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dir.c (plib.h plibu.h pstdlib.h) <unistd.h sys/types.h sys/stat.h>
  DIRENT_HEADER undef, <sys/dir.h>, <sys/ndir.h>, <ndir.h>
    set only if <dirent.h> not present
    set to use getwd instead of getcwd

files.c (pstdio.h pstdlib.h plibu.h) <string.h unistd.h>

fpuset.c (plibu.h)
  see README.fpu for list of FPU_* macros

fputest.c is related to fpuset.c

getpath.c (plib.h pstdlib.h)

handler.c (plib.h) <signal.h>

main.c (plib.h pstdlib.h plibu.h) <setjmp.h>

pathnm.c (plib.h pstdlib.h) <string.h>
  NO_PASSWD -- define to skip ~user expansion, otherwise
    <sys/types.h unistd.h pwd.h>

  HDR_WITH_TIOCGPGRP -- if undef, <sgtty.h>
  - pgrp.c only necessary for systems missing tcgetpgrp

stdinit.c (plib.h pstdlib.h pstdio.h plibu.h) <string.h>

timeu.c (plib.h)
  USE_GETRUSAGE -- (preferred if present) <sys/time.h sys/resource.h>
  USE_TIMES -- (POSIX standard) <time.h sys/times.h>
  else      -- (ANSI C standard) <time.h>

timew.c (plib.h)
  USE_GETTIMEOFDAY -- (X11 uses this) <sys/time.h>
  else             -- (ANSI C standard) <time.h>

uevent.c (plibu.h pstdlib.h) <errno.h>
  USE_SELECT -- use upoll.c implementation of poll (upoll.h)
  else       -- use system poll (preferred)
    USE_SYS_POLL_H <sys/poll.h>
    else           <poll.h>

ugetc.c (pstdio.h plibu.h ugetc.h)

uinbg.c (plibu.h) <sys/types.h>

upoll.c (upoll.h pstdlib.h)
  HAVE_SYS_SELECT_H <sys/select.h>
    NO_SYS_TIME_H <time.h> else <sys/time.h>
    NEED_SELECT_PROTO <sys/types.h>

usernm.c (plib.h pstdlib.h)
  NO_PASSWD -- use cuserid function
  else      -- <sys/types.h unistd.h pwd.h>

waiter.c (plib.h plibu.h)

Notes on UNIX variants

Required headers not part of ANSI C standard:

<unistd.h>      dir.c usernm.c
  chdir rmdir getcwd (in dir.c)
  getlogin getuid (to implement cuserid in usernm.c)
<sys/types.h>   dir.c usernm.c
  stat S_IFDIR (in dir.c)
<dirent.h>      dir.c
  or one of: <sys/dir.h>, <sys/ndir.h>, or <ndir.h>
  opendir readdir closedir (in dir.c)
<pwd.h>         usernm.c, pathnm.c (unused if NO_PASSWD set)
  getpwnam (to expand ~user/* pathnames)
  getpwuid (to implement cuserid in usernm.c)

pathname expansion: (pathnm.c)
  $ENVVAR/path $(ENVVAR)/path ${ENVVAR}/path
  ~ ~/path
  ~user ~user/path
    are all expanded by u_pathname, which is used in every plib
      function requiring a pathname
    ~ is the same as $HOME, but if no such environment variable exists
      and NO_PASSWD is not set, tries to get the home directory for
      the current real user
    ~user will not work if NO_PASSWD is set

dirent.h (dir.c)
   Old style is struct direct instead of struct dirent; directory
     functions may be in <sys/dir.h>, <sys/ndir.h>, or <ndir.h>
   Autoconf manual notes that d_namlen member may be missing from
     struct dirent (present in struct direct); that raises the
     possibility that d_name is not a 0-terminated string
     -- xfig source assumes that it is, so I do too
  DIRENT_HEADER - if no dirent.h, set to <sys/dir.h> etc

getcwd (dir.c)
   SunOS deprecates use of getcwd in favor of getwd,
     but apparently getcwd is more portable (getwd is non-POSIX)...
   Comments in HPUX unistd.h indicate that original POSIX.1 1988
     definition had second parameter of type int; POSIX now size_t
   NextOS has no getwd, at least in some old versions
  USE_GETWD - define to use getwd instead of getcwd

cuserid (usernm.c)
   cuserid was removed from POSIX due to a religious war over
     whether it should return the real or effective username
   I call getlogin(), then getpwuid(getuid())
  NO_PASSWD - define to use cuserid (requires no headers)
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