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    ycpdoc - Creates html files based on comments in ycp file.

      ycpdoc -h|--help|--man
      ycpdoc [-d <dir>] [-s <dir>] [-f html|xml] [-i] [-] [-o] [-wr] files.ycp...

    -h  Show this help screen

    -d *dir*, --outputdir=*dir*
        Output files are placed to directory *dir*

    -s *dir*, --strip=*dir*
        Strip only *dir* when generating output files (default all).
        Remaining slashes are converted to double underscores.

    -f *format*, --format=*format*
        Produce output in given format, html or xml. The option may be
        repeated. HTML is the default. XML produces ycpdoc.xml, the DTD is
        not stable yet.

    -O *file*, --xml-output=*file*
        For xml output, write to *file*. The default is "ycpdoc.xml", *not*
        respecting *outputdir*.

    -i, --noindex
        Do not generate index.html (intro.html, files.html)

    -   Write output to stdout. Do not generate indexes. If there are more
        input files, generate only one output html file

    -o, --oldindex
        Old style of index: creates only index.html

    -wr Do not warn about undeclared return types

        For debugging, prints the parsing state for each line.

    Processes special comments in ycp file and creates html file from them.
    Uses the same comment syntax as kdoc/ydoc.

  File Description

            Attribute: value

    Attributes: Author Authors Depends File Flags Module Package Summary

    Flags: Stable Unstable

  Function Description
            Supported tags:
                @short very short description
                @descr complete description
                @param name description     html allowed
                @return type description    html allowed
                @since version              html allowed
                @example anything           html allowed, <pre>
                @example_file file path
                @see function
                @see #function
                @see file#function
                @see file#
                @see <a href="uri">text</a>
                @deprecated replacement
                @stable or @unstable
                @struct name                begins a struct description, <pre>
                @ref function               (inline, otherwise like @see)
                @internal                   marks the module for internal
                                            use only (bnc #344926)

    First line is automatically taken as short if it has no tag. Empty line
    after the first line indicates begin of the description. Every following
    new line indicates a new paragraph.

    All tags except @see can be multiline. Also processes initial comment of
    file if it starts at the first line, html allowed. Supports intro via
    /*** , html allowed.

    Interface stability is marked by @stable or @unstable. The default is

    See YaST2 Documentation public/Developers/Coding/rules.html for example.

    The most common use (I believe): cd doc/autodocs ycpdoc -d.
    ../../src/printconf*ycp Creates index.html and one html file for each
    ycp file.

    Generate html file to stdout. Skip index: ycpdoc - file.ycp

    For example of comments in ycp file, please see example.ycp and
    modules.ycp. You can also look at generated index.html, intro.html,
    files.html, example.html and modules.html.

    ycpdoc reports functions without comment and functions that have
    undocumented arguments and arguments that are documented but do not

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