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This is version 2.6 of a collection of NIS client tools.

See the file COPYING for copying restrictions.

This package contains ypcat, ypmatch, ypset, ypwhich, yppasswd,
domainname, nisdomainname and ypdomainname. It is a complete
rewrite of the old yp-tools 1.4.x package. It fixes a lot of bugs
and problems with the old version.

This package should work with every Linux libc 5 and glibc 2,
and is a replacement of the yp-clients 2.2 and yp-tools 1.4.x

This version contains locale support. German locales are included.

You could get the latest version from:

or from the main ftp server:

You should use ypbind-mt 1.9 or greater.

Don't forget to edit /etc/nsswitch.conf, or install the version
from the etc directory for NIS.

  Thorsten Kukuk <>

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