Checking based on time-of-day, traffic and connection time.
	Support of PAM authentication and accounting.
	Binary form of accounting file.
	GDBM formats for users and user stats databases.
	Autoconfiguring capabilities of sources. 
	Support for Ascend binary data filters (aka abinary attributes).

It supports also all features of Lucent daemon, i.e.:

	ActivCard and iPass Support (not tested by me)
	Accounting Signatures Now Required
	Vendor	Specific Attributes
	Virtual Ports
	Alternate Password File
	Address Binding
	Improved Messages
	Enhanced Debugging

All sources are much cleaner than the original versions, and
require an ANSI C compiler. A lots of potential buffer overflows have
been corrected by means of massive use of snprintf() and buffer
size checking.

Directory contents are:

BUGS			Some notes about possible bugs and how you can 
			submit bug reports.
README			This file.
ROAMAP			The development roadmap and todo list.
README.LUCENT   	The original Lucent README file.
ChangeLog*		Brief description of changes to the sources.
CREDITS			File of credits.
INSTALL			Description of the installation procedure.
LICENSE			License of agreement file for YARD RADIUS.
LICENSE.LUCENT		Original License of agreement file from Lucent.
GPG-KEY			My public key generated with GnuPG.
configure		Autoconfiguring script.

aclocal.m4		A few files used by GNU autoconf/automake
VERSION			Contains the release number.

src/			Sources of YARD RADIUS programs.
doc/			Documentation of RADIUS protocol and YARD RADIUS (not
pam/			Example of a PAM module for accounting.
conf/			Example of YARD RADIUS database and other stuff.
logs/			For installing.
include/		C Header files of the programs. 
man/			Man pages of all programs and extensions.
autotools/		Contains internal scripts of autotools.
scripts/		Yardradius configuration scripts.

All software  is under  a BSD-like  license. See  LICENSE file  for more
information. This  is also  the original license  of Lucent  Inc. Please
consult the  INSTALL file and man  pages to get basic  information about
how you can build and use YardRadius.

2. References

YardRadius Wiki:
YardRadius Project at SF:
Mailing list:

YardRadius is also currently included  in Debian GNU/Linux since version
3.0 (woody).  I'm also currently  the Debian Maintainer of  that package
(and many others as well). The Debian packages are available at

As far as I know, these are the only binary packages available, you generally needs
to compile it from scratch.

3. Development Roadmap

Read the ROADMAP file in order to know what is the status of development and 
what versions are available. You are invited to participate to the development
process by submitting patches and bug reports.
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