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ZBar Barcode Reader

version 0.10 (2009-10-23):
  ZBar goes 2D!  This release introduces support for QR Code, developed
  by our new project member, Timothy Terriberry.  Timothy is an image
  processing master, providing this sophisticated functionality using
  only integer arithmetic and maintaining an extremely small image
  size.  Feel free to drop in on #zbar over at freenode to welcome
  Timothy (aka derf) to the project and congratulate him on his awesome

  Several bugs fixes and enhancements are also found in this release;
  existing users are encouraged to upgrade.

version 0.9 (2009-08-31):
  Introducing ZBar for Windows!  So far we only have straight ports of
  the command line applications, but work on a cross-platform GUI has
  already begun.  This release also has a few scanner/decoder
  enhancements and fixes several bugs.  Many internal changes are
  represented, so please open a support request if you experience any

version 0.8 (2009-06-05):
  This is a bugfix release just to clean up a few issues found in the
  last release.  Existing users are encouraged to upgrade to pick up
  these fixes.

version 0.7 (2009-04-21):
  Welcome to ZBar!  In addition to finalizing the project name change,
  this release adds new bindings for Python and fixes a few bugs with
  the Perl interface.  The decoder also has several new features and
  addresses missing checks that will improve reliability with
  excessively noisy images.

version 0.6 (2009-02-28):
  This release fixes many bugs and adds several improvements suggested
  by users:  support for decoding UPC-E is finished.  zebraimg is
  now able to scan all pages of a document (such as PDF or TIFF) and
  the new XML output includes the page where each barcode is found.
  Camera support has been significantly improved, including the
  addition of JPEG image formats.  Perl bindings make it even easier
  to write a document or video scanning application.  Finally, we are
  now able to offer initial support for building the base library for

version 0.5 (2008-07-25):
  Introducing zebra widgets!  Prioritized by popular demand, this
  release includes fully functional barcode scanning widgets for GTK,
  PyGTK, and Qt.  Application developers may now seamlessly integrate
  barcode reader support with their user interface.

  This release also fixes many bugs; existing users are encouraged to

version 0.4 (2008-05-31):
  new support for EAN-8, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5!
  this release also introduces the long awaited decoder configuration
  options and fixes several bugs

version 0.3 (2008-02-25):
  this is a beta release of the enhanced internal architecture.
  support has been added for version 2 of the video4linux API and many
  more image formats.  several other feature enhancements and bug
  fixes are also included.  image scanning is slightly improved for
  some images, but the base scan/decode function is relatively
  untouched.  significant new code is represented in this release
  - all bug reports are welcome and will be addressed promptly!

version 0.2 (2007-05-16):
  this release introduces significant enhancements, bug fixes and new
  features!  basic EAN-13/UPC-A reading has been improved and should
  now be much more reliable.  by popular request, new support has been
  added for decoding Code 128.  additionally, the build process was
  improved and there is even basic documentation for the application

version 0.1 (2007-03-24):
  first official Zebra release!
  supports basic scanning and decoding of EAN-13 and UPC-A symbols
  using a webcam (zebracam) or from stored image files (zebraimg).
  still need to add support for addons and EAN-8/UPC-E
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