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v0.13 2011/04/9
- cryptographic support to encrypt tasks title and description
- t_apply now accept id range (x-y)
- Special keyword __ can used in t_apply to affect all tasks previously select by t_list

v0.12 2010/07/06
- Negative keyword support. Ex.: t_list !@home
- Permanent filters on keyword or project. 't_filter @foo' will filter any further call to t_list on @foo keyword.

v0.11.1 2009/11/02
- yokadi symlink (useful to run yokadi without installing it) was broken

v0.11 2009/11/01
- dynamic display width according to user terminal
- display keywords in t_list
- bugs keywords are prefixed with a '_' to distinguish them from user keywords
- YOKADI_DB environment variable can be defined to set default yokadi database path
- tasks can be grouped by keyword instead of project
- special character _ can be used to represent last task id
- custom aliases can be defined for all commands with a_add
- switch from GPL 3 to GPL v3 or newer license

v0.10 2009/07/08
- ability to assign keywords to a project
- shortened some commands (old ones still available but deprecated):
	o t_set_due => t_due
	o t_set_project => t_project
	o t_set_urgency => t_urgency
- changed keyword syntax: use @foo instead of -k foo
- added t_recurs command to define task recursion (weekly, monthly, yearly...)
- added full text search with t_list -s foo
- enhanced t_list display
- added purge command (t_purge) to remove old tasks
- added Windows support
- fixed install script to be more friendly to both users and packagers

v0.9 2009/02/07
First public release. Fully usable for home and work.
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